Could A FFVII Remake Be Kickstarted?

The Kickstarter idea has turned out really well for many highly promising projects. What if it was possible to kickstart a Final Fantasy remake?

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Godmars2901660d ago

Not if its done by Square.

And by that I mean let another dev, or better yet, fans, do it.

Snookies121660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Lol, fans have been trying to do Chrono Trigger remakes for YEARS now. They've tried to do them for FREE. Yet, Square always intervenes. I doubt they'll ever give us anything we want these days and only impede the progress of fans doing work that they themselves should be doing.

OmegaSlayer1660d ago Show
AnotherProGamer1660d ago

it would cost too much to be kickstarted. The original cost $45 million in production and $100 million in marketing at a time where most PS1 games budget were about 800k to a million

Chard1660d ago

Square-Enix will do whatever they can to keep the fans unhappy

LAWSON721659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

This does not need a remake, and i am glad square does not waste their time, but i wish they would make a ff masterpiece again.