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Nintendo Cannot Drop The Price of the WIIU

Fans and publishers are asking for a price drop on the WiiU. Having a price drop would push more units, but Nintendo is in a situation where they cannot drop the price for at least six months. Here is why they cannot drop the price:

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Community2053d ago
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SOD_Delta2053d ago

Wii-U is pretty much screwed. Especially if the PS4 and new Xbox are in the same price range.


There's more chance of Jehovah showing up than PS4720 being under $450!

_QQ_2053d ago

ps4 and if the 720 has similar specs, then they will be at least 150 USD more than wiiU

GuyManDude2053d ago


To be honest, I'll be shocked if the base model PS4 costs more than $399 at launch. From what I've read, the console assembled with packaging and accessories will cost about $450-$500 to produce. So a $50-$100 loss would come out to $399. That's a very manageable loss too considering the PS3 cost over $800 to build at launch.

SilentNegotiator2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )


The target audience of these systems tend to be young males (the ones with disposable income or parent(s) with disposable income.

You can't expect the average young male (a large amount of which includes minors, the currently unskilled/underskilled, and undergrads) and parents to just go "hey, I'll get a higher paying job today! TA-DA!!!"

Blow it out your Scrooge face; the economy isn't exactly top shape right now.

PSVita2052d ago

@themightydoovde- the ps3 had a ton in it and only cost $600 so I think there's a big chance they'll be around $400 this time around. Blu-ray were ~$1000 alone when the ps3 was released.

Dj7FairyTail2052d ago

LOL dude
Nintendo Wii U will have all of these by the time PS4 launches.
Lego City Undercover - Possible Killer App
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - Possible Killer App
Pikmin 3 - Killer App
Yoshi Yarn - Possible Killer App
Game & Wario - Casuals will love
Wii Fit U - Casuals will love
Zelda Wind Waker HD Reborn - Killer App
Some unannounced games.

Will release around PS4 launch.
Super Mario Wii U
Mario Kart Wii U
Bayonetta 2
Retro Studio game if possible to release holiday if not then early 2014

These games releases 2014 when PS4 get more games and next xbox releases.
Super Smash Bros. 4
Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem
Monolith Soft - X Untitled suppose Xenoblade 2

herbs2052d ago

Obviously Nintendo is going to wait until the fall or winter around the time the other consoles arrive. Right before they hit the market sure as shit Nintendo will drop the price of the Wii U significantly and it will probably come with a popular pack in game like Smash Bros or Mariokart. If you disagree with this you are a retard and if Nintendo doesn't end up doing what I stated they're system will become obsolete.

Shnazzyone2052d ago

Did you not catch the part where they can't drop the price for at least another 6 months. IE, in 6 months there will likely be a price cut. Just in time for whatever sony and microsoft have to hit store shelves and in time for the holidays. They're clever people over there and seeing as sony is popping in 8 gigs of gddr5 and an 8 core x86 processor... Nintendo could probably comfortably sit at 350 for a bit.

deafdani2052d ago

If the next Playstation or Xbox is announced at $350, you can expect Nintendo to drop the price on the Wii U to keep it competitive, regardless of what this article says.

The other next-gen consoles probably won't release until november of this year at the earliest, giving Nintendo almost a full year to drop the price of the Wii U. If they coupled said price drop with one or two key game releases (like the Wind Waker HD remake, plus a new 3D Mario or Mario Kart), sales probably would pick up like crazy, similar to what happened with the 3DS... so Nintendo probably wouldn't have to wait too long until they start seeing profit per console sold again.

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stylishjerk2053d ago

Nintendo is in a difficult position right now. If they drop the price again this early, what are they going to do? Give us another ambassador program?

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32053d ago

Why not? It worked wonders for the 3DS which is destroying the Vita, lol. Doom and gloom, huh? Don't you folks get tired of wiping the egg from your faces?

mcstorm2053d ago

I agree. I dont think Nintendo need to drop the price at the moment any way. I think if the next Xbox and ps4 are £50 or less they will drop the price. What people on here seem to forget around about 70% of people who buy a games console know nothing about the hardware etc.

