Face-Off: Tomb Raider

EuroGamer: "Despite the radical design change, the reboot still delivers plenty of thought-provoking exploration as Lara makes her way through the beautifully realised environments. Straying off the beaten path reveals extra tombs that contain puzzling gameplay elements more in-line with what fans would expect from a Tomb Raider game, all delivered in a new, state-of-the-art game engine.

The question is, has Crystal Dynamics replicated that level of technological achievement across all major HD platforms? Our head-to-head video - backed by a triple-format comparison gallery - reveals some noteworthy differences between each platform, particularly highlighting the gap in sharpness and clarity between them. However, it's the inclusion of the new TressFX PC hair-rendering technology that provides the biggest difference, so we'll kick off with a PC vs. console comparison."

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DonJogHurt2024d ago

So in this face off it goes PC > PS3 > X360

A solid all round multi-plat release is always a good thing.

Ezz20132024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

yeah but i liked this part from DF

"We approached Tomb Raider with some degree of anticipation: we looked forward to a cross-platform game that could challenge the untouchable Uncharted series in terms of technical accomplishment, character development and gameplay. We wanted Sony first-party quality rolled out across multiple platforms without compromise, with additional "must-have" next-gen features built into an enhanced DirectX 11 PC version of the game. While the end-result doesn't quite match the polish of the latter entrants in the celebrated Naughty Dog trilogy, in most respects Tomb Raider more than meets our lofty expectations. If you're an Xbox 360 owner who's never played Uncharted, this Lara Croft reboot may come as something of a revelation and for PS3 gamers, Crystal Dynamics' effort should more than tide you over until Nathan Drake makes his inevitable return.""

what ND did with uncharted is nothing short of incredible
is just hard to match

miyamoto2023d ago

Lara's rivalry with Drake served the PS3 version very well then. Nice.

Hopefully Camilla actually stars as Jolie's replacement.

Software_Lover2024d ago

The hair alone gave the PC a flawless Victory!!!!

Walker2024d ago ShowReplies(3)
mochachino2024d ago

If you don't feel like reading it, PS3 is the preferred version.

MikeMyers2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

It's close but yes, they do pick the PS3 version but the PC is quite a bit better if your PC can handle it of course. I am enjoying the game quite a bit so far.

"On the PC this connection is enhanced by the use of more advanced technology - Lara is rendered in a more natural, human-like manner and while TressFX has some fundamental flaws, when it works properly, that effect is heightened still further. Meanwhile the improvements made to the visuals in other areas help to create a more refined looking game, one that is a clear step above the console releases - especially if your PC can pull off a sustained 1080p60 or better.

The console versions of Tomb Raider are still thoroughly recommended though. Despite some performance issues on both systems when the action is situated in more complex environments, the game manages to stick closely to the desired 30FPS update with only momentary lapses that impact the quality of the gameplay. While the 360 offers up slightly more consistent overall performance, for the most part the difference between the two games isn't significant, and it's also fair to say that the PS3 holds the advantage with regards to image quality and the general refinement of the overall presentation. This is a game where much of the experience is built around the spectacle and in that respect, PS3 offers an advantage of its 360 sibling. Aside from various instances where performance is visibly lower, the gameplay is otherwise just as enjoyable on Sony's system, and the sharper visuals better suit the overall feel of the game, highlighting the richness of the environments without as many unwanted side-effects. In that respect the PS3 version gets our recommendation as the preferred choice of the two console releases."

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