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Submitted by Garethvk 995d ago | opinion piece

Why We Are Taking a Wait and See Approach To The new Xbox System

Gareth at Skewed and Reviewed has posted an opinion piece on why he has chosen to take a wait and see approach to the new Xbox console regardless of the features and titles it offers. He cites past issues with box Xbox consoles and other factors as the reasons behind his decision. (Microsoft, Tag Invalid, Xbox One)

alousow  +   996d ago
not lot of core gamers happy about the next xbox. Cuz we all kno its going to be more kinect.
aviator189  +   995d ago
how exactly does anyone know anything?
for all we know, they're all just rumors.

are you really going to let rumors be a substitute for hard truth?
Cam977  +   995d ago
Look at the leaked documents SuperDAe received 20 years in prison for; do you really think MS would destroy somebody's life over the release of a fake document? It was real. Now, compare that to the PS4's specs and it becomes clear that the next Xbox is notably inferior to SONY's beast of a system.

Moreover, look at what the Ps4 has; video sharing (Youtubers will love this); instant game streaming; amazing Vita integration; amazing specs and a brilliant launch line-up. The Ps4 is going to be incredibly hard to beat in terms of what is up for grabs. Due to this people have focused on the PS4.
zebramocha  +   995d ago
@cam I wouldn't say "noticeably inferior" but they diverge on what their system is meant to do.
Enemy  +   995d ago
"How exactly does anyone know anything?"

You're delusional if you think Microsoft aren't going to expand their Kinect focus next gen. Simply in denial as it is the most obvious thing we could safely assume about the next Xbox.
knowyourstuff  +   995d ago
We have things called analysts, and they use company strategies to predict what companies will do. Microsoft has clearly been trying to compete with Apple and Google, as their executives have already stated. It isn't just Sony and Nintendo that Microsoft wants to steal market share from. In order to do this, Microsoft wants to cater to Apple and Google, meaning more social networking integration, more casual games similar to what you see on phones and tablets, more Kinect, more apps, more things outside of just hardcore gaming.

This is an effort to steal market share and the audiences from Google and Apple. Kinect was created to steal market share from Nintendo. What you're seeing is a company that wants to steal market share from everyone, and such you see the same strategy utilized on the 360 to continue on. Why would microsoft change a working strategy? They've sold a ton of consoles and stole a ton of Sony's market share away from them.

This is what's known as analyzing the market. Get it? Good.
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BitbyDeath  +   995d ago
@Cam977, specs can evolve over time.
The main concerns over SuperDAe's reveal is certain features like having to install every game to the HDD and Kinect required to always be turned on etc.

Guess we'll all find out either next month or E3.
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The_Infected  +   995d ago
Here's the deal all news so far with the next Xbox has been entertainment related. Xbox hasn't showed gamers they care. They recycle 3 exclusive games. If they care about gamers then they better show it soon because core gamers seen the PS4 and know they will be there with the best games and fully support core gamers not half ass support them.

I'm not a Sony fanboy but I will back the console who shows me they care about gamers the most and supprt them "first and formost" and then support entertainment not the other way around.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   995d ago
@Kratos lol as usual u make no sense.

You and allot people on this site need to go to common sense school?

"Here's the deal all news so far with the next Xbox." "Xbox hasn't showed gamers they care."

Ok and what source is this? Proof? Oh that's right the used games rumor. That same rumor that popped up for Sony and Sony still hasn't completely ruled out.

"They recycle 3 exclusive games. If they care about gamers then they better show it soon."

Ok, considering MS focused on Kinect but didn't want to completely lose sight of the core they released Halo, Forza and Gears in which people obviously want and still sale very, very well.


MS didn't have enough resources or studios to create new Ip's along side Kinect while releasing Gears, Halo, Forza all at the same time. Why do you think Sony barely uses, Move that would take up resources. And Sony rather use those studios to create new Ip's instead.

With that said MS opened up new studios so they can tackle more at the same time. I think its obvious MS wants to focus on Kinect, Entertainment and core gamers at the same time come next gen.