I think Nintendo need to stop trying to let the 3rd party developers show off what they have when the release a new consoles. They did this with the 3ds and the best game out for it at the start was pilot wings. Once Mario mario kart, nintendogs ect started to come out on the 3ds sales picked up. I know they also dropped the price but the games are what sell consoles.

If Nintendo can get out a mario kart, super smash bros, Zelda and maybe a 3d mario game to the Wiiu sales will start to pickup.

Dj7FairyTail2052d ago

Wii U situation is the same as 3DS.
3DS need Price Drop and Games.
Wii U just needs the games which are coming this month.
Lego City Undercover
Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate Cross-Play with 3DS verison.

MEsoJD2053d ago

Yeah, they need to swallow the bullet by lowering the price so they can achieve better penetration and make up the loss through software sales from disc and downloadable titles. Seems Nintendo focuses too much on the short term.

showtimefolks2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

If the system gets games than the price isn't a issue to the issue of not having games and bigger issue of not having 3rd party support

Everyone once in a while maybe Nintendo fans can actually buy a 3rd party game instead of next Mario game, than people wonder why Nintendo doesn't get 3rd party support.

Also the money that Nintendo spent on the gam pad could have gone towards improving the actual specs

3-4-52052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

They will be fine as soon as these games are released:

* 3D Mario Game

* Super Smash Brothers

* Mario Kart U

* Mario Party U

* Pokemon U


* Yoshi's Yarn

* F-Zero

* Kirby

* Random Mario Sports game

* Wii U Sports type game

* Pikmin 3

* 5-10 Unknown IP's

Dj7FairyTail2052d ago

Wii U haters don't understand that Mario Kart and Super Mario will release right around PS4 and Zelda Wind Waker HD Reborn releases in Fall.

yeahokchief2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

Their stock price is not my problem.

Their decision to cater the majority of their software titles to preteens is not my problem.

Their launch that was littered with re-releases with few solid first party titles far and between IS NOT MY PROBLEM.


I am the customer and the customer is always right. If i was doing a job at work and the cusomter wanted a redesign, WE WOULD DO IT. We would take that hit so that we do not ruin our reputation and chances at future business.

Reggie Fils Aime has got to go. Core games need to be released. Save your excuses. I don't care.

ANd you know what this is the last Nintendo article i comment on because i've completely lost interest in the damn thing.

Good luck. You're gonna need it.

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BullyMangler2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

ubisoft is thinking of us . . . so many whining famines that ubisoft just wants us to get what we want without learning the TRUE ways to financial freedom . . as your link suggests

stylishjerk2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

-It's not just us "poor people" who are asking for a price drop.

Reply was meant for @ bullymangLer

GamingForever2053d ago

Buy it on ebay if you want a price drop, that's what I did.

generalthadeape2053d ago

Craigslist is better.

You can see it in person & talk the price down rather than having to pay for and wait another 5 days for shipping.

Rarely does one have to pay "full price" on Craigslist if you're willing to ask for a discount.

GamingForever2053d ago

I rather wait then meeting a stranger... I just find it unsafe.

Qrphe2053d ago

I agree, you can even get recently released sealed games for cheap there, much better than Gamestop.


The PS3 didn't have a price drop and that didn't sell for a year!

animegamingnerd2053d ago

don't tell nintendo haters facts they can't seem to accept that consoles aren't successful right out of the gate

swice2053d ago

Don't throw us all in that boat

animegamingnerd2053d ago

@swice sorry about that can't help it since most of you guy's come off like that

SlavisH22053d ago

I will drop with in 30 days of the ps4 launch!

ShiftyLookingCow2052d ago

Would that would mean the launch titles are going to be so good that you will play them until you drop? Hopefully you won't die.