The PlayStation 4 Looks Great… But Don’t Expect it to Sell as Well as the PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 4 — and any console, for that matter — is unlikely to sell as well as consoles did in previous generations due to the current state of the industry.

Here’s my predictions for the PS4 and why the state of the industry will mean consoles will struggle this generation.

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Shadow Flare1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

"I predict that the PlayStation 4 will only manage to sell a maximum of 60 million units"

Already bollocks but I'm gonna continue reading....

Ok finished reading it.


We've just come off the back of the most successful console generation ever. All 3 consoles could hit 100 million units sold which is absolutely unprecedented and a remarkable achievement.

How many more articles do we need about how smartphones are stealing userbase and how the console industry is in decline, IT'S NOT

PS4 has done everything right so far and looks to be an incredible machine, incredibly supported. Claiming it will sell 60 million in its life time is laughable

PSVita1953d ago

Both console will well a lot more than current ones without a doubt.

Feline_Pornographer1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

"Both console will well a lot more than current ones without a doubt."

Not a chance. The PS3 will obviously sell well and dominate next gen. The next Xbox won't come close to the Xbox 360's installed base.

The PS3 still hasn't had the all important price drop to $199 worldwide. That is the price the PS2 went on to sell some 90 million more consoles when it was already at 70 million worldwide.

There are still 5-7 years of sales left for the PS3 and it is selling at the same yearly rate as the 160 million selling PS2 - about 11 million consoles a year.

PS2 14 years * 11 mil/yr ~160 million
PS3 7 years * 11 mil/yr ~78 million

The next Xbox has virtually no chance of selling the same number of units as the Xbox 360. The next Xbox won't have the luxury of the RRoD fiasco inflating Microsoft's worldwide installed base numbers by millions and millions of console like this gen.

bourg1953d ago Show
PSVita1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

@above- I agree with your points but consider Xbox was rushed and had a lot overheating issues and the ps3 was "high priced" and on top of everything the WIi was dominating. There's no way they can be worse off than that. Each company has grown in their own respects and I see a big future for both.

Keep in mind we know nothing about the next Xbox and little about the ps4. There's no way we can say the next Xbox will have weaker graphics or either will "win".

da_2pacalypse1953d ago

If the rumors of the next xbox are true, I see a lot of gamers switching over to the PS4. I'm a primary xbox player, and I'll be making the switch. M$ just doesn't care about gamers anymore.

dedicatedtogamers1952d ago

The funny thing about the article: apparently NOW the PS3 sold great this gen but the PS4 won't sell as well. Oh well shoot darn! And here I thought the PS3 was selling so poorly. At least, that's what gaming journalism wanted me to believe. I guess now that we hav a new Sony console coming out, it's easier to make baseless accusations against it instead of mocking a console that - against all the naysayers - managed to sell quite well this past gen.

knowyourstuff1952d ago

The market hasn't really grown much since the PS2 days. PS2 still has sold more than PS3 and 360 combined, it will take a while before the current gen consoles outsell the total combined PS2/Xbox1 sales.

Currently there's no data or evidence that would support the idea that next gen consoles won't sell as well as current gen consoles. It's just based on nonsense and some internet troll's desire for hits on his website.

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TheRandomDrifter1953d ago

When I saw him talking about the Apple/Smartphone market, I started to laugh. This guy really has no idea what he is talking about.

classic2001953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

If a $600 console can manage to hit 77 million unit in a few years then the only way the PS4 will sell less is if its $800 at launch lol.

Also only non gamers play casual games and that group of people is actually not being developed anymore because the young generations rather core games.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31953d ago

How long was it $600? The whole gen? have a seat.

BitbyDeath1953d ago

@WrAiTh Sp3cTr3,

Started at $1000 for me, was even more expensive in NZ.

perdie1953d ago

@WrAiTh Sp3cTr3 no it was not $600 the whole generation.. but the fact it was, and still is, the most expensive console and still managed to sell 77 million is quite impressive.

Obviously is wasn't $600 the whole gen, but I think you are missing the whole point of that post.

You should probably sit down and read the post a couple more times to fully comprehend.

