Pachter: Next gen will be the last for real this time

Destructoid - Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter most definitely has sweet side, but it's his sour side that's so much fun to talk about. The latest stop in his carnival of flavors is SXSW 2013 in Austin, Texas, where he made the oft-repeated prediction that this latest round of home consoles will be the last we ever see. Of course, he said the exact same thing about this past generation, but I'm sure his number is bound to come up eventually.

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PoSTedUP2020d ago

Patcher is up there with Charlie Sheen. whatever you say big guy... >_>

knowyourstuff2020d ago

No, he really is up there with Charlie Sheen.
Pachter is an out of touch boob with no business predicting anything.

That-Guy2019d ago

Well just look at that smug face of his every time he claims something absurdly stupid. Successful troll is successful since the media still listens to him.

Root2020d ago

Really I think of him as Al Gore in South park

"Next gen WILL be the last gen guys...COME ON...I'M SUPER CEREAL....why won't you guys listen to me" <cries>

Skate-AK2020d ago

Hahaha. Man that's a good episode.

SilentNegotiator2020d ago

Except he doesn't beg people to believe him because he's full of himself and there are still idiots with money that believe the things he predicts.

BlmThug2020d ago

It's confirmed, home consoles will never die out :D

shoddy2019d ago

To pachter, in the future people will only play games on PC and tablet.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

PS6 will be be the last console.

2042 = cloud gaming.

deafdani2019d ago

I'm a cock and I find this offensive.

SilentNegotiator2020d ago

2019: Pachter "8th gen will be the last console generation"
2025: Pachter "9th gen will be the last console generation"

...and so on.

aceitman2019d ago

I like to see if patcher really plays games like he says he does , I want to see him play cod or gta games . just to call his bluff.

HardcoreGamer2019d ago

patcher is an AWESOME DIK HEAD

MYSTERIO3602019d ago

It seems someones on MS pay roll or an extremely blind MS fanboy how loves any thing that MS promote even Skype.

hivycox2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

He's like a Baby!

"This time its the last time. I swear to GOD its the last time! I know I'M wrong everytime I open my mouth but THIS TIME ITS TRUE"


Thats pretty much the picture I (and many) have of him xD

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Lior2020d ago

Who is this guy? Makes assumptions every week which don't come true

LOGICWINS2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

Just like half the people on N4G with time machines that have already determined that the PS4 will "win" this generation. The only difference with Pachter is that his opinions are acknowledged by the gaming media due to his popularity.

"I've seen people praising the PS4 but I've never seen a ton of people say

"The PS4 is going to win next gen"

I've seen a lot of it actually. Maybe you don't spend as much time on N4G as I do ;)

Root2020d ago

I've seen people praising the PS4 but I've never seen a ton of people say

"The PS4 is going to win next gen"

You won't even get things like that untill Microsofts reveal show.

Lior2020d ago

I really don't care about playstation or Xbox. This guy makes assumptions every week with no clue on what he is saying most times

LOGICWINS2020d ago

I'm not going to create a Berlin Wall of links(even though I could), but this link sums it up

DragonKnight2019d ago

@LOGICWINS: You have to be the most negative, "against the grain" person on this entire site that I've ever seen. It astounds me that you have 7 bubbles.

LOGICWINS2019d ago

What about my comment was "negative"? I'm simply explaining what I see.

rainslacker2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

The thing is though, we are discussing the topics, and while there are many who say things definitively we have no more credibility than Patcher. We may be right, we may be the end of the day nothing really changes because we are seen as just people discussing topics(outside of some big issues that arise of course).

I've seen Patcher articles for a long time, long before N4G was popular, and even when I didn't follow this stuff as much I always wondered how he actually came to be respected and acknowledged by the gaming media for his predictions.

I know some of the stuff reported is taken out of context, or purposely misquoted for hits, but that doesn't make it right. His job involves money issues, and to that end, I assume he is OK at it as he still has a job as an analyst. Outside of that though, I don't know why anyone in the gaming community really cares what he has to say, because everything he says is flame bait material...Oh I get it....never mind.

Edit: I'd also like to say that if Patcher wants to have his own blog, and put out his opinion, or come in here(or another forum) to discuss his opinion, he is more than welcome. But when others start posting articles about what he says, all while calling him an analyst, it automatically infers that his opinion has some credence worth listening to. That is the difference between him and your average N4G user.

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clearelite2020d ago

Yeah and we get to laugh about it.

Relientk772020d ago

For me as a gamer, I hope this isn't the last generation of consoles. I plan to be gaming for many more console generations

LOGICWINS2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

You will be. What will likely happen is that this will be the last generation of having a physical console that you put a disc in.

Within the next ten years when there will presumably be free high speed Wi-fi across most of the nation, everything will be download/stream only.

This won't be the last generation of games, but it will be the last if its type(disc/cartridge based gaming).

People will pay subscription fees for access to some suped up PC at an undisclosed location and the image you generate with your controller will be streamed to your Internet enabled TV(which will be the standard in 5-10 years).

The PC market and the console market will eventually merge as both want to capitalize on each others market(PC architecture in the PS4 and Valve with the Steambox).

BlaqMagiq242020d ago

That will never happen. As long as every household doesn't have access to internet you cut off a huge amount of the fanbase. It's almost suicide.

LOGICWINS2020d ago

They won't be "cut off". They'll have the option of buying PS4s, no different then lower income people who are waiting for the PS3 to hit $199 before they buy it.

rainslacker2019d ago

Free? Your kidding right? Who's going to pay for that free Wi-Fi? The phone companies? The cable companies? The government?

The communication bandwidths are already strained as it is, and no amount of fairy dust is going to make new radio wave channels or bandwidth appear out of thin air.

Now, there is the white-space spectrum frequencies that have been touted, but do you have any idea how powerful the telecom companies are in Washington? They are up there with Tobacco and NRA, if not bigger. There is no way that within 10 years they will want this space to open up for free public use, and they have the billions of dollars required to stall it out among the lawmakers. If anything they will want to use it for themselves to monetize it, which is what they are already suggesting.

Also the FCC has absolutely no plans on offering this to the country. Given how long the FCC takes to do anything, we'll be lucky if they even BEGIN to consider this in 10 years time.

Simple rule about the free market system, why give away something for free when people will pay outrageous prices for it? You think in 10 years time the service providers are going to just give this stuff away for free when they charge exorbitant prices now? Especially if those services being charged for can be taxed.

The consumer always gets shafted....always.

Other than that, the rest of your comment was OK, if not based on speculation. I believe those services will be offered, and we're even seeing it now, but hard to say if it will gain mainstream acceptance in 10 years. It probably won't in the 6-7 years until we see new systems.

Reverent2019d ago

Do you just bubble yourself up or what? I've never seen a person on this site that has such a negative agree/disagree ratio as yours that has that many bubbles.

LOGICWINS2019d ago

What bearing should my agree/disagree ratio have on my bubbles? Bubbles are awarded on CONDUCT, not by how many people agree/disagree with you.

Just because many people disagree with my opinion doesn't mean I deserve less of an ability to voice them. That would be unfair.

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FarCryLover1822020d ago

Then why does he declare Microsoft as winner for next-gen?

How is there a "winner" if the generation never ends?

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