PSLS' Morning Wood Episode 001: How Big Is It?

Welcome to PlayStation LifeStyle’s newest video feature, Morning Wood, a show hosted by Chandler Wood. In today’s episode he “freaks out” over review scores, wishes that Nathan Drake would drop the “F” bomb just once, and gives his best Sebastian Moss impression. You’ll also get to hear his heartfelt origin story, and his wife answers the question on everyone’s mind, “how big is it?”.

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doctorstrange1595d ago

The wood was over so quickly

TrendyGamers1595d ago

I thought we were going to have some Morning Wood yesterday?

doctorstrange1595d ago

I have morning wood every day

Wedge191595d ago

Encoding and uploading issues... That's what I get for letting my grandparents get the 5 Mb/s internet....

ftwrthtx1595d ago

Maybe Nathan Drake will add a little salt to his language in the next chapter of the story.

fsfsxii1595d ago

5K trophies! O_o

admiralvic1595d ago

Not that rare or uncommon... I got over 7,000 myself =\

fsfsxii1595d ago

I've almost hit 3K
Great score you got there bro!