Looking At Gaming Analyst Michael Pachter's Track Record

Pachter seemed to appear out of nowhere in 2006, and began a long list of predictions for games' performance, potential costs, and a laundary list of other speculative details based on seemingly nothing in particular. It's difficult to judge the man based on his more recent predictions, as most are a bit too early to be deemed true or false, but let's examine the man's track record to see if he deserves the attention.

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Dwalls11711930d ago

If I had a nickel for every dumb thing pac said ....

DeanSanchez1930d ago

I predict Microsoft and Sony are going to merge and produce an ultimate console sometime this fall.

Look! I have the same technical ability as a games analyst now. :D

Detoxx1929d ago

I predict COD is going to use the same engine the entire Next-Generation. This, is actually true unlike the things Pac says

Shuyin1929d ago

Pac sounds more like

Thepharaoh1930d ago

It's a little like looking at a train wreck that has a crashed plane sticking out of it ,along with of course several dead mutilated bodies strewn across each respective vehicle. There's also Patcher there who looks at the mess and says "Whoops".

greenpowerz1930d ago ShowReplies(1)
animegamingnerd1930d ago

when they say the oposite of what he says happens they were't kidding

Tyre1930d ago

This Generation of Consoles will be the last for Mr. Pachter. I really do not get why HE is still being allowed in this industry.Get rid of this fool.