'PS4 will out-power most PCs for years to come' - Avalanche Studios CTO

"Sony revealed the PS4 at an event in New York last month and it managed to impress a lot of industry people. Linus Blomberg, CTO and Co-founder of Avalanche Studios, is one of them."

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decrypt2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

"PS4PC will out-power most PCs for years to come"

Decrypting statement... heres what they really ment:

"PS4PC will out-power most Non gaming PCs for years to come"

Of course it will out power the office PCs with integrated GPUs or your grandmas net book for that matter.

However against a gaming PC there will be no contest. PS4PC will be a low end gaming PC itself essentially hence will stand no chance against any decent gaming PCs of its time. Just like the PS3 before it.

Its hilarious how hard Sony is trying to just create hype for the PS4PC. The media have tried every trick in the book to brainwash the herd, god this must costing Sony hahaha.


Naa, Dota 2 here

How is COD going? are we waiting for the next rehash haaha.

kayoss2021d ago

Try buying a more powerful gaming pc for under $600 then let's talk.

joab7772021d ago

I am not saying that u r wrong, i am saying that u cannot say that for sure until we are able to see it running and see how game developers use the new architecture. It isnt architecture that exists anywhere yet. And many ppl play games on pc but dont have the high end pcs.

Anyway, it shouldnt matter because pc will benefit from better consoles, as they drive software sales. Yeah, the best pcs will still have display and graphical options that the consoles do not. But, i will say it again, not everyone cares or can afford it. I have a pretty good pc and for many games, i love it but i love my console too. And in many cases, games are ported and look better. Now they will be better too.

asmith23062021d ago

Define "PC" please. If you can find a gaming rig that can out muscle the PS4 at the same price then I will be all ears.

SilentNegotiator2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Hint: Most PC gamers don't own an expensive GPU or Alienware.

The idea that every PC gamer owns a $200+ GPU and consoles are "holding back" PC is perpetuated by Elitist Scrooges that think the average person should own a $800 or more system.

Raccoon2021d ago

@decrypt no explination is needed as its common sense that the majority of PCs are not made for gaming or power demanding tasks therefore making the ps4 more powerfull...

you want to know why the ps4 is simply better than highend gaming PCs? because the ps4 is one dedicated product which means better use and optimization of the specs by some of the best first party studios.

we also have a dedicated price that im sure will be under 600usd so while your blowing months of rent on one machine im only spending a weeks pay which will last me 10+ years of dedicated content from first and 3rd party devs.

some praise brands, some praise power and while some even praise sales I will always choose to praise gaming....

sourav932021d ago

WTF is a "PS4PC"?? When you use quotation marks, you're not supposed to change the text from the original to your own retarded version.

BrianC62342021d ago

Why waste money constantly upgrading your PC if you can buy a PS4 for what you'd pay for a top graphics card? It's a waste of money to spend so much money upgrading your computer every year or two.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32021d ago

"Define "PC" please. If you can find a gaming rig that can out muscle the PS4 at the same price then I will be all ears."

If you can tell us the price of the PS4, I will be all ears.

ProjectVulcan2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

If you can tell me how much PS4 will cost and how much the games will cost etc (apparently neither will come cheap)

Than go nuts.

Its the age old, well console costs X amount less to buy compared to gaming PC!

(Ignore how much console games are for the entire life of the system here and what a PC actually is and can do besides)

It actually took about a year for Pc to outpower xbox 360 and by the time PS3 launched it was already ahead.

A year after PS3 launched cheaper PC hardware was already quite a lot faster e.g 8800GT

morganfell2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

As someone that grew up on PC gaming it's amazing to watch the desperation of people like decrypt.

If you think studios and publishers give PC gaming the backseat now, just wait until the PS4 hits. Backseat nothing. You will be lucky to get towed behind the gaming car by a 100 ft rope.

And remember - PC gamers themselves are to blame. With their lack of willingness to buy in volume (money talks and BS walks), their outrageous piracy rates, their insane configurations, and their constant bellyaching over why they can't run DOS games 15 years later, or why their $300 Walmart special won't run Crysis 3, PC gamers demand the most yet offer the least in return.

Don't tell me WHAT YOU ALONE buy, rather realize you are part of a demographic. You know, the ones that for the most part DO NOT OWN Quad GPU systems. I have that in my Falcon rig but I am far from being the average PC gamer.

