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Nintendo Cannot Drop The Price of the WIIU

Fans and publishers are asking for a price drop on the WiiU. Having a price drop would push more units, but Nintendo is in a situation where they cannot drop the price for at least six months. Here is why they cannot drop the price: (Wii U)

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Zuperman  +   805d ago
SOD_Delta  +   805d ago
Wii-U is pretty much screwed. Especially if the PS4 and new Xbox are in the same price range.
bullymangLer   805d ago | Immature | show
There's more chance of Jehovah showing up than PS4720 being under $450!
_QQ_  +   805d ago
ps4 and if the 720 has similar specs, then they will be at least 150 USD more than wiiU
GuyManDude  +   805d ago

To be honest, I'll be shocked if the base model PS4 costs more than $399 at launch. From what I've read, the console assembled with packaging and accessories will cost about $450-$500 to produce. So a $50-$100 loss would come out to $399. That's a very manageable loss too considering the PS3 cost over $800 to build at launch.
SilentNegotiator  +   805d ago

The target audience of these systems tend to be young males (the ones with disposable income or parent(s) with disposable income.

You can't expect the average young male (a large amount of which includes minors, the currently unskilled/underskilled, and undergrads) and parents to just go "hey, I'll get a higher paying job today! TA-DA!!!"

Blow it out your Scrooge face; the economy isn't exactly top shape right now.
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PSVita  +   805d ago
@themightydoovde- the ps3 had a ton in it and only cost $600 so I think there's a big chance they'll be around $400 this time around. Blu-ray were ~$1000 alone when the ps3 was released.
Dj7FairyTail  +   805d ago
LOL dude
Nintendo Wii U will have all of these by the time PS4 launches.
Lego City Undercover - Possible Killer App
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - Possible Killer App
Pikmin 3 - Killer App
Yoshi Yarn - Possible Killer App
Game & Wario - Casuals will love
Wii Fit U - Casuals will love
Zelda Wind Waker HD Reborn - Killer App
Some unannounced games.

Will release around PS4 launch.
Super Mario Wii U
Mario Kart Wii U
Bayonetta 2
Retro Studio game if possible to release holiday if not then early 2014

These games releases 2014 when PS4 get more games and next xbox releases.
Super Smash Bros. 4
Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem
Monolith Soft - X Untitled suppose Xenoblade 2
herbs  +   805d ago
Obviously Nintendo is going to wait until the fall or winter around the time the other consoles arrive. Right before they hit the market sure as shit Nintendo will drop the price of the Wii U significantly and it will probably come with a popular pack in game like Smash Bros or Mariokart. If you disagree with this you are a retard and if Nintendo doesn't end up doing what I stated they're system will become obsolete.
Shnazzyone  +   805d ago
Did you not catch the part where they can't drop the price for at least another 6 months. IE, in 6 months there will likely be a price cut. Just in time for whatever sony and microsoft have to hit store shelves and in time for the holidays. They're clever people over there and seeing as sony is popping in 8 gigs of gddr5 and an 8 core x86 processor... Nintendo could probably comfortably sit at 350 for a bit.
deafdani  +   805d ago
If the next Playstation or Xbox is announced at $350, you can expect Nintendo to drop the price on the Wii U to keep it competitive, regardless of what this article says.

The other next-gen consoles probably won't release until november of this year at the earliest, giving Nintendo almost a full year to drop the price of the Wii U. If they coupled said price drop with one or two key game releases (like the Wind Waker HD remake, plus a new 3D Mario or Mario Kart), sales probably would pick up like crazy, similar to what happened with the 3DS... so Nintendo probably wouldn't have to wait too long until they start seeing profit per console sold again.
stylishjerk  +   805d ago
Nintendo is in a difficult position right now. If they drop the price again this early, what are they going to do? Give us another ambassador program?
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   805d ago
Why not? It worked wonders for the 3DS which is destroying the Vita, lol. Doom and gloom, huh? Don't you folks get tired of wiping the egg from your faces?
mcstorm  +   805d ago
I agree. I dont think Nintendo need to drop the price at the moment any way. I think if the next Xbox and ps4 are £50 or less they will drop the price. What people on here seem to forget around about 70% of people who buy a games console know nothing about the hardware etc.

