Tomb Raider 2013: 5 Ways To Improve The Sequel

The recent release of Tomb Raider has been met with good critical and fan reception. With this in mind, and considering sales have been decent too, there’s a very high chance of seeing a sequel to this game.

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Megaton1958d ago

Boss fights would have been silly in this Tomb Raider, since it tried to take a more realistic path. Boss fights for the sake of boss fights can drag a game down.

imtheman20131958d ago

Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Asuka1958d ago

as a matter of fact it is selling well. there was an article here on n4g the other day saying it sold like 1mil copies in its first 48hrs, and for a game that isn't anything like cod that's pretty good!

having a blast with the pc version. im definitely part of the camp for TressFx even if it has its hiccups. btw i am using a gtx 670 with TressFx. There is a performance hit, but once new drivers come out it'll be smoothed out. So yeah, TressFx DOES work on geforce cards. Just not very well atm. Only getting 28fps @1080p. have to play @1360x768p to get 60~70fps with TressFx.

anticlimax1958d ago

Over a million in the first 48 hours, so it is currently selling well.

Thatguy-3101958d ago

Think the whole skill system was pointless. Honestly I'm about to finish the game and I have only spent 3 kill points. They need to make it more of a difference like in Far Cry 3 where you actually felt the character getting stronger. Also since there were a lot of characters who interacted with lara they should develop then we'll throughput the game so we can actually care for them. Other than those problems the game did pretty good game play wise.

HeavenlySnipes1958d ago

A lot of them were useless but some were like the extra scavenge points and the counter kill move

I think they should have made it so that you have to actually find parts to improve the weapons instead of just scavenging crates and such (well they kind of did that) and that ammo is more scarce and Lara can't carry more than a handgun, bow and one assault rifle/shotgun

S-T-F-U1958d ago

The next one needs Lara's mansion, the butler and breast enhancement surgery. I suppose the odd dinosaur thrown in wouldn't hurt either :)

joab7771958d ago

It will be interesting because this game was her emotional origin story, little focus on tombs or archeology. Without that, what would a sequel be bur another 3rd person action game in which u kill hundreds with ease.

Need to refocus with sequel. Gonna need another emotional hook...maybe father daughter or why she lives archeology. Also, u do get the AC feeling a little with the skill system. Its kill but doesnt do much, even on hard.

Great news though that its a great game with alot of room for improvement. So, next gen we could see a killer follow up.

aliengmr1958d ago

No boss fights. And less QTEs.

Exploration and puzzles should be the focus. Otherwise TR just becomes another generic platformer.

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The story is too old to be commented.