I have never, not ever, seen so many Developers so thrilled about the hardware in a console. Usually there are murmurs and complaints about choices. Not this time. Not even close.

PC gamers are about to be shown the door again and no amount of attacks on inbound consoles is going to change that one iota.

SnotyTheRocket2021d ago

Why do you keep saying PS4PC?

Larry L2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

I'm not, nor have I ever been a PC gamer. Throughout the years there have been a couple PC games I've been dedicated to, but the last one I actually owned was UT2k4. Though I have played and enjoyed some more recent PC games like STALKER and The Witcher. So basically I don't know jack for the most part about technical specs in terms of what's-what on PC, so what I'm going to ask is a serious question because I honestly don't know, but.................

Isn't PS3 more powerful than an equivilent PC? I know PS3's proccessor in terms of raw speed is still faster than most other chips, but all the "chokepoints" basically makes alot of the speed pointless, and it's GPU is lame and it only has 256Mb of RAM and 256Mb of vRAM.........more specifically my question is: Could a PC from 2006, with a highly restricted proccessor to GPU through-put, an equivilent to PS3 GPU and 256Mb of physical RAM run games that look like Killzone 2/3, or Uncharted 2/3, or play Crysis 2/3 and BF3 on equivilent graphics settings to the PS3 versions of those games?

I honestly would love to know, but I can't imagine on the box for the PC version of BF3 and Crysis 3 is says next to minimum system requirements "256Mb of RAM" or even "512".

PeaSFor2021d ago Show
T9002021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Lol @ people trying talk down PC from a cost perspective.

I could build a PC now with 600usd that would beat PS4 in the CPU department and Rival it in the graphics department.

Heres a link to one right now:

However this is now, 9 months later the same 600usd will get you 30-40% more performance.

People always seem to ignore the fact that console games cost too much.

Rumor has it next gen games will cost 70usd. Hell people even seem to ignore the fact that consoles arent backward compatible.

Anyone who bought 40-50 games this gen has got to be thinking about the lost investment when none of them will work on the PS4. Thats about USD3-4k worth of games. However they are fast to point out PC costing 100-200usd extra, funny how some people reason.


You seem darn insecure over the whole issue. If anything it seems console makers have finally bent and gone the PC way with them finally embracing X86.

Seems me we will be getting more games optimized on PC then ported to consoles. Consoles going X86 is amazing for PC.

Muerte24942021d ago

First factor
PC elitist compare the locked in hardware of the ps4 to the absolute best hardware on the market for PC in terms of performance. Two years past and those same elitist compare the same locked-in, ps4 hardware to the best PC has to offer that year. They're always comparing a constant to the best case variable at the time.

Second factor
PC is still considered an afterthought when it comes mass market games. You're spending $200-$300 more dollars for slightly better frame rates and higher resolutions. Windows also cripples GFX cards heavily. Piracy is far more widespread on Pc than consoles. Publishers have a far better chance of seeing a return on their investments if the release the game on consoles instead of PC. Outside of Battlefield 3 and Witcher 2, there weren't many PS3/360/PC games where PC was the lead platform.

BattleAxe2021d ago

Lets look at it this way, currently if I play GTA4, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Metro 2033 or Crysis 2 on PC, they do look better than the console versions with better looking textures and frame rates, but at the end of the day, you are still playing a console game.

Its pretty safe to say that the best bang for you buck is to own a PS3 or a 360 instead of shelling out a bunch of cash for a mid to high end PC. Going into the next generation, the PS4 will be a dedicated gaming machine, which the developers will be able to use to surpass most gaming PCs out there, and there will be no compatibility issues, no Punkbuster issues, no firewall issues and far less cheating than what you see on PCs.

The best way to think of a PC, is to compare it to an old Chevey 350 with a carburetor, which is very in-efficient and is a gas hog, whereas the PS3 and the PS4 are like a finely tuned Audi R8 with a fuel injected 4.2 Liter V8.

Outside_ofthe_Box2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Why are you and other PC gamers so upset about the PS4's power?

Finally a developer says what I've been saying all along. When next gen consoles release they will essentially be high end PCs at bargain price. Will there be PCs more powerful than the PS4 and next Xbox? Sure there will, but how many PC gamers will own a PC of that caliber? Not too many and it'll certainly be a couple years before a PC of PS4's caliber becomes standard among PC gamers. As of right now very few PC gamers if any at all have a PC that out powers the PS4.