I think Nintendo need to stop trying to let the 3rd party developers show off what they have when the release a new consoles. They did this with the 3ds and the best game out for it at the start was pilot wings. Once Mario mario kart, nintendogs ect started to come out on the 3ds sales picked up. I know they also dropped the price but the games are what sell consoles.

If Nintendo can get out a mario kart, super smash bros, Zelda and maybe a 3d mario game to the Wiiu sales will start to pickup.
Dj7FairyTail  +   805d ago
Wii U situation is the same as 3DS.
3DS need Price Drop and Games.
Wii U just needs the games which are coming this month.
Lego City Undercover
Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate Cross-Play with 3DS verison.
MEsoJD  +   805d ago
Yeah, they need to swallow the bullet by lowering the price so they can achieve better penetration and make up the loss through software sales from disc and downloadable titles. Seems Nintendo focuses too much on the short term.
Thirty3Three  +   805d ago
Haha penetration.
MEsoJD  +   805d ago

oh you! :3
showtimefolks  +   805d ago
If the system gets games than the price isn't a issue to the issue of not having games and bigger issue of not having 3rd party support

Everyone once in a while maybe Nintendo fans can actually buy a 3rd party game instead of next Mario game, than people wonder why Nintendo doesn't get 3rd party support.

Also the money that Nintendo spent on the gam pad could have gone towards improving the actual specs
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3-4-5  +   805d ago
They will be fine as soon as these games are released:

* 3D Mario Game

* Super Smash Brothers

* Mario Kart U

* Mario Party U

* Pokemon U


* Yoshi's Yarn

* F-Zero

* Kirby

* Random Mario Sports game

* Wii U Sports type game

* Pikmin 3

* 5-10 Unknown IP's
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Dj7FairyTail  +   805d ago
Wii U haters don't understand that Mario Kart and Super Mario will release right around PS4 and Zelda Wind Waker HD Reborn releases in Fall.
yeahokchief  +   805d ago
Their stock price is not my problem.

Their decision to cater the majority of their software titles to preteens is not my problem.

Their launch that was littered with re-releases with few solid first party titles far and between IS NOT MY PROBLEM.


I am the customer and the customer is always right. If i was doing a job at work and the cusomter wanted a redesign, WE WOULD DO IT. We would take that hit so that we do not ruin our reputation and chances at future business.

Reggie Fils Aime has got to go. Core games need to be released. Save your excuses. I don't care.

ANd you know what this is the last Nintendo article i comment on because i've completely lost interest in the damn thing.

Good luck. You're gonna need it.
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bullymangLer  +   805d ago
ubisoft is thinking of us . . . so many whining famines that ubisoft just wants us to get what we want without learning the TRUE ways to financial freedom . . as your link suggests
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stylishjerk  +   805d ago

-It's not just us "poor people" who are asking for a price drop.

Reply was meant for @ bullymangLer
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GamingForever  +   805d ago
Buy it on ebay if you want a price drop, that's what I did.
generalthadeape  +   805d ago
Craigslist is better.

You can see it in person & talk the price down rather than having to pay for and wait another 5 days for shipping.

Rarely does one have to pay "full price" on Craigslist if you're willing to ask for a discount.
GamingForever  +   805d ago
I rather wait then meeting a stranger... I just find it unsafe.
Qrphe  +   805d ago
I agree, you can even get recently released sealed games for cheap there, much better than Gamestop.
The PS3 didn't have a price drop and that didn't sell for a year!
animegamingnerd  +   805d ago
don't tell nintendo haters facts they can't seem to accept that consoles aren't successful right out of the gate
swice  +   805d ago
Don't throw us all in that boat
animegamingnerd  +   805d ago
@swice sorry about that can't help it since most of you guy's come off like that
SlavisH2  +   805d ago
I will drop with in 30 days of the ps4 launch!
ShiftyLookingCow  +   805d ago
Would that would mean the launch titles are going to be so good that you will play them until you drop? Hopefully you won't die.
WilliamH  +   805d ago
So Nintendo is happy to have Wii U stuck on store shelves, I'm sure retailers are loving that. Mario Kart U please and thank you Nintendo.
stylishjerk  +   805d ago
I don't think Nintendo is happy to have WiiU stuck on store shelves, but they don't have another choice. If they drop the price by next month, guarantee their stock drops again and new leadership will be demanded. On the brightside, if you ever wanted to buy Nintendo stock $10 will be the perfect price point.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   805d ago
I already knew this.

