Sega's Software Only Fate will Not Be Nintendo's

Tynan Muddle a writes: "Nintendo will not follow Sega's business model of going "software only", as many people in the industry these days declare.

It seems these days many people quickly assume that the lifecycle of a video game hardware manufacturer dictates that at some point in the company's life, it will shed its hardware business in favor for publishing games across all platforms.

This is not only incorrect, it also shows a huge level of ignorance from the person who's purporting such a scenario."

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Relientk772023d ago

I do agree with this but also want Nintendo to expand its first party titles and make some new exciting and original IPs

animegamingnerd2023d ago

i agree i would the like to see a new IP from nintendo i believe the last one was xenoblade in 2010

guitarded772023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )


The Xeno series is not owned by Nintendo, or has any exclusive rights by Nintendo. It was actually tied to PS1 and PS2 for most of the life of the franchise. You'd think with a username like yours, you'd know that :D

3GenGames2023d ago

Nintendo has plenty of IP's with all quality, no filler content. They're perfectly fine not creating ANY more, as they have a full rotation to make amazing games, continue franchises, and keeping it new. Any more and...well, wouldn't care from me.

Donkey Kong
Animal Crossing

and I'm sure that's not even half of them. If that's not enough solid IP's, nothing will please you and you need to just stop gaming.

classic2002023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )


LOOL you see its people like you who will continue to keep non nintendo gamers from nintendo system especially with that mind set.

You brain wash your self thinking all gamers enjoy playing sequels, no many gamers enjoy NEW IPs where we can get a new experience.

You would not support more new games from nintendo regardless of new games giving them the oppurtunity to bring new gamers who don't care about the older titles anymore LOOL.

Face it nintendo needs new IPs and miyamoto is actually working on one.

Your a fool if you actually mean what you say because all nintendo games were new IPs at one point. Without the creation of new IPs there would be no metroid in the 90s and if miyamoto was as stupid as your comment then he would just never made zelda with a boy called link because peter pan is all we need from disney?

Every great game was a new IP.

animegamingnerd2023d ago

@guitarded77 that i didn't knew since the game used to be called monado beginning of the world

chadboban2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )


Xenoblade is owned by Nintendo as Monolithsoft is a first party Nintendo Studio and has been owned 100% by Nintendo for a while.

The Xenogears IP is owned by square and the Xenosaga IP is owned by Namco Bandai.

As you've said, the entire "Xeno series" isn't owned by Nintendo, however Xenoblade and whatever Monolith's new game is gonna be are Nintendo IPs.

CaptainN2023d ago

Guitar, you are so wrong....Xenoblade is owned by Nintendo 100% and was developed by Monolith software, who is also owned fully by Nintendo. And just for your info they also own The Last Story IP as well, but don't own that studio.

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Dj7FairyTail2023d ago

Dillon Rolling Western
The Last Story
Pandora' Tower
Dillion Rolling Western
Sakurai Samurai
The Wonderful 101
Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem

Jek_Porkins2023d ago

Well no duh, Nintendo has the number one selling handheld and came off the 100+ million selling Wii. Also, Nintendo hasn't lost consumer confidense by releasing ad-on after ad-on and then dropping support almost imediately.

Nintendo is still in good shape, with a strong lineup of software, they could easily be 7-10 million units ahead of the competition by the time they launch.

khowat2023d ago

It wouldn't really matter to me I don't buy a nintendo console to be on the cutting-edge of graphics and technology. I think Sega was a bad example of what it would be like to go third-party, nintendo's franchises are a lot more iconic and if they went third-party they would be a force to reckon with ,not a has-been.

gamer422023d ago

Unlike sega nintendo is coming off of The financial success of the DS ( which sold more than the PS2) and the wii and with the 3DS selling like hotcakes nintendo doesn't need to worry about going bankrupt and having to leave he hardware buisnes like sega anytime soon. Sega was in a financial crisis even before the dreamcast, it was supposed to be its savior but ended up a flop. As long as nintendo makes profit from their consoles they're never going out. Sorry for any errors im typing this from my phone.

Tewi-Inaba2023d ago

Even if worst comes to worst (Very unlikely)
Nintendo could just fall back to the market they actually dominate.

Handheld, the dedicated gaming handheld market atleast.
This actually doesn't sound too bad of an outcome.

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