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Watch Dogs: The PS4 Technical Difference

TheGameHeadz Write: Ubisoft drop some awesome details for Watch Dogs during Sony’s PS4 announcement. The game is confirmed to appear on PS3 and 360, and the upcoming release of the PS4. With the game being showing on Sony’s next console, and their current one; you are probably wondering just as I was, what could be the major difference between the two versions. (PS3, PS4, Sony, Ubisoft, Watch Dogs, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

LessThan2Tflops  +   841d ago
Could have just said "it will be more like the pc version"
Kaiou  +   840d ago
True , best thing about next gen is that finally PC versions will be expanded and get more graphical enchantment instead of just mostly better resolution and Anti-aliasing .
LocutusEstBorg  +   840d ago
Um no the Geforce Titan curb stomps the 720 PS4 and Wii U put together. Console ports will again be under use of GPU power.
fsfsxii  +   840d ago
Goodluck paying 1000$ for that, you could get all next gen consoles for maybe even less
dmN_114  +   840d ago

What else did you expect from a GPU that will cost as much as all those consoles you said put together. LOL

EDIT: beaten
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KimDongHwan  +   840d ago

The PC Master Race always talking how PC are more advanced, and the graphics and etc. But what about the games? why would you need such an amazing power just to try playing Simcity, and your souless Crysis. I bought a gaming PC just because i wanted to see this amazing features, but not a single game until now has have the same impact in me as Metal Gear Solid 4 or Uncharted 2, its like you got only shooters.
knowyourstuff  +   840d ago
Geforce Titan has 6GB of GDDR5 RAM, PS4 has 8GB... sorry Kurian, your math is a tad off, and everyone seems to agree.
Irishguy95  +   840d ago
Lol...The Titan has 6GB Ram...Ps4 has 8GB..

Ps4 > Titan?

Are you ****ing serious? Are you that ignorant of technology that you actually think Ram in the only factor in a GPU?

N4G Fanboys eh?

Yes 'knowyourstuff'...the 1000 quid Titan(GPU) is weaker than the 400-500 Ps4(CPU/GPU/RAM/Motherboard/Wi fi etc)

Congratulations. Hopefully the N4g admin will see fit to add a 'stupid' bubble down option.
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dantesparda  +   840d ago
for once, i agree with you Irishguy
jmc8888  +   840d ago
WTH are people smoking?

RAM has NOTHING to do with POWER.

Hint: If you have an old PC say one from 10 years ago, and you increase the ram from 512 GB to 4GB, does that make your PC faster?

Nope. Not one bit.

The GPU equivalent of what the PS4 has is a $250 graphics card. That's reality.

It's 8 CPU cores can't beat a mid range 2008 4 core CPU.

I'm buying a PS4 via preorder just like I did a Wii U, but the facts ARE the facts.

A mid range 2011 PC GPU is what the PS4 has.

1.8 TFlops of power vs midrange cards of 2.4 TFlops, and that will be over probably 3.5 TFlops by the time the PS4 launches.

The Titan is close to 3x a PS4, and you can put three of them in your PC.

No it doesn't take 1000 to get better than a PS4, takes about 600.

OR IF YOU HAVE A PC, all it takes is a $250 GPU upgrade to match it.

When will people realize not all 8 gb's will be used for gaming and the ~6 that is, half of it won't be used and might only barely be used as workarounds in later years.

Take a PC GPU at 1080p gaming say a GTX 670 2gb and measure it against a GTX 670 4gb...guess what at 1080p there IS NO DIFFERENCE in performance.

On top of this don't forget that the PS4 will have lower grade GDDR5 memory then what's in the top PC GPU's. (because not all GDDR5 is of the same speed and latency type...hint to make MILLIONS of consoles, they won't be using the fastest, they'll be using what they can make the most of).

The reason you WANT 8 GB's is to ensure that you DON'T have a BOTTLENECK in the system. If you have a BOTTLENECK then whatever power it has is partially wasted because you have to run tricks that use up the power in order to get around less RAM.

This is what people are being stupid about.

They think more RAM makes the system faster. NO. It means that if you are driving a car and hitting the gas, enough ram means you aren't using your other foot to hit the break at the same time.

It DOESN'T make the system ANY MORE faster, it simply removes a bottleneck that was slowing it down.