Which would be fine as long as I get new Ip's.

Just like everyone else on this site you see everything in a black and White fashion and fail to use educated logic.

As for being a Sony fanboy please don't lie to people. if that's the case then explaine this comment.

Article: "The PlayStation 4 is a Beast, Deal With it...

"They can't contain the BEAST!! It will come alive soon and be a force to be reckoned with. MS better bring more than Master Cheif his weapons alone have no chance:)" Agree (117) Disagree(57)

You swim in your own crap. your Sony fanboy through and through.
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SDF Repellent  +   995d ago
Well Said Angeliclec,

Here is what gets me with them hardcore Sony fanboys like Kratos_Kills and alousow, they keep recycling the same 3-5 phrases everytime they go of SDF mode. "Xbox hasn't showed gamers they care." "They recycle 3 exclusive games." and etc. Can't you guys at least be more original. It is like reading the same bad book over and over.

Here is a good example of how clueless some of them are:
"I will back the console who shows me they care about gamers the most and supprt them "first and formost" and then support entertainment not the other way around. "

This makes me LMFAO, Last time I'd checked, games are entertainment. smh
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princejb134  +   995d ago
dude we just dont know anything about the next xbox
what if MS announces xbox live is going to be free next gen
what if they announce them developing new studios or dropping kinect because not many people seem interested in it
until ms announces the next xbox its specs and the kind of games it will be offering(expecting more halo and gears) we just dont know anything
The_Infected  +   995d ago
Who cares if its free now they've already charged everyone for what 7 years? So acting like its such an amazing thing to get Xbox Live free after all this is just stupid. It should've been free in the first place.

Also when MS announces the next Xbox and you see gamers are treated last while Kinect and entertainment first in line then you going see. If that even happens but your right I don't know but it's a damn good guess.
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princejb134  +   995d ago
@kratos kills

by everyone i guess you mean you
i refused to buy the 360 because i was not going to pay for xbox live. To me it just wasnt worth it

if it gets free is a good improvement and maybe gamers wont be as pissed all the time by calling people fanboys or n****s all the time in a online game
DigitalRaptor  +   995d ago
Exactly what Kratos_Kills said.

Look at the facts. Microsoft have charged their fans $50-60 per year for the past 10 years for what is essentially the ability to use your own bandwidth (Internet provider subscription). Basic online gameplay is run using P2P technology which is not on Microsoft servers, but.. in fact look it up yourselves, you'll learn more.

If Microsoft make XBL free to play online (which they should, and it would be a GREAT thing for the industry), they would have to explain why they've charged you $600 over the past 10 years and they're now enabling the service for free. That can't be good for their PR, but it HAS to be done to move the industry in a positive direction and treat gamers with the respect they deserve.

The same goes for accessing services like Hulu, Facebook, Netflix, YouTube, etc. There's no excuse under the sun they could use to justify years of these unjustifiable charges, that most people would love not to exist.

Regardless of great games and services (which are important), their next console needs to have free online, fair services and hardware reliability as paramount, for me to consider investing. That mentality doesn't make you a fanboy, it makes you a smart, strong-willed consumer.


@ Knight_Crawler (below)

Did you even read it? Where's the doom? Where did he say he hated Xbox? Did you miss the part where he said that his site will pick up the next Xbox regardless, but since they are a smaller site they don't always have the funds to get all or expect review-consoles for free?

"A real journalist or gaming website would buy all the consoles including the Wii U regardless because they have to experience everything and give us the news without being bias."

A film critic has to watch everything otherwise they are biased? You have to watch Piranha 3DD to know that Inception is a great film?

And I guess you think that all journalists are run by people working for huge outlets like IGN and GameSpot, right? They can instantly afford all consoles, rather than feeding their family and eating, right? Not all journalists are those of large scale advertising dollar status, with departments for each console like the aforementioned big ones.

