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What did console developers learn from this generation?

This is a tough scenario. What, if anything, have the big three console manufacturers learned from this generation? Will the same mistakes be made again? GoozerNation takes a minute to reflect on the end of this generation and looks at both the positives and the negatives and speculates on what it all means. (Microsoft, Nintendo, PS3, PS4, Sony, Wii, Xbox 360)

Feline_Pornographer  +   809d ago
Sony: Graphical dominance over the much weaker Xbox 360, massive first party exclusive developer array, and strong support in all key console regions was the key to making the PS3 sell at the same rate as the top selling console in history, the PS2.

PS2 14 years * 11 mil/yr ~160 million
PS3 7 years * 11 mil/yr ~78 million

Even if the PS3 has isn't on the market for the full 7 more years the PS2 was the PS3 will be Sony's third 100+ million selling console.

Nintendo: Nintendo learned that you can't just sit back expecting profits to keep rolling in. They did almost nothing to capitalize on the huge mindshare and money they had from the first half of this gen and they are paying the price now with the Wii U.

Microsoft: Rushing out junk and underpowered hardware with the Xbox 360 in the desperate hope that it will give them an advantage was a complete disaster. The Xbox 360 ended up in last place this gen despite launching a year early, being 200 dollars cheaper than the PS3, and padding out its installed base by millions and millions of extra consoles sold due to the RRoD fiasco. Microsoft learned that it is futile to continue to take on Sony and instead have thrown in the towel and given up taking on Sony and instead are trying to turn the next Xbox into some sort of Wii type graphically weak motion control casual shovelware box.
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Software_Lover  +   809d ago
PS3 not selling at the same rate as the ps2. Its outselling the 360 for sure, but not the ps2.
bourg  +   809d ago
The PS3 is selling at a slightly lower rate than the PS2.

Absolutely amazing job by Sony considering the PS3 launched at DOUBLE the price of the PS2: 600 dollars vs 300 dollars.

Even if we assume the PS3 only remains for sale half the remaining time the PS2 sold for - 3.5 more years vs 7 more for the PS2. The PS3 will easily outsell the 105 million selling PS1, outsell the Wii's installed base ending up the top selling console this gen and be the second highest selling console in history only behind the PS2 in worldwide sales.
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PoSTedUP  +   809d ago
wii sold a lot of "crap", PS3 has inferior ports (in the begining) because it was hard to develop for but had superior graphics in their exclusives, and 360 had superior ports but exclusives couldnt compare to the Ps3's.

final judgement: the most out of your game: PS3
better sales but less out of your potential: 360
lowering your standards and possibly "banking": wii

: P
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MikeMyers  +   809d ago
1) That they can release games broken in hopes of fixing them with an update

2) That DLC and other online components were used to help sell games and to keep gamers with that product.

3) That going multiplatform was the way to go.

4) That they can keep recycling IP's and take little chances.

5) That some of the above comments show there is a very vocal minority who are very loyal and are the ones who mainly attributed to the console wars.
mcstorm  +   808d ago
That was well put and what I was thinking.

I do think the cost of this gen has forced developers to keep recycling the IP's because there has been a lot of new IP's that have cost a lot to make but sales have been poor.

I would like to see more IP's next gen but this all depends on how expensive it will be to develop game next gen. I think the PS4 and Next Xbox will be quite similar on how they are made and this should help developers bring the cost of making games for the Next Xbox and PS3 but we will have to wait and see. I do see them carrying on making DLC for games but if im honest ide rather developers make a game and then rather than bring anther one out 12 months later the developers give us a DLC for £20 that gives us a new SP mode and some new MP levels a little bit like Dice have done with BF3 but I cant see them doing this.
Sony: how to blow billions in one generation. That is all.
aquamala  +   809d ago
N4g should stop giving new accounts 3 bubbles, otherwise trolls are just going to make new accounts like this when their real account is down to one bubble
MikeMyers  +   808d ago
You're right and I know a few of them off-hand that have multiple accounts. It should be like Neogaf, one account per ip address and if you screw up too bad so sad.
BitbyDeath  +   808d ago
GAF stops SPAM by only allowing in users with paid email address (blocking the likes of Hotmail and GMail etc)

IP bans don't do much when someone can easily get another.

Problem is implementing this method could potentially kill a website as a large percentage of users would have to sign up again.
Dj7FairyTail  +   809d ago
Sony fan alert
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   808d ago
It's like they are incapable of saying anything without dragging the other consoles through the mud. It is disturbing.
maniacmayhem  +   808d ago
What's hilarious is this guy will have 4 bubbles by end of day,
Murad  +   809d ago
How to f***k gamers over.
Derekvinyard13  +   809d ago
Lol good one
Canary  +   809d ago
Or, rather, they learned that they can **** gamers over and gamers will bend over, lower their trousers and beg for more.
CalvinKlein  +   808d ago
thats the one thing I was thinking they learned for sure, how to squeeze more milk out of the cow.
Prodigy-X  +   809d ago
What? Nothing But DLC!!!
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silvacrest  +   809d ago
more RAM is always a good thing?
phantomexe  +   809d ago
I hope it's not to release a 500 or 600 dollar consule. More RAM as well.
WeAreLegion  +   809d ago
Don't put twinkies on your pizza.

