Discussion: Always on DRM

This has been around for a long time, Methods to prevent people from playing without a purchase. With newer modes of payment and distribution there had been many efforts to cut piracy, but like a hydra it just continued to evolve with 2 new heads to replace the last one. Recently a new form of DRM emerges like Hercules and finds. This hero is an always online method of DRM to authenticate each copy of the game on the games official servers. Following suite to a typical MMORPG’s like the famous World of Warcraft or the original Everquest.

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Software_Lover1989d ago

It doesn't work. It punishes the consumer. Buy it, then download the crack.

doctorstrange1989d ago

It sucks. End of discussion.

kevnb1989d ago

i think it makes sense for some games, but the big thing is that it has to work. If you ask me to be connected all the time, you better have something for me to connect to that works.

1989d ago