Do you remember when people like yourself laughed off Paul Gale Network for revealing PlayStation All Stars before anyone else, then called Title Fight?

It's not just large sites that have industry sources. Where do you think the people who post on NeoGaf and Reddit get their genuine leaked information from, when they're nothing but a username?
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givemeshelter  +   995d ago
You're not happy with the next Xbox know nothing about it?
Only on N4G.COM...Making assumptions based on...nothing. LOL
Bathyj  +   995d ago
Actually it MS's pattern of behavior that has me taking a waiting and see attitude.

I dont really care what the hardware is like, I'm sure it will be more than capable. If its a little bit better or a little bit worse than PS4, it doesnt really matter to me.

What matters is MS's direction, being more concerned about casuals and Kinect, or apps for watching tv and movies than worrying about core gamers and only pushing their staple franchises over and over instead of offering anything new.

Thats why I dont think I'm interested in XB3 until they change their attitude and win me back. Thats based on the way MS has done business for the last 4 years and thats clear for everyone to see, not based on speculation about rumours, so I might be making assumptions, but theyre not based on nothing.
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Knight_Crawler  +   995d ago
What is wrong with this website that they keep submitting the same negative Xbox articles?

"Why the Playstation 4 and Not The New Xbox System Is the One We are Getting at Launch"

We get it you dont like MS or the you really have to keep submitting garbage to convince us to join your crusade and make the 720 a failure?

Posted by GarethVK - "We have talked with third-party developers who work on games for both systems. They have told us that while both have nice features, the PS 4 is a better system with more power and features."

You and your websiet are a disgrace to the gaming industry and the reason why the world does not take gaming serious.

A real journalist or gaming website would buy all the consoles at launch including the Wii U regardless because they have to experience everything and give us news without being bias.

Gareth I hope the few hits you get on your website was worth your integrity and dignity.
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Garethvk  +   995d ago
Where does it says we do not have all the consoles or will not be buying the new one? We had Wii U day 1, we will be getting the New Xbox. I am simply stating that we have had nothing but issues with the Xbox systems since day one and when they finally gave us a stable unit, I was not that impressed with what they offered nor the support provided by Microsoft. As such, we are taking a wait and see approach with the new one. Can you honestly say the Red Ring of Death was not an issue and that Microsoft did not handle the issue correctly?
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Derekvinyard13  +   995d ago
I feel Sony has the jump, might see Xbox at E 3
AngelicIceDiamond  +   995d ago
@alousow is a a trolling parrot who says the same thing over and over. "720 is kinect" "its all kinect" "no core games just kinect" blah, blah troll yadda yadda.

Of course Kinect is making a comeback next gen its about HOW it will make a comeback. MS had a bad year with Kinect only titles last year I'm sure they realized that now and will implement it in a different way.

So can we get smart and make realistic assumptions about MS and Kinect? Of course not its N4G...
Gildarts  +   995d ago
Do not believe this guy he's a liar he's not a real journalist, real journalist wait till the product is actually released before they judge it. The Xbox 720 is not even revealed yet, for all we know it doesn't even exist. He knows nothing he's just going of of rumors. Real journalist buy the console at launch even if it's not as good as the other one.
Garethvk  +   996d ago
They need to do more with it. As you can see, we had several issues with the Xbox and had it not been for Dance Central, we would likely not have given the 360 another chance. That is really the only thing we play on it now aside from Halo 4. I will try the new Gears though.
greenpowerz  +   995d ago
How many times is this dude going to basically post the same crap? It's just attacks with ps3 fanboy talking points disguised as concern. Just an excuse to preach fanatical rhetoric.

We get it people on that site don't like xbox and will wait for their/people's socks to be blown off before they stop the anti MSFT crusade.

We understand. You're excited about PS4 and you'll do anything to stop MSFT from topping Sony again. It's obvious ps3 fanboys are stealth trolling trying to condition what people should expect from the 720 in a in vain effort.

