Infamous Second Son - The Power Of The In Game Engine

Sony’s awesome franchise from Sucker punch continues its super power revolution on the upcoming release of the Playstation 4. This time players will have the furious force of the flame at their disposal. As the protagonist set his enemies a blaze, and disappears in a cloud of smoke, he is task with fight for his freedom

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Upbeat1955d ago

Going to be a fantastic game from fantastic developers.

And lets hope a fantastic Console...

Y_51501955d ago

If it's anything improved on from the PS3, surely we'll have an fantastic console!

TheRealSpy1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

you guys need a new adjective.

also, "Sony’s awesome franchise from Sucker punch continues its super power revolution on the upcoming release of the Playstation 4." that's the opening sentence of the article. it's quite difficult to take stuff like this seriously. the author comes off less like a journalist and more like a fanboy.

isarai1954d ago


How does calling a franchise awesome, mentioning it's about super powers and saying it continues on PS4 sound like a fanboy?

1954d ago
raytraceme1954d ago

With the major upgrade to the graphics I also hope that commntinue the move support with this game. With infamous 2 I was way more content playing with the move vs the controller it was more accurate and got me more into the game. I2 was a good example of when the move works amazingly.

loulou1954d ago

i did not buy the second one after the rinse and repeat repetition of the first infamous.

sorry, but i thought infamous like crackdown were just poor mans open-world games.

saints row and gta both are miles better than the exclusive franchises hat i just mentioned.

Ritsujun1954d ago

Wow, my second son's inside a video game!

TopDudeMan1954d ago

The press conference was more than 2 weeks ago. Why am I just now only finding out this was announced?

I haven't been that out of the loop since that time... (insert random family guy joke here)

minimur121954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

lol fanboy alert
' the new engine holds the keys to your gaming destiny, one that has infamous becoming elevated to new height, with An engine that makes this one of the best looking PS3 games to be announced.'

I just noticed a typo!!!

Temporary1954d ago

[email protected]

If Infamous 2 was a "poor man's sandbox game" then what does that make GTA4? It was garbage! As is prototype! as was Just Cause 2! a lot of Open world sandbox games are GARBAGE, saints row is ok, but Infamous was a breath of fresh air.

Quit bein a hater kid.

DOMination-1954d ago


I don't think you've played Just Cause 2.

Temporary1954d ago

I beat Justcause 2 and almost Platted was fun, but compared to good sandbox games it was garbage. Lacked a good plot, lacked memorable characters, it just had the awesome skydiving and the chute which was cool, the rest was just rinse and repeat. Blowing stuff up got boring after a while.

kupomogli1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )


I wasn't a fan of the first Infamous either. I heard it was such an amazing game but the first one, while decent, didn't amaze me in any way. Except for the story. The first Infamous' storyline was great what bits of storyline there were scattered here and there. Especially the ending. One of the best endings in video game history I think.

The gameplay to the second one is somewhat the same but there were some major changes. Cole's speed, a better melee system, the new skill upgrade system, and mission variety is better. In Infamous, you had three factions which were all pretty much the exact same. In Infamous 2, you have three factions which are all very different. The environment in Infamous 2 is also different where too much is similar in the first game so offers little variety when you're seeing the same buildings over and over.

If Infamous Second Son is as good or better as Infamous 2, then no doubt it's going to be an amazing game. If it's worse, then depends on how much worse whether it'll just be a decent offering.

It's all about opinion. I liked Infamous 2, Saints Row the Third, GTA San Andreas, 4/Episodes, and Chinatown Wars. Every other game in each series wasn't really good in my opinion.

If you own a PS3 I'd recommend going on PSN and downloading the Infamous 2 demo to atleast check the game out. The demo is decent sized and allows you to play both good and evil at certain points. You can also use a few different powers in the demo so you can try different ones out.

starchild1953d ago

I still need to finish inFamous 2, but inFamous 1 was a really great game. I'm seriously looking forward to Second Son.

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Walker1955d ago

Just Imagine what Naughty Dog and Santa Monica can do with PS4 specs !

abc12331954d ago

I'm too scared of gazing at Uncharted on PS4. Don't think my eyes can handle the awesomeness.

PSVita1954d ago

I loved infamous 1 but completely changing the character and ending Coles story before it even finished turns me off to this new one.

Agent Smith1954d ago

You know there's a infamous 2? And it ended Cole's story.

PSVita1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

@agent smith- yeah.... I got both day 1. Maybe you should reread my comment. This isn't direcred at you but they didn't finish the story.Good Cole got hit by lightning at the end and the evil cole turned into the beast. If you've played the first game you know that the beast has the power to travel into other universes how do you think Kessler fought(ran) from himself. Why do you think they but two different endings. Evil cole was suppose to invade good Coles universe and that was the whole point of the series. Look at the picture at the beginning of infamous 1 the beast that attack Kessler wasn't john(black) he was a bald white guy(cole). Plus do you think they'd change the character knowing I'd be the last game? Like KZ they opted to just start over new protagonist and everything. Considering its a new system and ill draw in more players I understand completely but you can't denie they cut the original series short.
Since they're obliviously continuing from evil Coles story I hope he's still around. I mean who could has destroyed him as the beast. They may be building up to what I was saying, where good cole is recovering and evil cole is the puppet master behind the scenes, eventually leading to the true infamous 3. Hope you guys followed all that.