We will have to see what the Software does for the WiiU.
And see how much the other 2 cost.
Relientk77  +   805d ago
They will probably do a price cut in the fall/around the PS4 and Xbox 720 releases
Trago1337  +   805d ago
That's kinda what i was thinking.

Let's remember now, the PS4 and 720 are gonna be beefier machines than the Wii U, so naturally, they will be more expensive than the Wii U. If Nintendo cut the Price, and make a Mario Kart and 3D Mario Wii U bundle, it could potentially wipe the floor with both the new consoles as far as the mass market is concerned.
Pyro2000x  +   805d ago
So the Hardcore Gamers that have a Gaming PC, PS3 or 360 will not buy the PS4, Xbox 720 or Keep their Gaming PC just to buy another Super Mario game?
madjedi  +   805d ago
" If Nintendo cut the Price, and make a Mario Kart and 3D Mario Wii U bundle, it could potentially wipe the floor with both the new consoles as far as the mass market is concerned."

Lol no, you nintendo guys are being delusional, it will sell to the remainder nintendo crowd. The sony and ms crowd will ignore the wii u in favor of their next gen successors.

Ms and sony gamers are expecting a $399-449 console, some of us view $350 for a current gen system with a oddball tablet controller to be overpriced.

Or better description not worth the expense to us, especially when the next ps and ms console will drop fairly soon.

Mass market is $250 or lower, and even then the wii crowd is long gone, mario alone won't push it as a secondary console you'll need metroid or zelda there as well.

@pyro Beating your head into a brick wall will be more productive than arguing with nintendo fans.
Pyro2000x  +   805d ago
So the Hardcore Gamers that have a Gaming PC, PS3 or 360 will not buy the PS4, Xbox 720 or Keep their Gaming PC just to buy another Super Mario game?
Trago1337  +   805d ago
I was talking Mass market, Of course i'm not talking about guys like you and me lol. But A mario Kart Bundle would sell a bunch, you have to admit that lol.
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azshorty2003  +   805d ago
The WiiU is selling at a minor loss, not nearly as large a gap as the PS3 was. I think it's only around $12-15 per system.

Yes a loss sucks, but it's not destroying Nintendos bank account. Especially since this it the first time they've taken a loss on a console.
Myst-Vearn  +   805d ago
Nintendo struggling to sell their console is..not that uncommon, Wii was a huge success but GameCube and N64 were both disaster commercially (but great consoles nonetheless), a lot of people believe the Wii U will make a comeback but I am not so sure, it did not happen with NGC/N64 and the Wii U does not even have a competition at the moment.
febreeze1  +   805d ago
It's sad that n64 and gamecube didn't sell well when they were 100X better than the Wii. I owned Nintendo consoles until the gamecube.
generalthadeape  +   805d ago

What's wrong with me?

I got the N64 the day it released & loved my Gamecube, too- never got the hang of Wii & can't stand the WiiU.

Now, I'm totally turned off by just about everything Nintendo does.

It's sad really, I don't see how they are going to dig themselves out of this hole.

I think they relied too heavily on the gimicky Wii controller & the old people last time.

Well, where are the old people now? Is the WiiU destined to become this year's Pet Rock, Chia Pet or Mood Ring?

If by my examples of "things that were once cool but are not cool now" you have determined that I am old-- then why the heck am I not interested in this "neat" little thing called the WiiU?