He keeps talking about past xbox issues that were fixed many years ago preaching soft anti MSFT scripture that is double standard at best. He probably got PS3 without thinking about PS2 issues. It's clear some Sony fans will be trying to use fear mongering and scare tactics in New smear campiengs. This is a back up plan just in case MSFT shows Sony up

If Sony had any games in 2012 especially during the holdiday I imagine PS3 fanboys would have more to do them chest beat over the savior PS4.

All excited about games and specs that may or may not come to fruition due to Sony constantly over promising and under delivering. Boasting Sony games and the supposed lack of MSFT games when Sony prematurely announces games for hype having to can them or repeatedly delay them.
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Garethvk  +   995d ago
Get over yourself and go play Halo 4. Most people agreed with my PS 4 post yersterday, your in the vocal minority.
aviator189  +   995d ago
Ok...I didn't have anything against you with your earlier submission or even this submission as it's all really just your opinion, but your reply to greenpowerz comes off as a bit...rude for someone who has his own website and attempts to be professional in method.

Telling someone to beat it and "go play halo 4" just because he or she is in the "vocal minority" is cheeky and disrespectful, imo.
SignifiedSix91  +   995d ago

for being a journalist, you should know the differences between "your" and "you're".
Gildarts  +   995d ago
Gareth stop lying, you are not a journalist. Just stop it dude. Most people agreed with you because N4G is 60% made of PS4 fanboys. For a "Journalist" you are really unprofessional. Stop submitting the same posts. stop writing articles based on nothing. Stop just stop. You're a disgrace to game journalism.
DigitalRaptor  +   995d ago
Here we go again with the insecure rantings.

Basically anyone who doesn't share the same affection for Microsoft business tactics as you is considered a ps3 fanboy. Ignoring the fact that most of us game across the spectrum. I play PC, I have played Xbox in the past, same with Nintendo and Sega etc. I'm used to open standards and business practice that isn't present in the Xbox ecosystem. The fact that I love PlayStation is enough for most people on here to call me a fanboy even though I game on multiple systems. So to you, anyone who has any doubt in Microsoft is a fanboy? You're ridiculous.

MS have done questionable things this generation and even last generation's Xbox, so it's normal to be questioning of them with their next box. It's normal, and I think even the die hard Xbox fans should be questioning why it costs $60 per year to access the P2P functionality of game's you've already spent money on, and why it costs money to access Facebook, Twitter and YouTube etc. You should also be questioning their motives on rushing out hardware irrespective of reliability and also be questioning their direction in terms of treating the Xbox as a casual entertainment machine rather than gaming. They have yet to prove their direction, but there's nothing wrong with holding back when you've been burned once before.

What Gareth says is true and his opinion and decision based on past experience with Xbox. It's smarter to ask questions than blindly follow, but it's clear you prefer that.

"You're excited about PS4 and you'll do anything to stop MSFT from topping Sony again."

And you're scared that Sony actually are in a position in which that might happen, even going as far as pretending that "on paper" specs are lies, and that not showing the plastic exterior of the game means the console doesn't exist, which is laughably desperate.

"If Sony had any games in 2012 especially during the holdiday I imagine PS3 fanboys would have more to do them chest beat over the savior PS4."

Sony had more retail games in 2013 than Microsoft. Twisted Metal, Starhawk, LBP Karting, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, Tales of Graces f, MLB 12: The Show, Jak & Daxter/Ratchet & Clank HD, Yakuza: Dead Souls, PS All Stars Battle Royale. Even one of their download games, Journey, won best game of the year from multiple outlets and beat out Halo 4. Keep living in fantasy. In fact Sony bring out more games on PS3, with even more platforms to consider, whilst MS bring out less games with only one platform to consider.


Feel free to critisize, but I am keeping an open mind to the new Xbox, whilst remaining conscious of the strategies that have developed on Microsoft's part. If I have to pay to access the online parts of games I already own then it's an absolute NO. The games could be spectacular, and I'd still abide by my morals, as a consumer.
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Karpetburnz  +   995d ago

Its Ironic that youre bashing someone else for hating on the next Xbox when youre just a pathetic Xbox fanboy yourself who hates Sony and PS4, looking through all your recent comments it seems your just a Micosoft troll, you even troll on Playstation articles.

