Indie Racing Coming to Wii U: Cosmic Highway Interview

Cosmic Highway is a Wii U game currently in development for release on the Nintendo eShop. Game-Modo spoke with Monty Goulet of Maestro Interactive Games to learn more about the upcoming release.

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KingWilly1051837d ago

Great that it has local multiplayer. It is so frustrating having so many big name racing games only be limited to one person in local play. It's so backwards.

lilbroRx1837d ago

The Wii U is looking to be the best for the Indie Scene. I have 3 Indie games on it already.

TongkatAli1837d ago

If you like Indie games you should think about getting a Vita .

TongkatAli1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Wow, you guys are nasty on this beautiful Sunday, lol.