Why We Love... Single Player Games

Dealspwn writes: Recent news has seen gamers lash out over the launch fiasco surrounding EA’s latest SimCity title. The game requires an always-on internet connection, which meant it broke as soon as it went live as thousands of enthusiastic gamers tried to play at once.

This happened days after Crytek CEO, Cervat Yerli, said, “I think the notion of a single-player experience has to go away.” Instead, he believes there should be more integration with the online world with “online single-player.” So, while keen to plug his upcoming online game, Warface, he’s stupidly kicked his other game -Crysis 3- in the stones. Guess we know why Crysis 2 and 3’s single-player modes can only muster a rental recommendation then.

It shouldn’t surprise you that here at Dealspwn we still think that single player games have a huge part to play in gaming. Yes, titles like Warface and Bungie’s Destiny look set to do great things with online multiplayer. However, as EA have shown recently, internet technology, server competence, a bewildering capacity to underestimate traffic and an astonishing amount of shortsightedness are constant reminders that developers and publishers simply aren’t ready.

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2pacalypsenow1840d ago

I play single player game when i get home and just want to relax ,Multiplayer does more stressing than relaxing , especially COD and Fifa

Crazyglues1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

Yes... Yes.. I think you just nailed it my friend, I can't say it better then what he just said it...

(could not agree more)

This is why I'm going to Really enjoy Bio-shock Infinite

So much to do in the world and just enjoy a nice single-player campaign.... Just relax and fall into the world of the game.. -Look how much work went into just Elizabeth's design -

-Can't wait-

||.........___||............ ||

SOD_Delta1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

Singleplayer games are the best. I remember people saying Singleplayer games are going to be dead by then end of the gen. Most multiplayer games are shallow. No Multiplayer game can offer you an experience like Uncharted, Mass Effect, MGS, and Bioshock (Just to name a few).

Welshy1840d ago

The best thing about a really good single player is that it's there forever.

If in 20 years time when we have Super Cloud tech and we have the PS6 channel streaming on our TV, i can still stick an epic game like MGS4 in the disc slot and play to my hearts content.

As much as i love BF3 online, in 2 years tops that will be dead online and lacks the complexity and immersion a painstakingly crafted single player universe can provide.

Hard copies and single player campaigns ftw!

Root1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

Shame most other people don't

They'd rather ask for co-op/multiplayer in ever game even if the game doesn't need it.

Like Elder Scrolls/Fallout for example despite knowing Bethesda can'/t even make the single player work 100% and people want them to waste time on co-op/multiplayer. It would be even more broken...and for what just so you can show off to your friends for a little while.

Sometimes you've got to draw the line and go "No....this dosent need it, I should leave this franchise alone and enjoy going through it solo"

I mean no offence I just don't understand what people seem to like by going online with friends instead of sitting down, relaxing after a hard day and playing a good, solid single player game. Do you really need friends to hold your hand while going through a game, to make choices for you about what your next game is going to be, to miss out of great single player games and to keep putting up with them well after school/work whenm you've probably seen them all day anyway.

MikeMyers1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

You're on here all the time waiting for responses and trying to pad your current account with approved articles, yet you think poorly of those who wish to play co-op and multiplayer games? That's odd.

No, not every game needs to have online play added or co-op but some games actually are richer because of it. Games like Diablo for example can be a lot of fun playing with other people even though it is also very enjoyable playing by yourself. Same with Command & Conquer. The ability to play with other people any time and from anywhere has really opened up the possibilities.

You should look at things from a glass half-full type of view instead of ALWAYS from a half-empty point of view. There is an upcoming Elder Scrolls Online game coming, it could be very cool. Maybe you should just sit back and see how things pan out instead of always whining and thinking you know what's best.

BXbomber1840d ago

i do like single players but hell i do like my multiplayer games as well so to each his own i guess

Somebody1840d ago

The most potentially dangerous thing to come out of the recent SimCity controversy is that the publishers and developers might want to skip singleplayer altogether so they can push some online only version of the game, namely the multiplayer portion. It may sound unlikely since Diablo 3 happened and singleplayer games are still being made and yet it nearly happened with Ubisoft.

Ubisoft had a hard time with it's own always online DRM that it actually tried to shove the F2P only Ghost Recon Online for the PC crowd while console gamers get Ghost Recon Future Soldier. PC gamers in the end what console gamers get and the F2P version gets a separate release. Unfortunately it's not the end of the story though. Ubisoft then announced Silent Hunter will be as a F2P but since F2P is already popular, there were no dissenting voice to stop them now. Mech Warrior have become MW Online with no singleplayer because they are F2P only now. Oh they did promised they might make a singleplayer campaign if the Beta is successful but after looking what had happened to Simcity, I do think they would be wary of keeping to that promise since a singleplayer campaign in a F2P game is actually a singleplayer campaign with an always online DRM.

I don't want to boot up my PC and in every game in there requires me to compete or interact with everyone all the time. There's a reason games and movies are called "escapes" from the real world.

sdozzo1840d ago

We need more multiplayer Co op. Killing takes so much effort.

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