You have no right for calling out someone as Sony fanboy when youre the biggest Xbot troll on this site.
solidworm  +   995d ago
Again another solid piece from someone who actually looks beneath the surface. Excellent stuff.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   995d ago
I think this article raises valid points, the Xbox has had its fair share of problems but I would still reserve my judgement for when the Xbox 720 is unveiled. As I've said before Microsoft is successful for a reason so don't discount them just yet.
leogets  +   995d ago
solid article Gareth.. keep em coming in this manor. makes a change not to read complete trash on this website xD
Garethvk  +   995d ago
I wonder when we post our coverage of the Gears of War: Judgement release next week if I will be called an Xbox fanboy and told I am kissing up to Microsoft. I call it as I see it. I am sure if I did the other article I am kicking around about how I think Nintendo has let us down with the Wii U by not offering more content I would be blasted for that as well. It seems the only safe bet is to write one where you say how great all 4 systems are and you cannot pick one over the other and gloss over any issues you have.

What I really love is all the hate that says we shoudl be objective and own all the systems. Where did I ever say we only have a PS 3? We have an Xbox 360 with Kinect, A PS 3, and a Wii U. The main system I use is the PC as that is what I prefer, I spend tons of time with all of them as when you have two websites a magazine, and a radio show. I am always playing games. I am simply stating as to why I am hesitant to jump onto the new Xbox as we have had nothing but issues and problems with the 360 and original unit as well as a lack of customer support from Microsoft.
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from the beach  +   995d ago
Your too much! I look forward to you're next article. Any more news from you're top secret sources at Epic?
sandman224  +   995d ago
Agree with you on the bad experiance with Xbox 360. I was one of the few who knew after buying Xbox live membership, wireless adapter, and lets not forget batteries, that it would well cost more than a ps3. There are to many people that don't think about all that. I believe there's another name for them, it starts with an i, I'm sure you can figure it out. I am buy no means a fanboy of one console or PC but I am a fanboy of video games. I still play my 360, mainly halo 4, gears of war, and trials evolution. now with my ps3 i play battlefield 3, blops2, little big planet 2, journey, gt5, uncharted 3, and im still enjoying the heck out of killzone 3 multiplayer.
I will buy a ps4 day one, if the next Xbox is equall to the ps4 in terms of performance and just as many exclusives ill also buy I one. But if they're turning into kinect 2.0 and a cable box, Microsoft can't have my money.
Dread  +   995d ago
Let me guess
Perhaps because they have not annouced anything yet
tweet75  +   995d ago
ill have to wait and see if it has an always on DRM system even for single player games, if it will play used games or if its backwards compatible.
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Hicken  +   995d ago
I really can't see why anyone would be mad at this article. My experience is mostly as a seller, or gatherer of secondhand information: not owning an Xbox, I can't say I've directly been affected. But I've had many customers and friends who HAVE been bothered. That may make my opinion less trustworthy, but the author's opinion should make sense here.

If you've been shafted multiple times by a company, whether a console manufacturer or an insurance company, you tend to want to go elsewhere. At the least, you try not to rely on their services primarily. And if, at the same time, a competing company has treated you well, you're more likely to lean on them in the future. This article is, quite obviously, an explanation article designed to, hopefully, clarify the decision outlined in the previous article by give more concrete reasons in the way of past experience.

Hell, I haven't had anything happen to any system of mine, because I don't have an Xbox, but a huge part of why I DON'T have one is because of their reliability issues and how Microsoft handled that. Even if they still charged for online, had the 360 simply been more reliable, I'd have a completely different opinion of Microsoft.

