Metro 2033 retrospective

Eurogamer - Metro 2033 is not a game that deserves a sequel. Too often the game stumbles in its quest to combine elements of shooter, stealth and horror, never confident enough in any one category. The story demands no clear continuation.

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NYC_Gamer1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Metro 2033 is one of the best first person shooters released this gen..The story is good and there is no crappy run& gun gameplay...I love the whole setting and the fact 4A makes the player think before using his ammo since there is no unlimited amount..

Relientk771985d ago

Yeah, I'm checking into this game, it looks sick

coolbeans1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Though I can agree that not having typical 'run & gun' gameplay was rewarding to see, but bullet currency/stealth mechanics are tremendously flawed. 360 owners still have to PURCHASE the Ranger packs that actually fix some complaints I made with this title in my review.

Nevertheless, the fact that the title had more potential in its metaphorical pinkie than the whole of dozens of 90% of the other shooters out there still make Last Light a potential FPS of the Year candidate.

ATi_Elite1984d ago

YEs this game came out for the x360 so if you got a Xbox go buy it and play it BUT

If you got a good or Monster PC then get Metro 2033 and Make your PC BLEED while enjoying a DAM good FPS!

Rivitur1985d ago

Doesn't deserve a sequel? The fuque? A flawed masterpiece deserves a chance to become a master piece.

pandehz1985d ago

I stopped reading at 'Metro 2033 is not a game that deserves a sequel'

Captain Tuttle1984d ago

You shouldn't have, the article is quite good.

coolbeans1984d ago

I actually didn't read it until you stated the quality of the article (just came to scope out comments at first :P).

The writer does an excellent job of detailing the subtleties he found in the game and how interesting the game experimentation turns out.

aliengmr1984d ago

Pretty deep analysis of a game that's indistinguishable from the rest.