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It has been ten years since the last interaction of SimCity, and time has changed not for the better. When it's functionally it’s one of the addicting simulators that you will ever play, but online problems have clogged have ruined the experience. The game should have been delayed, and by not doing so Maxis Studios, and Electronic Arts have produced one of the most broken PC launches that shatters every ambition this game has. (PC, SimCity) 7/10

YoureINMYWay85  +   901d ago
Hydrolex  +   901d ago
man not gonna lie, I have fun with simcity


two MAJOR things totally ruin the game... and they are sooooooo easy to fix

1- We need an offline mode

2- BIGGER MAPSSSSSS ! Wth, the maps are tiny, there's so much to add to your city but the maps are tiny
grailly  +   901d ago
I actually like the smaller maps, you have to be more effiencent with your space, and specialize your cities. I still understand why people would want biger maps though, region view is really underdevelopped, it's hard to track what is being exchanged with other cities.
Scenarist  +   901d ago
Derekvinyard13  +   900d ago
awkwardhamster  +   901d ago
Yup. Just hope they patch it soon.
gamerlive  +   901d ago
EA claims they need a few more days for things to get to 100 percent...
KrisK  +   901d ago
All this needed was a bit more planning and it could have been a huge success.
creHEARTive  +   901d ago
Buying this is a mistake.
Nunchez  +   901d ago
After waiting all these years they screw it up. So disappointing.
DeadSpaced  +   901d ago
Compared to waiting years for it, waiting a few days to get it fixed doesn't seem as bad by comparison. (I'm in no way justifying EA messing it up in the first place)
steve30x  +   901d ago
I'll hold off buying the game until or if they patch it for offline single player.
Psychotica  +   901d ago
Both my wife and I were going to buy a copy, so glad we didn't. If and when these issues are fixed and there is offline mode then we will probably reconsider, but not until then. There are to many other things to spend our money on than to waste it on crap they couldn't be bothered to develop and test properly.
titans9999  +   900d ago
Psychotics, look into Civitas, it is like Sim City but the makers listen to the people, hopefully it comes out soon! Google it!

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