Alas, they do not, and so I am apparently a Sony fanboy. And so, apparently, is the author.
soxfan2005  +   995d ago
I guess you're one of the VERY lucky few who never had to deal with the problems that Sony consoles have had over the years. From the millions of defective PS1's, to the tens of millions of defective PS2's, and the millions of defective PS3's. Not to mention Sony's indifference to their customers - they needed a lawsuit to admit to, and fix, their problems.

Congratulations on being one of the few people in the world who never had to deal with Sony's incompetence. Because, as you stated in no uncertain terms, you would have gone elsewhere had Sony ever shafted you.

You are a Sony supporter who ignores (or accepts) anything Sony does wrong, but is quick to issue harsh criticisms of other companies who do the same thing.

Did it ever occur to you that maybe 40+ million people defected to MS this generation because of the problems they had with Sony during the PS1 and PS2 days?
Garethvk  +   995d ago
Microsoft was first to the new generation so that is why they got the lead. I have had not one issue with our PS 3 nor the PS 2 prior. I have not heard of one staff member, reader, listen to the radio show, etc who has had an issue with the PS 3 as well. I read on a consumer site that it was considered the most stable and effective launch of any console in history. I can only say aside form the PSN network issue, I have had zero issues with any of their products and have not heard of many who have, nor have I heard of of people having issues with getting support for the unit. Perhaps I am just lucky. But I know of millions of people who have experienced the Red Ring of Death, I know of Milllions who have been treated badly by Microsoft support and in an article in The Seattle times, Microsoft had a memo leaked that said policy on the Xbox 360 was when it fails. Not if, when. They knew they had issues and tryed to sweep it under the rug. Only when a class action lawsuit was pending did they extend the warranty to 1 year.
optimus  +   995d ago
@Gareth... I believe they extended it to 3 yrs. not 1... Seems like you gave up on the xbox waay before they issued any warranty if you didn't know that... I would be curious to know if you would report of any errors that the ps4 could have, or just keep quiet not wanting to stick your head out of your little hole.
Pillsbury1  +   995d ago
Most electronics have a percentage that fail. The Xbox 360 HIGHER percentage and how the company handled it is what people don't like.
SDF Repellent  +   995d ago

"They knew they had issues and tryed to sweep it under the rug. Only when a class action lawsuit was pending did they extend the warranty to 1 year."

LOL, you called yourself a journalist but don't have a clue about the X360 extended warranty. It is 3 years, not 1, pal. Wow, and you expect us to believe that you have the inside scoop on the Next Xbox. Please!
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Gildarts  +   995d ago
What Youi are saying is true. If you have been shafted by a company multiple times people people do tend to not want to buy your products anymore. BUT. This does not count for journalists. At least not in their professional lives. Journalists buy products at launch with no second thought regardless of their predecessors faults.

This is why everyone is pissed except for PS fanboys of course.

And off-topic. I have had two 360's this Gen an Elite which still works and the new 360 slim model. Never had any problems nor my friends. I do not believe the stories people tell about going through 6 defective 360 consoles in a year.
MikeMyers  +   995d ago
Hicken, you can but a slim Xbox 360 now without he hardware issues. Yes the original design had major flaws but things have improved dramatically since then'

Whatever the timeline is you seem to have issues. First you say the hardware sucked in the beginning and now you keep saying how Microsoft lost its way with the core gamer. You were neither. You didn't support them then and you don't support them now. So why should anyone listen to your views on the upcoming Xbox? You are an advocate for the Vita and the PS3 while suggesting the 3DS and the Wii U needed price drops but not the Vita. Your opinion is so biased it's hard to be taken seriously.

Of course consumers should take a wait and see approach with the next Xbox. We have no idea how much Microsoft wants to push Kinect, how integral gaming is to the system, what games they even have on the table and what price it will be. So far we know the PS4 looks very strong but we also don't have the full details on pricing, the launch games or the overall online services and what will be free and a premium service. The track record shows Sony is more supportive of the core gamer than Microsoft has been as of late but your whole opinion doesn't really matter because you're one of the hardest consumers to please outside of what Sony does.
maniacmayhem  +   995d ago
Interesting because the original NES was notorious for hardware problems. Remember having to blow on the cartridge or clean it with some kind of alcohol. Did you own a NES? How about the PS2 and the many times the DvD drive broke/disc reading errors or the disc tray breaking.
Remember the Dreamcast and it's faulty laser lens? No? Did you even own a Dreamcast?