Have a good day!

mistertwoturbo1953d ago


The point he is trying to make is that most consoles that launched above the $600 ended up cancelled. But the PS3 is the first console in history to launch at that price and still survived until now and manage to sell 77m world wide.

aLucidMind1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

It isn't quite as impressive as you might think; didn't it sell relatively poorly until it was dropped to $400 and then sold even better than that when it was dropped down to it's current price? While it may still be the more expensive of the bunch, it offers more for the current price point than the alternatives do at more expensive costs.

The PS3 grants a hard drive 250GB, and a few even 500GB, for $250-$300 while you have to pay $300 to get the 360 with the 250GB HDD. So while it is more expensive, it isn't by much considering how much bang for your buck you get. When it was $600, it sold horribly because that bang was considerably less than what XBox was offering at release despite the hardware issues.

perdie1953d ago


I know its VG charts but considering the xbox had no competition its first year, (next-gen competition)while the ps3 was competing against a console that was $200 cheaper, I would say that it's pretty impressive what the ps3 accomplished in its first year pre-price cut.

Also the ps3 was the cheapest way to get a blu ray player at the time, so you good say that this console had the most "bang for your buck" when it launched even at its price.

Dj7FairyTail1953d ago

Not it will not reach 77m in a few years.
Because it took PS3 6 years to reach 70m.

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Derekvinyard131953d ago

I do disagree with this article only because Sony has the jump on Microsoft

gamernova1953d ago

What predictors do not understand is that babies are getting older and in the new generations coming all the kids want consoles and they usually get em. I would not be surprised if records are broken honestly and this goes for all new consoles...except the wii U lol

kreate1953d ago

Console industry is on the decline in america. Other regions are on the rise.

cryymoar1953d ago

I logged in for the first time in years just to say this:

These fucking neckbeards couldn't even imagine running a company that sells 100 million of anything, yet have the audacity to pretend like they know a thing or two about business and the video game industry.

showtimefolks1953d ago

seriously do we need these every day to kill the hype for ps4 or any next gen system? we get it smart phones and tablets are gaining ground but core fan base who wants the core gaming experience will stick with ps and consoles.

gaming business has been going on for a long time and has only grown bigger and bigger. with 10 year life cycle again for ps4 it will sell more than 100 million systems. why i am so sure well ps1-ps2 did it and now ps3 is on pace to sell 120 million plus.

just stop this nonsense let me know when i can get my core gaming experiences like tomb raider,uncharted,halo etc on iphone

boldstarr1953d ago

PS4 will sell like hotcakes, sony knows that, because no competition this time, M$ change its direction and Ninty stays irrelevant again in this coming next gen of consoles.

TheRandomDrifter1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Okay I agreed with you when it came to the money pit that is Microsoft but Nintendo is making an effort to come back. If anything I see Sony ruling this next generation with Nintendo being in second place and why? Because Mario sells, Zelda sells, Metroid sells, and it is getting core multiplatform games on it. Sony however will have stronger exclusives more to my liking and it will also have core multiplatformers as well. Whether anyone wants to agree with this statement as we or not, Nintendo has been around since Generation 3 of gaming and has is not going away anytime soon. I am just worried Sony will make the same mistake with the PS3, which I doubt because they removed the backwards compatibility which is a plus. Anything to make the console cheaper is better for me. Also if Nintendo is so irrelevant then why is the 3DS selling so well? There is just more than the console market. Sony really needs to pick up with the Vita. More exclusives and more content for the Vita that actually matters. Yeah it is getting the price cut soon but that isn't going to be enough.

morkendo231953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

" I PREDICT becuz ps4 will be microtransition,no ps3,ps2 BC. almost every game is some-how some-way connected to cloud most gamers will feel short-changed Hesitate to invest in ps4. including myself,so far ps4 is not appealing and has no warrant games to play as once SNES,PS1,PS2 did. any good game end up on psn instead as a physical disc. and that is the MAIN reason im not buying a ps4 (lack there-of) fun exciting games. "outside" of action rpg,multi-player,first person shooter games. gaming industry has changed for the worst.

solar1952d ago

price it right Sony, and it should kill. plan on buying one after the first price drop. unless The Last Guardian is a launch title then Day 1 for me.

