Get Ready For Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment

Namco Bandai have shared a new trailer for Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment, slated for release in Japan this coming week.

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Snookies121957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

"Get Ready" nothing, no one outside Japan is going to be able to get that lol. Unless you import...

classic2001957d ago

I think there would be a lot of people buying this if it comes to the west, this anime is pretty popular now.

Snookies121957d ago

I very much love the series, both the anime and the books. I'd really like to get this...

3-4-51956d ago

I'd buy it. The only anime I've ever liked. Haven't watched many but most annoy me and this one was actually interesting for the most part.

I only have watched the first 15 episodes got kind of weird after he SPOILERS:

awoke and then went back into a different game with weird elf ears.

It is beautiful though and if the game looks anywhere near as good it might be worth playing.

VileAndVicious1957d ago

Loved this show.... Thought the second season was a bit meh though. Hope we see this state side

OlgerO1956d ago

Yeah I should have just stopped watching after season 1, which was genius

Neko_Mega1956d ago

Ok, this should be on PS Vita and make one for PS3 or PS4 (An bring it to the US).

krontaar1956d ago

Terrible anime, even worse game.

Snookies121956d ago

Oh, you've played the game then? Interesting considering it's not out yet. Congrats on that.

krontaar1956d ago

Well the source material is bad, so the game is bad by default. Use your brain.

krontaar1956d ago

Bland, cookie-cutter characters. Story has been done before and better. Not to mention the circle-jerking fanbase.

Hicken1956d ago

I can think of two series with remotely similar premises: .hack and Yureka. In both cases, neither was as complete a situation as in SAO.

Instead of humoring you further, I'll just bubble you down for trolling and move on.

1956d ago