Interesting that all these companies had hardware issues one time in their past generation(S) that wasn't up to standards and this is MS's second outing in the video game world?
And they took a huge hit replacing them and extending the warranty for free THAT is how MS handled it. Yea, this sounds like an evil company you should stay far away from!

You're a Sony fanboy because you criticize and rage on anything and anyone that says anything less than excellent for any Sony product. The fact that you are blind of this little fact just proves how much of fanboy you are and not a gamer.
4lc4pon3  +   995d ago
Im reserving judgement on xbox 720 but i just dont know. Im a huge ps3 fan because it offered what i wanted. Great games. Bluray. Free online and free ps+ which i got free for 1 year that gives me lots of free games to play.

Other then gears of war on the 360 ive seen no eeal use to having it. Pay per play stinks. They give nothing for free and the only game worth it is gears.

Ps4 looks. Amazing which ill get. Unless the 720 brings new ips rather then the 4 rehashed geners i wont get it. Kinect and kinect 2.0 are childish and not for me. I want games not a media console.
Pillsbury1  +   995d ago
Past history over how Microsoft treats its customers has taught is a lot.
GadgetGooch  +   995d ago
That article hurt my eyes!!
Hitman0769  +   995d ago
i'm excited to see it. i want to play the wii u, ps4, xbox 720, vita, 3ds, and ps3 next year.
Raider69  +   995d ago
Next xbox will only be a good buy for US customers since the 99% of the apps and new media features are only for the US market...Sony will rule next generation because they are gearing there console to gamers and thats gearing the PS4 to be a wordwide dominante system.From a stand point of a EU consumer the PS4 and the WII U is the console to buy since its gear to gaming and not media apps that we Europeans,africans and most of the ROW countrys will not have acess by buying a next xbox!Only a stupid consumer will buy a box where the apps and media features dont work on there country!
Dms2012  +   995d ago
I have to wonder what the reaction would be if there was no new Xbox and MS announced they were exiting the console business.
ps3_pwns  +   995d ago
this is a good read and logical. if you think logically and smart then your views would be inline with the articles. If you dont think at all and just say oh im getting xbox720 regardless then you are the equivalent of the dudes in the goverment who instead of doing the right thing do the wrong thing to be cool and popular with there party base. ex: i get xbox720 cause my friend got xbox even though its not the best and right choice. a goverment example is i republican and go with them in there views even though a lot of they views are harmful because they my friends. while democrats have better and logical views based on reality and the needs for all people even those outside there friend zone.
MakiSaad2  +   992d ago
Holiday 2013
mochachino  +   992d ago
Pretty much the only thing that made me keep my 360 this gen after several dead consoles and the price gouging was the games. Then they lost Mass Effect Exclusivity, sold Bungie and turned Fable into the most casual RPG in the market. Gears 2 MP released broken and suddenly MS didn't have many exclusives, certainly not enough to make it's library better than PS3s.

What it did have though, and what kept me buying games on my 360 over my PS3 was that the majority of multiplats looked/ran better on 360 so I kept it and kept paying for Live. Now that's not the case, most games are 99% equal so I quit Live and my 360 literally collects dust as movie rentals cost more on it, and all the other multimedia features won't work without paying Live Scam Tax.

Next-gen it looks like PS4 will have markedly better looking multiplats, more and better exclusives. Spending $300 on Live has actually made me resent MS so if PSN offers free online MP again, I won't even consider the Next-Xbox.

I'll miss Halo but I don't think 343s is as good as Bungie - something's missing. Regardless, FPS games have kind of moved beyond Halo in the gameplay department.

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