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TheRandomDrifter1953d ago

What is this guy talking about? Not going to sell well as the PS3? Does this guy even remember the PS3 launch or am I just living in fantasy land here?

The PS4 from what I understand is going to have Knack, Infamous 3, an unnamed Final Fantasy title which will be revealed at E3, Witch Hunter 3, and Watch Dogs. From what I understand these games are going to be at launch or near the launch window. What did we have at the PS3's launch? Resistance Fall of Man, Ninja Gaiden Sigma (a Port of Black), Heavenly Sword, and Sonic 06. Yeah the PS2 backwards compatibility kept that thing running because if it wasn't there the PS3 would of died the year it was released. Yeah the PS3 got a lot better and in fact I am in love with the system, but going off and saying that the PS4 will not do as good as the PS3 because of a few minor changes is a blanket statement.

Also, who is telling this guy that most gamers are leaving their consoles in favor of PCs? Some people do get into PC gaming but there are games that do not go on the PC; exclusives sell systems along with the multiplatformers. If you cannot get it on the PC you will have to get it on the console of choice or unless you somehow mod your PC to play console games which in the end will cost you more in the long run.

Also the copycat games he mentions are not the consoles fault, that would be the fault of the developers of the games. No one can predict generation 8 and I wish people like this guy would stop trying. The PS4 is going to do fine and I hope the Vita picks up.

mistertwoturbo1953d ago

I'm going to get most of my games on the PC if it's available. However, the majority of PS4 games will be exclusive or something that I feel is worth it to get the PS4 version (IE: Battlefield 4) just to play with friends.

BanBrother1953d ago

"....Witch Hunter 3...."

I LOL'D.......hard.

Relientk771953d ago

I think there is already a lot of interest for the console and the PS4 will sell incredibly well. I am definitely getting one.

JonahNL1953d ago

It might not sell as well because of the financial crisis, but that would be the only reason then.

mushroomwig1953d ago

Financial crisis? That happened in 2008 and it certainly didn't have a great affect on the consoles sold then.

The recession is all but over now, there is no financial crisis anymore.

Knight_Crawler1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Have you been watching the news lately.

Europe is going down the toilet with countries like Spain, Italy, Greece and many more having a crises melt down this economy is going to explode.

People like you and me that are from the US and Canada might not be feeling the economic downfall as much as our European alias but its going to at some point have a n impact on us.

Japan is also starting to feel the hit and JPY is looking weaker by the months.

MysticStrummer1953d ago

The financial crisis is far from over anywhere in the world.

WeAreLegion1953d ago

The entire world is in a recession, including the guys who are feeding us money, China.

Rainstorm811953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

I kinda agree, when talking about consoles sales and prices its "oh the recession"

But where's the recession when a new iPhone or ipad or Sgalaxy is released at well above console prices, and sells like hot cakes?

While the global economy is greatly weakened, people still find a way to buy things they don't necessarily need.

Reverent1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

@Rainstorm81, what I'd really like to know is what kind of person is dumb enough to choose buying a new PHONE when they could use that money for one of the upcoming consoles or hell, even for helping with living expenses, or putting it aside to get out of the house for a vacation some day.. What's even worse, are the people who buy the newest model of a $500 phone every single year. God, a lot of people are really, really dumb with their money.

TechnicianTed1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )


Lol, there is no financial crisis? Do you ever watch the news or read a paper every once in a while. The crisis is far from over, I don't know where you got the idea that it is.

Ignorance is bliss I guess...

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DigitalRaptor1953d ago

"As it turns out in fact, all three have struggled quite a fair bit in getting gamer’s attention and money. Though each console have reasons behind this — lack of launch titles, third-party support, customer understanding etc. — none of them are inherently bad consoles. In my opinion, it’s just that unless someone pulls out something utterly out-of-this-world, any console released this generation is going to suffer the exact same fate."

- Lack of launch titles? PS4 will have plenty.
- Third-party support? PS4 will have plenty.
- Customer understanding? Did this guy not watch the same conference as me?

This article is nothing more than a bunch of very loosely strung together ideas, rumour and speculation. It's like those articles that insist to us that Apple products will kill gaming.