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brich233  +   809d ago
They learned how to not innovate but instead, make shitty gears of war clones, Call of duty clones etc...
ATi_Elite  +   809d ago
What did console developers learn from this generation?
NOTHING!!! Except copy some more good things from the PC and then completely MILK it!!

Example: every dam game having an Online MP mode that was really OVERKILL and messed up a lot of good SP games trying to Copy Call of Duty!!!

Hopefully Next Console Gen Consolers will get more PC Games that will give you guys more Game Genres.
theWB27  +   809d ago
Why would console gamers get more PC games when we support our developers a hulluva lot better than PC gamers?

PC does NOT lead innovation. Consoles do and then you get the higher res, higher FPS version. There isn't a single game on the PC that is doing something we've never seen before.

The ONLY thing the PC has over console is high res and fps. NOTHING else. The PS3 proved a console can handle high player count also with MAG.

Piracy runs rampant on PC games. Heres a search for you...read as many articles as you like.

Show me one PC exclusive that's doing something in a game that we've never seen before on consoles.
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SlapHappyJesus  +   809d ago
"we support our developers a hulluva lot better than PC gamers"
"PC does NOT lead innovation."

Points to back these statements, please.
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MysticStrummer  +   809d ago
@SlapHappyJesus - PC gamers on N4G brag about how cheap they get their games, yet complain that developers don't push PC games as much as they "should". Of course that means doing extra work to support a level of graphic detail that most PCs won't reach, all for the end result of having people buy their high tech game in an online bargain bin. Yeah that sounds great for devs alrighty.

As for the second point, all that needs to be said is "Check the GotY awards during the PS3/360 era".

Case closed.
SlapHappyJesus  +   808d ago
Two disagrees for asking for points? Cute.


Well, doing a proper pc port, when you know what you're doing, isn't very expensive at all. Especially when you consider things like texture work is already done before they render it for console. You really think artists render their textures at a low resolution from the get-go? Secondly, the millions people are putting towards Kickstarters of classic series, almost all of which were found only on pc, shows that PC gamers will go to fair lengths to back those who support PC gaming. Thirdly, with games like Witcher 2, a game that requires a damn powerful PC to run, selling over two million copies on pc - a number that most console exclusives never see - well, that's me seeing support for pc-centric development.

As for your second point . . . honestly, that is not even touching on the point. Let's see here . . . for 2009, most people awarded it to Uncharted 2 - a third person action platformer. Not exactly what I would call innovative. 2010 . . seems to be a toss-up between Mass Effect 2 and Red Dead Redemption. The first being a sequel to a third-person action game with roleplaying elements. Nothing new there. The second being an open world action game set in the West. Also done before. 2011 . . . Skyrim. The sequel to a long running, originally pc-based series that really does nothing that it hadn't done in the past. Weaker, even. Nothing new there. 2012 . . . it sort of hits between Far Cry 3 - nothing new there, Borderlands 2 - nothing new there and the Walking Dead - nothing different than that seen from thing like Indigo Prophecy, which is basically the modern idea of the point and click - a term with, obviously, pc-oriented roots.
Not sure what point you were trying to make with bringing up game of the year awards, but it doesn't quite fit, I feel.


Piracy runs rampant on PC? Should I then link you to articles which state that 'pirates' tend to be the highest purchasers of media as a whole. I am not saying there aren't shitty people who simply don't want to pay for something. That is obviously the case. However, it is still something that happens on console as well, and would be just as bad were it as easy to do on console. Don't pretend like console gamers are any better just because its harder to do, therefor scares people away from it in general. Secondly, you do no less harm with your heavy consumption of used games. You attack pc gamers for buying games on the cheap, but at least that cash still makes it to the pockets of the publishers/developers.

I would throw the question at you then. Show me games on console that are doing something not seen on pc. There isn't much you can do in terms of innovation on game mechanics. That's just to the point of where we are at. I am looking more towards things like creating and popularizing business models and the way people play games in general. Free2Play being a great example of this. Something we are now seeing consoles moving towards.
ATi_Elite  +   808d ago
Show me one PC exclusive that's doing something in a game that we've never seen before on consoles.

