I have no faith in Star Trek: The Video Game

From the article, "I have no faith in Star Trek: The Video Game whatsoever. All the hype Namco Bandai is trying to generate sounds too good to be true. The main reason I’m concerned about Star Trek: The Video Game is that I’ve been at two events so far at which Namco Bandai has shown the game, but not allowed people to play."

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Upbeat1982d ago

I commented on a star trek post a week ago saying it will be a terrible game.

I got 23 Disagrees and 1 Agree.


Canary1982d ago

There are plenty of people who think ST2009 was a great movie despite of the fact that it was a terrible movie.

People have terrible taste. They equate financial viability with artistic quality; they equate expectations with reality.

KING851982d ago

"People have terrible taste". Is this because it may be opposed to yours? I'm actually not being rhetorical.

SideShort1982d ago

Yes, but you did like the space jump scene.^-^ *flies away*

rainslacker1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

I thought it was a fun popcorn flick, and some of the characterizations of the classic cast were amusing. The story wasn't amazing, but even the original star trek had it's misses in that department.

The movie itself had great production value, and while not the best movie ever made it was fun if you took it as it's own entity and didn't try to watch it with preconceived notions of what Star Trek is.

None of that means I think the premise would make a good game though, and really how many times is a movie based title actually any good?

Canary1982d ago

@Rainslacker: and that's exactly why it's a bad Trek movie. A "good popcorn flick" is the antithesis of "good trek." Star Trek is about to be about something... supposed to have depth... supposed to make the audience ask questions and think.

We're talking about garbage nonsensical writing, an unnaturally-developed story written around magic (loldestiny) driven forward by a constant stream of increasingly unlikely coincidence and contrivance, characterization verging on caricaturization, and fundamental ignorance of basic physical properties (most notably gravity and light speed) that I would have found embarassing in third grade.

Good Star Trek is -about- something. JJ-verse Trek is about lens flares and product-placement. The movie is terrible. I'm not saying you can't enjoy it for what it is, but I AM saying is that you cannot call it a good Star Trek movie and still be a Star Trek fan in any way shape or form.

Whymii1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

@ Canary

Some people also confuse their opinions as fact. The fact that you did not like the movie (me as we'll) does not in fact make it a terrible movie. Different strokes for different folks. There's no need to insult and belittle people if their opinion differs from yours.

Back on topic, I will reserve my opinion of the game until I play it. It may suck or it may not. I certainly can't see it being as bad as Colonial Marines, but I may be surprised.

Forget the hype. Ignore the knockers. Play the game and form your own opinions.

rainslacker1982d ago

yes, but you said it was a terrible movie. You didn't distinguish it as a terrible trek movie. That's also why I said it was good if you just took it as it's own thing.

As a trek movie it was sub-par, to me mostly because it was based more on action than character and thought provoking story development. Even the worst trek films and episodes still had this in abundance.

MysticStrummer1982d ago

You guys must not have watched much Star Trek if you think it needs to be about something deep to be "real" Star Trek. I love the old series and most of the movies with the original cast, and I loved the new Star Trek. Can't wait for the next one. The show and movies are about those characters, not deep meaningful sci-fi. The deepest thing about the series was it's portrayal of a multiracial crew working together.

The game has potential but it is a movie license game after all, so I'm keeping my hopes low.

"I'm not saying you can't enjoy it for what it is, but I AM saying is that you cannot call it a good Star Trek movie and still be a Star Trek fan in any way shape or form."

lol Get over yourself.

Pozzle1982d ago

To be fair, most of the original movies aren't anything to write home about. I loved the original Star Trek series and I adored the characters. But the movies were very hit and miss, ranging from entertaining to just flat-out terrible. I'd rather watch a "fun popcorn flick" like the reboot instead of something like Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier or Star Trek 7: Generations.

reznik_zerosum1982d ago

star trek was always dumb shit,you just cant ruin something that bad

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joab7771982d ago

How is this different than any other game. We just have to wait and see. To me the reason i am cautious is because its hard to make a great game and even harder to make a great game based on a movie, especially when the movie is a reboot of sorts. It is easy to get worried about a game that requires co op. I expect a solid game, but nothing spectacular. If they can at least be good, with an above average story, i will play it as long as they are able to nail what it would feel like to be captain kirk. I just wanna sit in that chair and command the enterprise.

syphon321982d ago

Because it won't be terrible.. duhh

SkullBlade1691982d ago

New Star Trek sucks.

Anything before and including Deep Space Nine was the high point of the series imo.

Enterprise was a bit weaker but was still okay overall.

This new game will be a crappy game based on a crappy film.