Talking Point: Nintendo's Stock Jump Bodes Well for the Value of Potential

This week brought some interesting and, perhaps, unexpected news. Nintendo's stock jumped a little over 7% on the Osaka Stock Exchange, a boost attributed to factors such as a weakening Yen being a benefit against trade in the U.S., while positive economic news from the big N's most valuable market also did no harm. It was a victory for accountants, ultimately, to see such a healthy increase without any business-related announcements to prompt it.

Nintendo Life takes the opportunity to consider some reasons why, among other reasons, the stock jump encourages a more optimistic look at the company's future.

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Trunkz Jr1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Want the stock the boost up more? Change the Name Wii U to something better. Yeah, I'm a Nintendo fan but watching the Nintendo E3 live when they said it was called "Wii U" my heart sunk...

PS: Yeah, I do own a Wii U and I love it, just hate the name...

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1954d ago

Can't fault you for that.

I'm used to it but I understand your criticism.