Yup. Nintendo is in trouble, I tell you.
NYC_Gamer  +   805d ago
I wouldn't buy Wii-U just because i'm not a fan of Nintendo first party software
ApolloTheBoss  +   805d ago
They can wait, but I honestly don't know if those games are enough for me to get up and buy WiiU at that price. Also if there aren't enough good games released by the time the PS4 or Nextbox comes out Nintendo is gonna have a serious problem.
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Trago1337  +   805d ago
These are legitimate reasons. Nintendo's in a tough spot right now, but like everyone with common sense keep preaching, once that big Nintendo game is released, systems will start selling faster.

People are forgetting that there are a bunch of Nintendo Fans who are holding off until that big game is released.

At this point, i couldn't care less one way or the other, all i want are the games.
generalthadeape  +   805d ago

Nintendo is in trouble.

I mostly blame the sub par hardware for this.

Of course a few more AAA games in the library wouldn't hurt, either. (No, I'm not talking about old "crusty" rehashed Wii games, either).

I bought a like-new used WiiU Deluxe model, with box, receipt, cables, 4 each of the fancy black Wiimotes, and 2 games off Craigslist for $300.

Within a week, I got bored with the game selection on the WiiU & was worried about how cheaply made the WiiU controller was-- it actually "creaked" when you squeezed the bottom right corner.

I ended up selling it back on Craigslist for $300-- and was happy to get that much for it!

Nintendo needs to do "something" to turn this boat around real quick before Microsoft & Sony put the final nail in their coffin.

Sorry Nintendo WiiU, I'm just not that into you...
truechainz  +   805d ago
Sounds like you should research your purchases more. I'm still enjoy my Wii U. My controller doesn't creak, and is probably one of the more durable controllers I have ever owned (able to handle my roommate's rage quits pretty well), and the off TV play for all my games is a wonder in a house with multiple people. I am all for more games as well, but I also knew what I was getting into...
LOL_WUT  +   805d ago
Either way it'll still have a negative impact.

Struggling to sell Wii U's while next-gen consoles slowly approach and in the process loose more 3rd party support, should they take the waiting route.

Or, make less profits by lowering the price at the expense of gaining 3rd party support and thus selling more consoles. I'd go with the latter. ;)
swice  +   805d ago
They will drop the price when they feel as though they can sustain on software sales.
So...bring us some games Nintendo, BEFORE you lose your fanbase to the new consoles.
Realplaya  +   805d ago
Why drop the price when you have not released 5 games for it yet.

Dear Nintendo ride this year out see how the new x box and ps4 do if they sale more than you and your not moving units like your expected to then consider a price cut. Until remember that this gen has been out for 7 years and eventually there are games that are touted as masterpieces that force a person to buy a specific game system. Hang i=in there you'll be alright.
brich233  +   805d ago
Price drop will happen next year.
snowman2149  +   805d ago
I still predict Nintendo will drop the price of the Wii U in August, when the Zelda Wind Waker remake comes out. That will be the perfect time to do it, before the next gen consoles are released and right before a big Nintendo exclusive
GreenRanger  +   805d ago
Sony and Microsoft are waiting for Nintendo to drop the Wii U's price down to around the same price as their consoles and when Nintendo do it, they'll drop the prices of the PS3 and 360.
porkChop  +   805d ago
So they can't drop the price because the Wii U is selling at a loss. Yet by selling any piece of software they say they can make a profit...

Nintendo only gets $10 from 3rd party games. So if they can make a profit off of that, that means that they're only selling the Wii U at a loss of $9.99 at the MAX.

Are you kidding me? THAT'S why they can't drop the price? You see Sony and Microsoft who at launch lose several hundred dollars per system, and Nintendo can't stand to lose more than $10?

