Debate Settled at Last- Games Are Art

Hardcore Gamer: Proof-- David Gallant used the medium of gaming to make a statement about a situation that reflected the honest emotions deriving from a real-world situation in a way that effectively communicated this feeling to the player.

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Sovereign592017d ago

They are art to an extent, the same extent to which any human construct can be referred to as art. I've seen an elephant paint a picture using its trunk, so maybe I shouldn't have said just "human" constructs. There is always a great deal of art within a video game, but sometimes a game definitely feels less like art and more of a product, marketed to the consumer with precision. Still art, yes, but a product nonetheless.
And when Bioware refused to alter the endings of Mass Effect 3 citing "it would compromise our artistic integrity" as the primary reason, well... I still believe that was absolutely ridiculous.

Flavor2017d ago

Anything with an 'Art department' is not art.

dreman9992017d ago

Then you don't get what art is. Art is not only visual. Music,dancing,acting, and writing is art.
Video games are a collaboration of all of that.
Sure the question of if it's a product is at question but that is countered by the meaning of the product on hand.

Number-Nine2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Accidentally made a double post. What is wrong with N4G's website today?

ApolloTheBoss2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

If I had to guess I'd say Daylight Savings.

Software_Lover2018d ago

People are still crying over this? It was always a non-issue for me.

Irishguy952017d ago

Yeah I mean...who really cares?

Is it fun?
Is it emotional?
Does it look nice?

Either way i'll like it. Don't care about sticking the 'artistic' tag on it.

NateCole2018d ago

I don't give a fu*k what other snobby art people say. Video games were already digital art to me since the Atari.

tachy0n2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

anything that takes creativity to be made is art, just like trolling.

video games has always been art since it takes creativity for them to be made.

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