Also part of that is the density of the chips. They come in chip sizes that mean's it needed to either be 4 or 8, so with 8 you have TRIPLE the ram you would have with 4.

Double you say? Nope triple? How? Simple.

2 GB's is most likely going to be reserved for the OS, which is not going to be simple.

Thus 4-2 = 2
Thus 8-2 = 6

6 vs 2 = 3x


6 GB's is more than the unit can push, but it fits in with the desire to NOT have RAM be a bottleneck and what the chip densities dictate.
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Gaming101  +   838d ago
PC's for some reason can get upgraded to higher specs than the PS4, however due to the massive requirements of running all the non-gaming related programs in the background, running the Windows Operating System, it all taxes your PC, which is why even the the best looking PC games today (unmodded) don't look as impressive as Killzone on PS4.
1up  +   840d ago
i see those jaggies, so much for good anti analyzing.
Twignberries  +   840d ago
Man with a name like that, one should assume you actually "know your stuff".... Clearly just an ironic name.
PS4's 8gb ram is PHYSICAL ram not vram. The GTX titan has 6gb vram which means it's ram that is SOLELY used for image processing. But Im sure you already knew that since you "know your stuff"...
P.S. Comparing a full spec console to a video card anyways? Epic tech knowledge fail.
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x800  +   840d ago
yep, glad someone knows, and am glad the ps3 has 8gbram which it shares with the GPU somehow. correct me if i am wrong.
dantesparda  +   840d ago
Wow! its obvious you dont know your sh!t either the PS4 has GDDR5 RAM, which is VRAM.

and p.s. there is no such thing as "physical" RAM (actually all RAM is "physical" as in, it all physically exists)
Twignberries  +   840d ago
@dantesparda Dude do your research. It's 8gb GDDR5 SHARED memory, not dedicated VRAM. If you honestly think the ps4's video card is even close to the power of the gtx titan you are sadly mistaken
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mistertwoturbo  +   841d ago
Well graphics is going to be an obvious one. But I'm thinking they might try to tie in some of the social aspects of the system and maybe do something with the touchpad and speaker on the DS4.
Bathyj  +   841d ago
Some sort of touchpad hacking interface where you have to go by feel would be good.

Or an eavesdropping surveillance gadget that plays through the speaker.
I_am_Batman  +   840d ago
They have already confirmed that they'll be using the touchpad of the DS4. They said they will use it to dial on a cell phone or something like that.
N0S3LFESTEEM  +   841d ago
I see them making use of that touch pad on the controller for the phone... other than that it may be comparable to high settings on PC. It's a first gen game so I'm not all too impressed if the game itself still has it's foot anchored in last gen.
JP1369  +   841d ago
Can people stop approving articles written by people who don't know how to spell, use words in their proper context or utilize appropriate punctuation? The info presented here has been included in other, better written articles. Again, why what this approved?
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slapsta72  +   841d ago | Funny
JP1369  +   841d ago
That will teach me to bust out my soapbox while using a phone to make statements on forums.
mistertwoturbo  +   840d ago
It's N4G, where any random blogger could create a website overnight, put an attractive headline, and get hits.
romancer  +   840d ago
the article states: " PS3 and 360 players shouldn’t find any disappointment with their perspective versions of the game."

he means respective, of course... but there's an unintended joke in the original.
KingKevo  +   840d ago
What's the raison d'être of this article? All it does is summing up what we all know and asking how it's gonna be different besides the graphics and which version will sell better. Did someone really have to write an article about that. Just put swap Watch_Dogs with Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag or or any other current and next gen game and it's gonna tell you the same..
ahm  +   840d ago
Yeah I how much peeps can effort a gtx titan build system?
ziggurcat  +   840d ago
it'll look nicer, and probably have a better (i.e. consistent) frame rate.
Human Analog  +   840d ago
It is kind of like a game version of the tv show "Person of Interest". I love the show, I should like the game too. It looks good so far.
younghavok  +   839d ago
Looking at the trailer I wasnt super impressed visually. From a feature standpoint im more excited about what theyll do with the Gamepad on the Wii U version, hell it almost seems like the game was designed with that in mind. Myself personally, Ill take gamepad features over improved viauals anyday, unless its just a damn map than nevermind. But on to the article... what was the point of it?
iizMonterZ_  +   837d ago
Game looks fucking great.

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