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Michael Nasr of Tech-Ticker, "Tomb Raider is one of the old classics in the gaming world. This 2013 reboot brings some new aspects into the game, while at the same time keeping its classic attributes intact. The game is very engaging and offers a variety of different ways to play it. Overall this reboot of the series is a good and exciting one that should not be overlooked."

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Ares84HU2023d ago

The story mode is amazing but the multiplayer is just terrible. There aren't many people on, it's borring to play and it's verry shallow. It's clear that the mp was tacked on and was an aftertought. They shouldn't have included it at all because it doesn't work right with this game. Because I want to get the platinum trophy I am forced to play it. I hope that the next tr game won't have multiplayer mode.

Monstar2023d ago

story mode amazing? You don't play many games do you?

Ares84HU2022d ago

Hahahahaha why yes, I do. In fact I might play more games than you. Just because I enjoyed TR story mode doesn't mean I don't play many games.

Monstar2023d ago

7-8 rage....9 out of sheer premature excitement. dissect the game and it's quite a low quality terms of story, dialog and just linear terrain. The so called TOMB RAIDING and SURVIVAL isn't there enough..instead replaced by over the top action cinematic quick-time sequences. IMO, uncharted did it better. My point, it should stay a bit more true to the original concept of exploration.

regardless tho, it is fun..but for true fans it isn't what it should be and has lost that appeal...rather identity in comparison.