Sniper: Ghost Warrior Sales Are Over 3 Million

DSOGaming writes: "Even though City Interactive has not revealed the latest sales numbers of Sniper: Ghost Warrior, GameStop revealed that City Interactive's first sniper title has managed to sell over 3 million copies worldwide."

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NYC_Gamer1901d ago

That is impressive for a game full of technical issues

classic2001901d ago

I think this game got a strong PC following, but I would never buy this with that high standard arma3.

Godmars2901901d ago

It like Aliens: Colonial Marines means f***-all chance of improvement in the industry. A publisher just has to use the right name and they can sell literal sh*t.

TooTall191901d ago

I thought the game was awesome. I played the later PS3 version and didn't notice many technical issues.

Derekvinyard131901d ago

Lol it did have problems it wasn't horrible tho

ATi_Elite1901d ago

Yeh S:GW sold like 1.5m on the PC beating out the PS3/360 sales combined!

Sniper Ghost warrior 2 doesn't look to be doing so good right now but I don't know the Digital sales figures yet.

and when i say not good it's sucking on all 3 platforms!

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Prcko1901d ago

People still have money for games,good info for next gen

FarCryLover1821901d ago

The COD crowd foamed at the mouth for a game chock full of "quickscoping."

Little did they know: the game was nothing like that.

This was all a joke, by the way.

1901d ago
Ragthorn1901d ago

If anyone didn't play the game avoid this.


Remember that ending to the game? Worst ending to any of the games I've ever played. After that last shot in the last mission, The End. Absolute worst ending lol.

mynameisEvil1896d ago


"Oh, look, you shot the antagonist. GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!"

And then the game cuts off. Din't even let us manually get out. It just says, "The End" right after she tells you to get out of there.

By the way, my campaign completion time, if I remember correctly was 3:38:45. Truly, a long game, right?

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