Here i'll give you an entire List:

Natural Selection 2
DotA 2
League of Legends
World of Tanks
Guild Wars 2
Planetside 2
Amnesia The Dark Descent
Eve Online
Dawn of War
Company of Heroes
Faster Than Light
Path of Exhile
Arma 2
Chivalry Medieval Warfare
Star Citizen
Train Simulator (Laugh if you want to but consoles don't have a Train Simulator and about a Million PC Gamers play this)

I can keep going as each of these currently doesn't have a game on any console that is similar in gameplay and or even genre.
Kietz  +   808d ago
MysticStrummer  +   809d ago
They learned they can charge extra for things that used to be free, such as playing the online portion of the game you already bought. A huge group of people not only went for that crap, they talked long and loud about how great it was. Now a lot of those same people are mystified by the rise of microtransactions. Stupid humans.
ATi_Elite  +   808d ago
Wow not very bright, here let me help you @theWB27
"PC does NOT lead innovation. Consoles do and then you get the higher res, higher FPS version. There isn't a single game on the PC that is doing something we've never seen before. "

PC does NOT lead innovation.....WHAT?
First Video Game Period PC
First Online MP Game: PC
First FPS: PC
First game with Crafting:PC
First sports game: PC
First RPG: PC
First MMO: PC
First MOBA: PC...Consoles do not even have MOBAS
First RTS: PC.....did this console gen even get a RTS game
First point n click adventure: PC
First Simulation game: PC
First game streamed: PC
First Play 4 free game: PC
First subscription game: PC
First Kickstarter Game: PC
First game with Micro-transactions: PC
First Game with sharable content: PC
First Open world survival Zombie Game: PC
First Space Simulation game: PC
First Flight simulation game: PC
First Action RPG: PC
First Game with Peripheral View: PC
First Voxel Game: PC
First Ray Traced Game: PC
DX9 DX10 DX11 DX11.1 and soon DX12 all first on PC
First Tessellation: PC

Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, John Madden Football, Battlefield, Crysis, Far Cry, Doom, Quake ALL started on the PC first.

"There isn't a single game on the PC that is doing something we've never seen before. " OH REALLY!!!

DayZ, Phenumbra, League of Legends, Dawn of War, Chivalry Medivial Warfare, Smite, Hawkin, Firefall, Tera Online, Guild Wars 2, Gary's Mod, STALKER, Path of Exhile, StarForge, Eve Online, ArchAge, Arma 2, etc..

Console has NO GAMES like these, NONE at all!

MAG is 200 basically infantry only players on screen while Planetside 2 is 2000 players onscreen with land and air vehicles. Planetside 1 was 500 on screen players with Land air and sea vehicles back in 2003.

Now you may wanna rethink your silly comment and you can Google to fact check this entire post.

PC is the innovator while Consoles are the Imitator.

Imitate so much that your Next Gen consoles are flat-out x86-64 PC's as console Gaming is DEAD!

Next time don't open your mouth about PC Gaming when you CLEARLY have ZERO Clue about Video Game History Period!!
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theWB27  +   808d ago
I guess you owned me going back into the history books to state what PC has done. Well no crap on that front. If you want to go history then yes..I give that to you. But your comment in no way stated that...it was speaking of the here and now.

There wasn't a single game you named (i just youtubed them) that is making me regret what I posted.

I'd seriously go through every game you named and find a game that compared to what I saw..but that's too time consuming. I understand you bias and it's cute. But the PC isn't doing anything I've never seen consoles do...only at a higher clip.
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   808d ago
Sir I have no words for the total pawnage you have recieved from Elite and the epic fail you continue to emit. Fortunately I do have pictures!!

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theWB27  +   808d ago
@good guy...that was sarcasm. He/she didn't prove me otherwise. Neither did your witty pics.
Soldierone  +   808d ago
People will spend over 100 dollars on your game if you lock half the content behind DLC?
SlyFamous02  +   808d ago
"What did console developers learn from this generation?"

It should say:
"What did console and PC developers learn from Naughty Dog?"
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TechnicianTed  +   808d ago
That linear games can look pretty?
SlyFamous02  +   807d ago
Well, I guess its true what they say, ignorance is bliss. ;)
Max-Zorin  +   808d ago
They learned to jump on the ''DLC'' bandwagon instead of simply completing the development of whatever game.
Farsendor1  +   808d ago
going by article headline only,ill read full story in a few mins

sony,only so many people will buy on name alone

nintendo,casuals don't buy a lot of games

ms,rrod wont be acceptable a 2nd time
TheDivine  +   808d ago
You can double your profits by selling the most wanted parts as dlc.

Mp is mandatory.

Shooters sell.

Gamers want realistic graphics and games.

Yep that's about everything.
Aztec_MC  +   808d ago
Unfortunately, ALL they learned was ways to milk the consumers with fees, with-hold content and to create self-destruct timers in the consoles after 3 years to ensure the purchase of multiple consoles...

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