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Submitted by gulevski 1068d ago | opinion piece

Tomb Raider 2013: 5 Ways To Improve The Sequel

The recent release of Tomb Raider has been met with good critical and fan reception. With this in mind, and considering sales have been decent too, there’s a very high chance of seeing a sequel to this game. (PC, PS3, Tomb Raider 2013, Xbox 360)

Megaton  +   1068d ago
Boss fights would have been silly in this Tomb Raider, since it tried to take a more realistic path. Boss fights for the sake of boss fights can drag a game down.
imtheman2013  +   1068d ago
Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
Derekvinyard13  +   1068d ago
Did this game sell good
Asuka  +   1068d ago
as a matter of fact it is selling well. there was an article here on n4g the other day saying it sold like 1mil copies in its first 48hrs, and for a game that isn't anything like cod that's pretty good!

having a blast with the pc version. im definitely part of the camp for TressFx even if it has its hiccups. btw i am using a gtx 670 with TressFx. There is a performance hit, but once new drivers come out it'll be smoothed out. So yeah, TressFx DOES work on geforce cards. Just not very well atm. Only getting 28fps @1080p. have to play @1360x768p to get 60~70fps with TressFx.
anticlimax  +   1068d ago
Over a million in the first 48 hours, so it is currently selling well.
Derekvinyard13  +   1068d ago
That's very good sales
dboyc310  +   1068d ago
Think the whole skill system was pointless. Honestly I'm about to finish the game and I have only spent 3 kill points. They need to make it more of a difference like in Far Cry 3 where you actually felt the character getting stronger. Also since there were a lot of characters who interacted with lara they should develop then we'll throughput the game so we can actually care for them. Other than those problems the game did pretty good game play wise.
HeavenlySnipes  +   1068d ago
A lot of them were useless but some were like the extra scavenge points and the counter kill move

I think they should have made it so that you have to actually find parts to improve the weapons instead of just scavenging crates and such (well they kind of did that) and that ammo is more scarce and Lara can't carry more than a handgun, bow and one assault rifle/shotgun
S-T-F-U  +   1068d ago
The next one needs Lara's mansion, the butler and breast enhancement surgery. I suppose the odd dinosaur thrown in wouldn't hurt either :)
joab777  +   1068d ago
It will be interesting because this game was her emotional origin story, little focus on tombs or archeology. Without that, what would a sequel be bur another 3rd person action game in which u kill hundreds with ease.

Need to refocus with sequel. Gonna need another emotional hook...maybe father daughter or why she lives archeology. Also, u do get the AC feeling a little with the skill system. Its kill but doesnt do much, even on hard.

Great news though that its a great game with alot of room for improvement. So, next gen we could see a killer follow up.
aliengmr  +   1068d ago
No boss fights. And less QTEs.

Exploration and puzzles should be the focus. Otherwise TR just becomes another generic platformer.
Root  +   1068d ago
Go back to what made Tomb Raider...Tomb Raider for starters

I would like to see

1) Mansion as a hub, see that she's decided to take her family's money and settled into their home but fitted in training rooms and a shooting range to help herself practice. These could be used as the sequels tutorial sections in the beginning.

2) Around the globe quest to visit different tombs and temples for the road leading up to the main plot.

3) No other characters unless needed, Lara is a sole survivor. It's obvious CD can't do good character development and back and forth convos with other NPCs so just stick with Lara for now, maybe her butler aswell.

4) More acrobat stuff, as with point 1, make it look like she's been training herself after the events of the first game.

5) Better voice actors....please get rid of Laras voice actor she is terrible. In normal conversation fair enough but when she's yelling, screaming, in pain, shouting etc it sounds out of place for her character. I want to hear a fully developed woman not, what sounds like, a 13 year old girl