Smashbro291954d ago

I was pissed when they made the drastic changes to the character in the second game I actually never picked it up but judging from the voice in PSA, they really screwed up the voice.

PSVita1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

@smashbro29-it's still a good game but its defiantly not the cole from Infamous 1. They wanted to piggy back on the success of Uncharted 2(drake) and the original actor couldn't do the physical acting that was needed. They made him young to accommodate the new voice but not only that they made him a kinda red haired redneck. Didn't feel right at all. I would have taken the euro metrosexual version over the one they went with.

Seraphim1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

I definitely see what you're saying but idk. The World is so much bigger than Empire City and New Marais so they very easily could have a grand scheme of things. Conduits are everywhere & there could be many others like Cole trying to save the world or destroy it. I think at one point telling individual stories that all lead into one finale with these characters might become, convoluted and confusing? The events of 1 & 2 definitely leave the possibility of there being a much bigger plan in terms of character and story lines moving forward; with cole. I'd hate to say I don't see it but from what little we've seen Sucker Punch seems to be moving on. I think in changing Cole between 1 & 2 they kind of screwed things up and want to move on. A new character & new story line. While I'm sad we're picking up w/ a new Lead I can honestly say this might be the fresh start not only Sucker Punch needs but the franchise needs as well.

@smashbro29: I too was upset about the change. I think the original Cole fit the part and was a good look for the character. However the game itself is a blast and something as trivial as the change to appearance of Cole wasn't going to stop me from buying the game. In part I do think this has something to do with Sucker punch starting fresh. As to inFamous 2. Do yourself a favor and go pick it up.

HarryMasonHerpderp1954d ago


Way to ruin the entire ending for people who haven't played Infamous 2.

PSVita1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

@harry-I should have put spoiler but if you've played the first game you should already know cole was the beast. If you haven't played either than you don't what I'm talking about.

HarryMasonHerpderp1954d ago

I've played through both games I'm just saying it would be appreciated if you (and everyone else) mark as spoilers for the people that haven't played the games in future.
Nothing worse than scanning through the comments and someone ruining the ending to a game you plan to play.

gta28001954d ago

Look at these two clowns...crying cause they changed the voice. You get off hearing another mans voice or do you play games to play them? Geez. I enjoyed both Infamous games and the voice changes didn't make me enjoy them any less!

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

I am pumped for this game! Even more than killzone. Kinda had it with shooters. So many shooters..

ATi_Elite1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Yeh a lot of "OMG InFamous Second Son is gonna be so good" Hype!

Looks at InFamous 2 sales 1.54m

which is good but seriously should be better seeing how it's one of those "God Almighty Playstation 3 Exclusives"

I love the Particle effects on the protagonist, that's very cool. inFamous is a good series and Sucker Punch now have even more tools to make inFamous even better!

Lets hope Sony fanboys put there money were their mouth is.

NightStalker331953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

The 2nd game sold poorly because Sony can't advertise for the life of it.
Games like Uncharted and God Of War are getting Super Bowl Ads and Massive advertisement, while Infamous 2 got a few trailers here and there.
So, no, he's right. This game needed more attention.

BlmThug1953d ago

Currently playing the first inFAMOUS and all I can is it is frickin awesome :D PS4 Day one with Second Son, Shadowfall, Driveclub amd Watchdogs :D

negative1953d ago


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GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1954d ago

am i the only one excited for the inevitable inclusion of ragdoll effects, which weren't in the previous 2

WeAreLegion1954d ago

I am, too. When done correctly, ragdoll physics add A LOT to any game. Just messing around with Garry's Mod for a few hours proves that.

colonel1791954d ago

I don't like ragdoll physics. They should create something new and more realistic. I hate when the bad guys are dead and they just lose their "weight". This actually bothered me more in Dead Space when I had to stomp the dead guys.

DownNotOut1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

its called the euphoria engine and its the best thing that happened this gen

isarai1954d ago

While it never hurt the experience, it'll be a whole lot more enjoyable if they are included(which i'd imagine they would be)

JewyMcJew1954d ago

I absolutely LOVE the franchise, I just hope they ease off from the malay combat, it really hurt the sequel.

Sevir1954d ago

That the combat system in the first game was marred because of how impossible it was to get up close to conduits and lesser minions, they'd gun you down quickly.

I always felt Cole should beable to ouch kick and bash faces in as well as shock and freeze and burn enemies.

Likely Delsin will have grappling and melee weapon in the form of chains. And it will improve I'm sure. I can't wait

first1NFANTRY1954d ago

Too many spelling errors and bad grammar in this article! Fix it ASAP!

OT: I still can't believe most of what was shown was ingame. PS4 is looking brighter by the day.

RTheRebel1954d ago

Can't wait for this game.
There should be a costume, when you beat the game to play as Cole =) that would be epic.