GameStop adds All-Stars pre-order perk for God of War: Ascension

Joystiq - God of War: Ascension adds a voucher for two PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale characters with pre-orders from GameStop. The dueling duo is Zeus from the God of War series and Isaac Clarke of Dead Space fame, both of whom we met in February for PS All-Stars. The characters will unlock on March 19.

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TheGOODKyle1687d ago

Good ol N4G. Disagree with a non-partisan, true statement.

BXbomber1687d ago

EVERY copy comes with a code to download these characters so this is not exclusive to gamestop, i got my copy from a mom and pop store downtown

GenericNameHere1687d ago

Wait, so then Zeus and Isaac are NOT free characters? I thought all PSASBR DLC characters would be free for 2 weeks?? Or was that only for Kat and Emmett?

dgonza401687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Only kat and Emmett

GenericNameHere1687d ago

Ohh that's lame :(
How much are the characters? Probably $5 each like MvC3 >:(

Neo Nugget1687d ago

It's the price of a hot dog at a baseball game. Chiiiill.

Y_51501683d ago

Zues and Isaac were free with my collectors, I would have bought Zues anyways.