Oh and stop the Uncharted moments where Lara escapes with her life by luck, falling from one thing then sliding down a mudslide only for the floor to give way at the know what I mean. This could be added with the QTE
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DizzyDino  +   1068d ago
I just finished the game on the Xbox 360 and as a PS3 fanboy, I have to say that the game looked beautiful, played great(no glitches, and was awesome!!! It reminded me of Uncharted (no loading screens). I LOVED IT!!
KingKevo  +   1068d ago
Yeah, Crystal Dynamics were clever hiding the loading in this game. I really appreciate that and it shows how good developers can achive that. Either loading sections while being in another section, or during cutscenes or while being in the tunnel that connects the sections (for the optional tombs). They sure did spent some time on this and it's great.
ScubaSteve1  +   1068d ago
it needed dual pistols, the ability to jump and to gymnastics
KingKevo  +   1068d ago
Not sure if you have finished the game, but there was a moment in the game where Crystal Dynamics clearly wanted to tease players and give them a little treat. And I'm sure Lara realized how usefull 'that thing' was as well :D
ScubaSteve1  +   1068d ago
can you pm without spoiling it on here and yes i finished the game
InTheLab  +   1067d ago
Yeah...was a nice tease but man was I disappointed when it didn't happen. The consolation prize is actually more useful though.
BitbyDeath  +   1067d ago
All that and dinosaurs.
It is not a real Lara Croft game without them.
KingKevo  +   1068d ago
I got two:

1: Travel the world (again). It used to be so much more fun to come to different locations. And it sure works in moderns games. Look at Uncharted. The first one was good, but just like Tomb Raider on a single island. And the other two games were fantastic.

2: Less action, more exploration and actal TOMB to RAID. There were only a few puzzles in the main story, but therefor a couple more that were optional. I did like the optional ones, but they always consisted of one puzzle only in one room. The way to get there was only there to load the levels without having a loading screen. And it was all fun, but the rewards were rather boring. Sure, Lara became the Lara we know in that game, so it would not have made a lot of sense, especially given the situation she was in to look for 'mystical object #2', but it still felt a bit made up.

Maybe they can try to give us more of this old feeling back, where Lara travels the most amazing places in the world to hunt the biggest tresures from an ancient civilization. I liked the this first game of the reboot a lot, but gosh I'd love the next one if it was more like what I would like to see.
BlueTemplar  +   1067d ago
Really looking forward to the next one, the journal entry at the end teases a potential setting that could be really cool.

Been a while since I enjoyed a game as much as this, good to see Lara back on form!
InTheLab  +   1067d ago
The game is amazing and clearly the best TR this gen or last...but it could use some refinement.

1. At some point, it became predictable when Drake would jump to a pipe or something and fall a few floors down. Thankfully, ND didn't rely on it too much. TR, on the other hand, does it at least 5 times a set piece. It's like how MoH took door breaching from CoD and made a game about it. It's too much.

2. This kinda relates to my first point but the game has too many sliding on the rails moments. You are constantly sliding through water ways, forest floors, caves, across a gondola system, and even a ship. These moments become less significant the more you see them...which leads me too...

3. the game is a bit too long. I don't me the exploration, because that's awesome. But there's only so many times you can save your friends, lose your friends, save them again, lose them again by separation, find them, lose them...bleh. The game is good enough without this sort of filler.

4. The Tombs are weak and sometimes, not even Tombs. I ended up doing a tomb that I thought was apart of the main story. I solved the thing in less than a minute. In the last Tomb Raider, I frequently had to look at guides to figure them out. Simple environmental puzzles are not good enough.

5. Bugs....this might vary from user to user but I'm bumping into a lot of bugs. I jumped to a ledge and Lara just floated right off the side of a cliff.

Now, that's minor compared to how I'm currently stuck on a section shortly after Lara gets a gift from what's his name in the Red cutoff tee shirt (vague so as not to spoil). I knock off a few guys with stealth and bomb summore guys with an environmental kill. Once I get hit, you get the usual blood on screen but the entire screen goes grey and you cant tell what's happening. This has happened sporadically throughout the game but happens EVERY time I get hit in this I'm stuck. Tried reloading...nothing. My only hope is to kill them all with stealth, which might not be possible.

6. Lastly, the survival elements in the game don't affect gameplay at all. You kill all manner of animals but you don't, say...make a coat out of dear skin so Lara isn't shivering the entire first act. All skinning animals amounts to is XP and basically, nothing.

There's more but I don't want it to seem like I don't love the game, because I do. It's awesome and feels good to be interested in TR again...

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