The next Borderlands 2 DLC won't feature any content in addition to a character class

Answering more questions regarding the recently teased sixth playable character class DLC for “Borderlands 2,” Randy Pitchford confirmed yesterday that the new class add-on for the popular co-op shooter will be the only feature of the game’s next DLC pack. After a fan specifically asked whether the new Vault Hunter would be a “stand-alone release like Gaige,” (the game’s first downloadable character class addition), Pitchford simply replied with a “Yes.”

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konnerbllb1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

ugh. I have four level 50 characters. I've played the game eight times now. I'd like some quality story dlc, not sub par dlc like we've had.

BanBrother1873d ago

Nothing says Gearbox like outsource.

Intentions1873d ago

Go play your 5th character then :D

porkChop1873d ago

The BL2 DLC has been shit. Nowhere near as good as the DLC for BL1. And new character classes should have come in between DLC. At this point most people have gone through the game multiple times, and I highly doubt many would want to buy a new class just to go through the same game again.

HammadTheBeast1872d ago

Go play Aliens: Colonial Marines... oh wait.

showtimefolks1872d ago

i don't know what's taking them so long to raise level cap

also gearbox has confirmed this DLC won't be part of season pass and will cost extra, i just hope they don't charge us to raise level cap

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SolidDuck1873d ago

I thought the first oasis dlc was pretty good. But hammerlocks was dumb and short. And carnage was just ok. I honestly expected a lot more from there dlc. No cap raise so far is a bunch of bs.

MooseyXTC1873d ago

Swore that was the TF2 logo.

jocomat91872d ago

i platted the game and then felt no reason to play it again. i deleted it.

Ravenous_Syn1872d ago

The game felt too short for me.

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