Fuck off Ninty. The Wii U is not worth its current price, and no one is going to buy it until the price is fair and you have a decent sized library of new games, not just a bunch of ports or remakes.
PopRocks359  +   805d ago
Microsoft and Sony are also larger corporations with divisions that focus on things other than gaming. Historically speaking, Nintendo has never sold a console at a loss before. If they had done things differently, they would have wound up like Sega.
Qrphe  +   805d ago
They sold the Gamecube at a loss, and the same thing probably happened to the N64 due to its technology a the time.
porkChop  +   805d ago
Dude. Nintendo's net worth is $20B+. That's massive for a gaming-only company. I'm pretty sure they can afford to take a bigger loss, especially when they will make loads more money off of all the games being sold. The faster you get those systems out the door, the faster you will make money off of royalties on every game sold. You will end up making much more money in the end.
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PopRocks359  +   805d ago
I'm not saying Nintendo can't afford to take a bigger loss, I'm saying they became successful because of their business history. It makes sense to me since it ultimately is working out in the end for the PS3 and 3DS since both of those eventually became cheaper to manufacture. Even the Vita is seeing faster sales in Japan because of its lowered price tag, and this is over a year since its launch.

Sell the console at a high price and later on when it becomes easier to put in stores, slash the price and make it a more viable option. They won't lose a great deal of money and as time goes on, it will sell more and more units. Ultimately it will find an audience and become a financial success; the market is far too well known by the mainstream (particularly by families) to have a big name console fail.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   805d ago
Opinions from someone who has no idea what's going on inside Nintendo.

Despite what you've heard on the Internet, Nintendo is financially sound, they just had a profitable quarter (unlike some companies), and Wii U hardware losses are small and they are recouped with the sale of just one game. (And they only take a loss on one model.)

Oh, and they have a huuuuge war chest.
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josephayal  +   805d ago
they could be selling the white wii U for $150 with a standard controller
lilbroRx  +   805d ago
Then the console will be unusable as the Wii U gamepad is required to use it and play most of the games.
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ufo8mycat  +   805d ago
Wii U now has very strong competition from Apple and Samsung for the casual market.
chukamachine  +   805d ago
Is there a new Mario coming, oh silly me, of course there is and does the princess get kidnapped again.
Adolph Fitler  +   805d ago
The price is not the problem...The problem is the games, & the fact that Nintendo were just dealt a bit of a major blow by Sony, with PS4's announcement.. Now, the rush is on, as MS have an impending reveal, coming up, & who knows, they may rush out the 720 this year, or within the 1st 3months of 2014, just so Sony don't grab a substantial lead, as 360 had on PS3 (it has taken 7yrs for Sony to catch up & potentially outsell 360).

So, Wii-U is up against, itself, for Nintendo's treatment of early adopters, who are ALWAYS the hardcore gaming crowd, & knowledgeable enough to know when a hardware manufacturer are playing us for fools & delivering grossly underpowered specs.

I mean, Nintendo were so cunning, that they never once announced what was inside the Wii-U in regards to specs, until well after the console launched.
And, the frustrating part was that Nintendo received nothing but praise from the gaming media & there online fanboy warriors.

Nobody questioned Ninty's tactics & how they showed us nothing & told us nothing up until the console was on store shelves for about 2 weeks, or so.

Yet, 1 day after PS4's reveal (& yes, PS4 has been revealed), the internet was ablaze with Sony hate, with game media, & hateful, anti-Sony fanboys, going nuts about how Sony didn't show an actual PS4's plastic housing. The shiny hunk of useless, plastic, that surrounds THE ACTUAL IMPORTANT BITS, being the components that WERE REVEALED, & power the system & dictate what types of games we will get out of the system, & whether they would be of only Wii-U's barely better than PS3/360 specs, & thus games.

Wii-U needs FAR better marketing, it needs a better online infrastructure....there should be masses of Nintendo'd back catalogue of NES, SNES, GB, GB:Colour, N64, GC, Wii, GB:A, DS, 3DS, there whole Game & Watch collections, all available on there online store, & playable on your big screen through Wii-U, or on the handhelds. Sony is killing it with PS3's PSN, & the PSN+ service is THE BEST value for money that is offered on consoles.
So, Nintendo need to take heed off Sony, & get there online services giving there consumers far more choice, as I for one, would buy many of the 16bit classics, that once adorned Nintendo's game library.

