New Crash Bandicoot Game On Its Way?


It seems Activion/Vicarious Visions let their countdown site go up too soon. They quickly pulled it but not before some visitors had a chance to snap a picture.


Apparently, Detective GAF has exposed this as a fake. The wood used in the screenshot was ripped off the internet. Although the Vicarious Visions web designer could have done the same thing, it makes it less likely that this is real.

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USMC_POLICE1837d ago

Its also in the crash font from the ps1 games. If he was back I'd shit myself. I'm sure he's back but as a dam skylander.

Blackhawk31837d ago

Along with Tekken, my first playstation game ever.... A lot of nostalgia with that crazy bandicoot. would love to see him again.

showtimefolks1837d ago

i hope one day sony buys back this IP

i want a Crash HD collection
I want a proper Crash game made by ND

gumgum991837d ago

Sony never had it to begin with. Contrary to popular belief, it was owned by Universal, Not Sony. That's why when Sony bought Naughty Dog Crash was left behind.

Sony merely published Crash.

showtimefolks1836d ago

Oh I didn't know know that

Sill I want a crash HD collection

edenianrain1837d ago

LMFAO,oh god that would just kill me first they rape spyro,and rape crash for the second time

ICECREAM1837d ago

Please, not a 3d version.

fredrikpedersen1837d ago

All the Crashes were 3D games...

ICECREAM1836d ago


I meant to say free roaming.

Gratisfaction1837d ago

If Activision touches my Bandicoot, imma go Neo Cortex on their ass!

morkendo231836d ago

if CRASH is coming back will it be physical game? or DLC only?? if its a DLC activison can ram it up their ass.
if physical disc ya-HOOOOOOOO!!!!

Braid1836d ago

Even though it's confirmed as fake, I hope Naughty Dog can finally see that there are lots of gamers out there who are getting hyped up every time they see anything Crash Bandicoot related, and who are willing to buy a new installment in a heartbeat. Sly is back, why wouldn't Crash? We need titles like these to take a break from the blow-em-up kind of games.

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first1NFANTRY1837d ago

i call fake till we get an official announcement from Sony or Acti

Jumper091837d ago

Sony has nothing to do with Crash Bandicoot anymore ;)

1837d ago
SignifiedSix911837d ago

I wish Sony still had the franchise. I want ND to make a proper Crash Bandicoot because i haven't played one in so effin long!

If it isn't made by ND, it's no good, unless they make it like the originals.

yeahokchief1837d ago

Seeing as how they're already in bed with Sony with Destiny and Diablo it's not really too much of a stretch.

I'm still not buying anything from Activision Blizzard for my PS4 should I buy one.

jakmckratos1837d ago

I don't care if Sony isnt making it

LOL_WUT1837d ago

Then you clearly have never played the classics

Shadow Flare1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

I've think everyone's misunderstood his point.

I think he's saying, if it isn't made by Sony (naughty dog) , then I don't care about the game

Maybe he should have worded it as eloquently as DonJogHurt below did

PopRocks3591837d ago


"I don't care if Sony isnt making it"
"I don't care if Sony isnt making it"
"I don't care if Sony isnt making it"

He IS talking about the classics. Jeez.

edenianrain1837d ago

I dont care if Sony isnt making it either,and I have played the classics,just because naughtydog isnt making it doesnt mean crash cant be good,crash wrath of cortex played just like the originals and it was good intro kart and tag team racing were good also,twinsanity was good,titans and mind over mutant did suck though,besides even if naughtydog still had it I doubt they would make a new crash,remember they actually move on to new things anyway.

Tei7771837d ago

and what are the classics if not the original trilogy made sony 1st part dev naughty dog??

You must be new to gaming.

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LastXeno1837d ago

Then you'd be disappointed to know Sony didn't make the originals either... They barely make games.

DOMination-1837d ago

Yeah weren't ND owned by Universal at the time?

Irishguy951837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Stop Domination! Just stop! Your facts will disturb the fanboys

Studio-YaMi1837d ago

ND made it "FOR" the PS1,and now they are "OWNED" by SONY,I guess that's understandable enough,eh ?

shackdaddy1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

You should clear up that sentence. It can be read two completely different ways...

Shadow Flare1837d ago

Yeah, each time I read it, i can't fully work out what he means. It's really confusing lol

Rockefellow1837d ago

I understood what you were saying, but you really need to be less ambiguous when you type things.

jakmckratos1836d ago

Ummm hello idiots..can you see my flagrant sony fanboy name...Sorry for my wording but I ONLY care if Sony makes the game..better fools? Thanks to the people with an ounce of this is a fake

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Summons751837d ago

Not by Naughty Dog and published by activision only means it's going to be terrible like every Crash game after Naughty Dog's run with it. Activision is a horrid company anyway, they make EA look like saints which is saying a lot after how they have been acting lately.

DonJogHurt1837d ago

Naughty Dog making it?


Then GTFO!

LOGICWINS1837d ago

I don't care whose making it as long as it turns out to be fun to play.

JohnApocalypse1837d ago

The one by Traveller's Tales was pretty good

Root1837d ago

It's the only Crash after ND which was good

I don't see why they didn't hold onto it...I thought it was funny at the time. Cortex was pretty hilarious

"It's true, blondes do have more fun"