Wii U Basic Pack discounted to £189.85 on ShopTo

NE: "Heads up, Nintendo fans in Europe. Retailer ShopTo has discounted the Wii U Basic Pack to £189.85 for 24% savings."

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Relientk771959d ago

Wow thats an awesome discount for people still looking to pick up the Wii U

DarkHeroZX1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

This is the price Wii U needs to make standard, I'd pick one up for sure then.

Relientk771959d ago

It will probably get a price cut around the fall, when the PS4 and Xbox 720 release

Kevlar0091959d ago

Let's be honest, either the Deluxe set is under priced or the Basic is over priced. It's a crime to sell the Basic at only $50 less, or vice versa

PopRocks3591958d ago

That's how they get you sometimes. The Deluxe is ultimately a better deal; an entire game, more memory, a digital rewards program, a stand, a charge cradle and the nice black sheen.

It's like how Microsoft put out the Xbox 360 Core and Pro packs (or at least I think it was called pro. Maybe Premium?). The core had AV cables, no HDD, a wired controller and no headset. The Pro/Premium on the other hand had a 20GB HDD, a wired headset, a wireless controller and component cables. A far better deal for $100 more, especially when considering that the old 360s had no internal storage.

Neko_Mega1959d ago

I would like to see the 32GB model get a price drop (maybe $199).

The 32GB is the best model to get I think, but its all about what you going to do with your system.

deafdani1958d ago

A $150 price-drop? would be too steep, at least this early.

Nah, if it gets a price drop, I expect it to be around the time the other next-gen console launches, and I expect it to be $50 at most. In my opinion, the 32GB bundle with Nintendo Land included, at $300, would be quite a good deal.

Jadedz1958d ago

Is the PS3 even that cheap (which doesn't matter because that console is 6-7 years old)?

People underplay the Wii U way too often. I mean, be reasonable and expect a realistic pricing ($250 basic, $300 deluxe).

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Xer0_SiN1958d ago

the most effective price point for the wii u, is buy one get one free for 199.99. i wouldnt hesitate to go down to the local target tonight and pick one up. that would certainly drive up sales on a lackluster console.

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