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Ten Ton Hammer: "Moving away from the fact that the Internet is required for single-player mode, this game is outright delightful. The gameplay is addictive, fun, easy to learn, and takes the series back to its roots--that honest innocent fun of placing. Even if you’re not a fan of the series, SimCity offers enough to draw you in by shedding the complicated simulation aspects of its predecessors and focusing on pure city building fun."

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jmc88882018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

The cities are TINY. When I mean TINY, I mean TINY. Problems with traffic even if you have the biggest avenues, lots of mass transportation and thus all your hella expensive fire and police can't do squat. You watch criminals run amok and your buildings burn down.

I mean garbage collection sucked when you had a big map because you know it was just going to go to waste, but on a tiny map like this the garbage zones take up a huge amount of space on a small, tiny map.

This is a dumbed down version of Sim City. Is it quite the dumbing down like Sim City Societies? No. But there are major design problems in this game.

Even beyond the DESIGN decisions of the DRM and lack of being able to save your game.

93/100 my butt, even if you ignore all the technical problems.

It's like saying your last place football team would be the best if it had an all pro QB, RB, LB, WR, DT and about 15 other guys.

Meanwhile they don't.

Besides that they decide to play with only 7 people on the field because they want the extra room and less confusion for the newer players.

Oh and there is no 'year' in Sim City so things don't advance as you go into the future. One minute my Nuclear power plant was fine, but somehow later I didn't have the 'educational level' somehow and my Nuke plant was 'close to meltdown'.

You can't even throw disasters at your city and then reload the game. Because gasp, you don't control your game, and you never know when the cloud goes down and loses all your progress, nor if it does save, will it let you continue playing it when you come back, that is of course, if you can get on.

Bimkoblerutso2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

Yeah, even on it's own terms, it's just not that engaging. Building up into a specialized city feels especially redundant now too. With so much of the micromanaging streamlined out of the game, every city feels like it requires the same groundwork processes until it finally reaches a point where a it can be specialized.

Plus everything you said was pretty spot on too.

CaulkSlap2017d ago

Absolutely. Putting the DRM aside, the basic design choices are just baffling. There's no customization options to anything and most depth has been removed. This was the foundation of Simcity along with huge cities. Anyone with perspective can see this game has no longevity. Deserves at best 7/10 fully functional.

Unless they completely rework the game it will be unplayed within a year.

fermcr2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

SimCity is a good game but 93% is way too much for SimCity. There are way too many negative points (not counting online DRM problems) for it to have 93%. 93% is for a almost perfect game, but Simcity is far from perfect. Very suspicious score.

Simcity is more like a 70% game. If you add the always online DRM problems, then it goes way bellow that.

BillySpandex2017d ago

Suspicious score is suspicious. I love how some game "journalists" think a broken game deserve a "near perfect" score. The only series of conclusions I can draw from this is (a) either the reviewer is on crack or... (b) Website is a shill front... or (c) reviewer is being paid by PR firm for EA or... (d) Review is written by PR firm ...

2017d ago
MoveTheGlow2017d ago

"Moving away from the fact that the Internet is required for single-player mode..."

NOPE. We do not move away from that fact until it's gone.

I don't really get the bracketing of a "multiplayer" score in this review. The game *is* multiplayer. The cities are smaller because of it. The game is designed to constantly be a multiplayer game.

I'm still fumed. I hardly ever pay full price for a game, and I was going to for SimCity. It looks so good, I love the amount of stats you can get from it, the way it visualizes how your city is doing, that stuff is GREAT. They just screwed it up by making it always-multiplayer and assuming the best out of the Interbutts... which was most likely a creative caving-in to EA DRM demands.