Nintendo: The Disney of the Game Industry

While many other companies in the game industry are always in a state of constant refocus and re-invigoration, there has always been one company that has stayed true to themselves for years. This company is Nintendo, a software and hardware developer that has been alive through many of the thick and thin trials and tribulations of the video game industry. They are a game company that has always seemed to surprise everyone even during times where many critics and analyst would herald their coming end. At the same time, their contributions to the game industry have not only withstood the never-ending tests of time, but have also managed to always find a niche within the hearts of gaming generations old and new.

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gamer422021d ago

Honestly I kind of expected something like "Disney is for kids and Nintendo is for kids" but instead I found something that is really well thought out and interesting to think about.
In other words, good read.

pr0t0typeknuckles2021d ago

by looking at the title alone my first thoughts were no duh, i mean who didnt at least think this.

PopRocks3592021d ago

I'm surprised he never spoke about the Disney Renaissance which introduced much more cinematic and dynamic animated stories and the comparison one can draw that for the Wii/DS where Nintendo brought out a new idea into the mainstream and was shortly followed by the competition.

2021d ago
Trunkz Jr2021d ago

They both wear white gloves which are actually their hands since they never come off.

PopRocks3592020d ago

Well, you do retrieve Mario's sweaty glove in Luigi's Mansion and in Steamboat Willy, Mickey had no gloves on, just hands that were the same shade as his fur.

kirbyu2018d ago

Also, Sonic and mickey's nose are exactly the same. Sonic isn't Nintendo, but still.