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Gamer Archetypes: The Casual Gamer – A Dying Trend?

Richard Bailey of TheKoalition writes:
For as far back as I could remember, I’ve always had a deeply profound love for video games. I don’t see gaming as a hobby but rather as a passionately engaging medium and a lifestyle choice that constantly evolves from one generation to the next. I also don’t consider myself a fanboy because I don’t favor one console over the other and genuinely keep my interests centered on the actual video games themselves.

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ElectroJade  +   656d ago
My favourite part about this article was when Beyonce happened.
yeahokchief  +   655d ago
i believe it is a recurring trend that resurfaces when things become insanely cheap and more accessible. the more it costs, the more niche/specialized the product has to be.
BladerunnerZX  +   655d ago
Casuals are not a long time loyal consumer base.

Nintendo learned this the hard way.

Core gamers are the consumers that show long term support of their favorite brands.
Its the same with any other consumer market.

Sony has always known this.
edonus  +   655d ago
When i think of casual gamers I first think. Take all the people own a console, now from that number subtract the people that own Uncharted 1 2 or 3 Killzone 2 or 3 Heavy Rain for Sony, Subtract those that own Alan Wake, Lost Odyssey, for the 360 and anyone owning a Bethesda RPG whether Elder Scrolls or Fallout. And OWN ateast 5 games. That will be how many Core gamers there actually are.
I would guess there is about 5 million truly core gamers out there. Someone that plays Madden StreetFighter4 and Assassins Creed is what I call casual core these people are nt as rigid as the core market, these are the ones that buy up COD and Halo and are the real meat of the industry. The casual market is an off shoot of them. The casual market transforms into the casual core after a while.

A true casual gamer is never really gone and never really here. They are a constant target that if you hit you will always gain a big reward. Its all about making something interesting because where the core will try to overly dissect and approach with expectation everyone else just tries to take it and have fun.
Hicken  +   655d ago
I don't think you made yourself very clear. SUBTRACT the people that own those games, and the REMAINDER is what's core? Or are the people that own those games the ones considered core?

In any case, either assumption is wrong. Core versus casual isn't specifically about the games you play, but also about how much time you invest in playing them, how serious you are about them, how much you pay attention to the industry. Casual gamers don't check N4G, to put it simply. They see a commercial, think the game looks cool, and they buy it. They hear about all their friends having it, and they buy it. They're intrigued by the cover in the store, and they buy it.

But their interest in games doesn't go beyond that brief bit of periodic enjoyment.

It's really rather complicated. Someone who only plays RTS may, at first glance, be core. But then, if he only plays a few sessions every other month, that level of interest is, well, casual. Yet the nature of the genre itself entails a higher level of dedication than in some others, which hints at a core focus.

And then there's being casual SOLELY in a genre. For example, I'm largely a casual fighting game player. The same goes with sports: I've spent a lot of time on my players on The Show, but I don't typically do sports games(I LOVE BlazBlue, on the fighting game front, but I don't play it regularly).

But I'm stupendously hardcore when it comes to rpgs, specifically JRPGs. I own multiple versions of Persona 3 and 4, as well as hard and digital copies of the PS1 era FFs and about another six or seven games from that generation. I'd be more than willing to buy a Dreamcast or 360 solely for Grandia 2 or Lost Odyssey, respectively.

As I said, it depends on a lot of things.

That said, the casual gamer IS ephemeral: he or she will either move on, or become a core gamer. The vast majority will do so, at least. Which is why relying so much on the casual crowd is a mistake. I can all but guarantee we won't see the same level of casual interest in gaming in the eighth generation as in the seventh.

The size of the casual market will shrink and become less relevant. It'll return, eventually, but it's no permanent, driving factor, nor should it be treated as such.
edonus  +   655d ago
I can see were it would be confusing, but I tried to keep the the point that their is by what I have seen only about 5 million truly core gamers in this industry.

I dont think how much person plays is a solid metric because it really doesnt translate in to any tangible value. I look at what people actually buy. I sometimes buy games like Skyrim and play it a few hours every week for over months and months. The fact that I dont indulge in the game doesnt take away the value of my purchase to the game and it still being a core experience.
On the other hand I bought Kinect Star wars and played it everyday for a month. That doesnt make that game any less of a casual(even though thee is some technical depth to it) experience.

You're trying to categorize interest and like I said thats not a good metric. Same thing with time played.

If I were to make a chart I would say there are 3 tiers. Casual, Casual Core, and Core. I believe the Majority of the gaming market is Casual core. I think the core market is a stagnant if not shrinking middle group and the true casual are a fluxuating minority because most of the turn in to casual core but the fact is everyone that isnt a gamer at all is part of the casual market so they will never actually shrink they will just out there in the wilderness waiting to be enticed and captured.
Kurt Russell  +   655d ago
I disagree, I own a lot of street fighter... I wouldn't say I'm "casual core" (I play a lot of other games), I've owned coin-op machines and almost every version across all consoles to date. My choice in game has nothing to do with it, my hours of play (which I would hate to have added up) might.
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edonus  +   655d ago
Well the first question would be do you own any of those other games? I would say you are core (how many others do you know that would invest in cabinet machines. This makes you unique but that why I use those games as a control group. My formula isnt to tell who's core and casual but to try and pull stable enough numbers by cross referencing and categorizing groups by similarities and opposites.

For instance A casual gamer may own God of War and COD, and Madden but he wont own GOW COD Madden, Killzone and Uncharted, because that would make them a core gamer.

Or a casual gamer May own Halo 3 and Gears but they wont own Halo3 Gears Alan Wake and Skyrim because that wouild make them a core gamer.

So lets say you played those games for 10k hours nothing would be different to the market if you only played the for 10 hours.
But lets say you only bought half of the Streetfighter games you have. That would have a definite affect on the market
uuaschbaer  +   655d ago
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mochachino  +   655d ago
They've just moved on to phones/tablets/Facebook/browse r games.

They more than satisfy their needs and most games are free or 99 cents. Why would a casual ever buy a console now when almost everyone already has a game machine and portable (computer, phone, tablet)

A person with a casual interest in gaming would not spend $50 on a game very often when all their friends can play together via wifi on their phones for free and have just as much fun.
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