AngryJoeShow - Tomb Raider Review

Angry Joe takes a look at the much anticipated and well received reboot of Tomb Raider. Will Joe dress up as Lara during this review like he usually does for other reviews? You'll just have to see.

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Derekvinyard132019d ago

Love angry joe, always has long in depth reviews

TedCruzsTaint2019d ago

I like him as well.
He annoys me at times though.

If it is a game that he simply isn't interested in, or one whose mechanics he doesn't take to, he sometimes goes overly critical of it. Looking to it more as a broken, uninteresting release than one that simply isn't for him.

For the most part though, he is rather good at what he does.

Derekvinyard132019d ago

I agree, I like his dedication

classic2002019d ago

Love his reviews and always watch them but so many PS3 exclusive he did not get to review which is the only down side. He said he will get the PS4 for the exclusives but it would be cool to see him review the last of us.

BanBrother2019d ago


Yeah he only'plays on PC and Xbox. He will receive a shitstorm next gen if he gets the PS4. Put it this way, he doesn't care what game it is, he will be harsh on it if he has to (ODST got a 6). He is honest, he doesn't care about exclusive this or that, so I respect his reviews.

I don't always agree with his reviews, a lot of the time I do, but at least you'know you are getting a damn honest one.

sonicsidewinder2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Thing I find with Joe is that he CAN actually give a good, well infromed and entertaining review.

What I dont like is he often acts like such a me-too. He's like one of those overly douchey 'back-seat-gamer' friend you have that doesnt shut up. "Do this. Do that." You're doing it wrong." (even if it's your first time playing) "I'm center of attention." This is the impression I get. He's like this with his friends and fellow collaborators.

The way he sometimes includes video's from the web with only a passing reference from the referenced video creator at the very end of his, is as much to pass it off as his own.

I kinda feel terrible to be saying this, cus I took note of the guy during his early vids.

eh... Good review anyways, though I'm not really interested in Tomb Raider.

2019d ago
urwifeminder2019d ago

The only reviewer i take notice of.