Not only this, but Nintendo are simply failing to advertise the Wii-U, I have barely seen an ad on Australian tv for the Wii-U. In fact, I truly have not seen one.
So, I fail to see, Wii-U's popularity rise without 2 or 3 truly awesome games, & although I love Bayonetta & will get the sequel...most gamers won't bother, for one must have title. And a must have for me, & people who know & love this genre. The problem is, that most won't care about this game, & haven't heard of the 1st, due to the fact it is not Devil May Cry (the closest to it, in gameplay & characters), Ninja Gaiden or God Of War, as these are the titles that casuals, hardcores & everybody in between, have heard of. So, that takes Bayonetta out of the sales equation....&, then, what do Nintendo have left, to sway sales away from PS3, 360, PS4 & 720?
Adolph Fitler  +   805d ago
Nintendo are screwing up royally, as they should of had deals arranged with 3rd parties, that would keep gamers interested & mean that these 3rd parties, would be releasing game after game, on the machine, from December 2012, until Dec. 2014, as well as that, Nintendo could of bombarded us with the usual avalanche of Mario games. A 3D Mario would generate buzz & get them sales, as well as another damn Mario Kart, to mention 2.....
Then Nintendo could maybe approach Rare & offer them a deal they couldn't refuse, consisting of locking them in a room, & not letting them out, until we had either an awesome new Donkey Kong Country 3D platformer, or a sequel to Goldeneye.

In honesty though, I think Nintendo deserve to be making games for MS, Sony & Sega, as well as whomever else, instead of Sega, & Sega should still be console manufacturers, as at least Sega didn't compromise, even when they were in deep sh1t, they still went all out with Dreamcast, & unlike Nintendo, they did not sell out & make horribly dated spec'd console like Nintendo have for 2 gen. straight now.

Nintendo are in a hole, they need to get digging, & fast, as they are about to get deeper down, with the impending retailers days we are soon to get from MS, as well as more details from Sony, as well as the knockout blow, that E3 will provide for Nintendo's competition.
And, scarily for Nintendo, they are just about to cop at least 2 more contenders in Ouya & Steambox.....Now, both of these have there work cut out for them, due in massive part to the fact they have no clout whatsoever, as they have no brand recognition, & therefore no consumer trust.
However, what they do have, is the factor that may make up for that, a MASSIVE, NEVER ENDING, back catalogue of ALL of THE BEST games in the history of gaming.
And, if rumours prove true, they also have the huge plus on there side of price...With Ouya rumoured to be just $99.....if Steambox employs a similar service & price, then they have huge benefits & inroads, once they get there name out there, & make sure, there systems are reliable.

I really see my 2 Wii-U's as (not so) distant future doorstops, as PS4 already has me disinterested in what Wii-U may offer, as by the time I am able to get 3D Mario & such, I will be far more consumer by my shiny, new, mega powerful, beast of a console in Sony's PS4, & I will also be eyeballing 720 & whether it is doing anything that interests me, as well as steambox & Ouya. Although, with the latter 2's names, they are pushing excrement uphill to sell a machine with no Samsung or Sony, or G.E. logo on the front, accompanying & complimenting the Ouya or Steambox logo.....& don't try telling me that Valve is just that. As Valve are a software company, that fall under obscurity to most everyone, outside of hardcore gamers, that know exactly who make most games.
I say Nintendo need to start readying Mario 3D PS4 Special Edition, now.
fghrtedfher   805d ago | Spam
axisofweevils  +   805d ago
The Wii U is not doing as well as the original Wii, but it's not doing "needs a price drop" bad.

The Wii U has sold 3.06 million so far - that's at least 1 million more than the PS3 and 360 sold at this point in time.

#29 (Edited 805d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
despair  +   805d ago
Thing is that its selling "ok" at best and "not well" at worst and that is versus the current gen systems. Imagine how much the sales will fall off when next xbox and PS4 are released.
MrMeh007   805d ago | Spam
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