I seriously don't get why PC gamers get all defensive when it comes to consoles out performing PCs anyway. We all in 3-4 years you guys will eventually get the cash to upgrade your PC to out do the PS4 so why cry foul now when you know years down the road you guys are going to be crying about how the outdated PS4 and next Xbox are holding PC gaming back.

Save your whining for the future.

Ducky2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

@Larry L
"Isn't PS3 more powerful than an equivilent PC?"

In terms of gaming, yes, the PS3 can do more because it is mostly dedicated to gaming. A PC on the other hand, has to deal with applications running in the background along with an OS.

"If you think studios and publishers give PC gaming the backseat now, just wait until the PS4 hits"

... The PS4 is very close to a PC in terms of hardware. Wouldn't that just increase the number of PC <-> PS4 ports?

The PS4 hardware was good news for both PC and PS4 gamers because both the PC/PS3 suffered from poor ports this gen, but the new hardware should alleviate that.
The PC gamers that are trying to downplay the PS4's specs are being pants-on-head retarded, but you're not any better either by trying to downplay the PC fanbase of games.

yeahokchief2021d ago

@ decrypt

DotA2 - PS4 - 2014

givemeshelter2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )


You work for Sony Morgan so your point of view on this is pointless...and saying that, we ALWAYS hear this PC IS DOOOMED because of the power of these consoles WHEN THEY LAUNCH. Then 1-2 years later, they are obsolete. This happened with the PS1,N64,PS2,XBOX,PS3,XBOX360 at launch...and it will happen again when the PS4 and the Next Xbox launches. People like you will say exactly what you just posted...and as the norm it will be false.
Morgan, stick to posting on a dedicated Sony site...or I assume you get paid by Sony too post elsewhere...
All I know as a PC gamer foremost, I am excited as hell at the specs of the PS4 because this will also push PC gaming. It works hand in glove. No more piss poor ports for the PC early on. Lets hope MS does the same with the Next Xbox.
Its a win win...Sorry Morgan, PC's are not going anywhere despite your rantings.

Shadow Flare2021d ago

One thing I'm going to hate about this generation is having pc fanboys join in these forums.

I've never associated the 2, console gaming to me is its own field and pc gaming is a completely different field like handheld gaming is. To me anyway. We don't get a lot of the pc games and pc doesn't get a lot of the console games.

Why do pc gamers think we care how powerful their pc is compared to a ps4? In this generation, when I compared ps3 games, I compared them to other console games. For me ps3 and Xbox were what you compared. PC to me can just stay out of the picture, it's not a console so why compare it?

AnteCash2021d ago

Well im having Both PC and PS4 , and il leave you fanboys to your pointless war.

So much ignorace from both sides.

I have a PC with ati 6770 , amd x4 3.2 gz and 4 gb ram, so i dont have i7 intel, 690 gtx ,16 gb ram(even tho no game on pc uses more than 5gb ram gb) like the WAST majority has in their PCs...

Instead lest be happy that games will look like Deep Down (done on early ps4 dev kit)by the end of the year.

ProjectVulcan2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

I like the fact PC games are probably going to be a lot, lot cheaper and that the PC game I bought 10 years ago still works on the brand new system I just built.

It is always gonna be a hot topic, but I must say that the people most informed, realistic and understand both sides best are usually the people who are actually PC gamers, because they often have a console as well.

What do they say about having kids?


JsonHenry2021d ago

LOL! The PS4 has a GPU that is OUTDATED already by two generations of PC hardware and it hasn't even been released yet. I've had 8gigs of DDR3 RAM in my PCs for over 4 years now. The only reason I haven't upgraded beyond 8 is because NO GAME uses more than 3.5 currently.

Will the PS4 be a beast of a console? Hell yes it will! Will it out-power most PCs for years to come? Yes- NON GAMING PCs. Will it outpower current mid level gaming rigs? NO. It is already outdated even for current mid level gaming let alone mid level hardware 9 months from now.

This isn't me ragging on the PS4. (I am extremely excited about the PS4!!)It is just a reality check from someone who knows a few things about PC hardware.

ziggurcat2021d ago

@ decrypt

what's even more hilarious are PC elitists (like yourself) going well out of their way to downplay the PS4's power/capabilities.

MysticStrummer2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

PC gamers need to get a few things through their heads...

1. Better graphics don't mean a better game (check GotY awards)
2. Piracy holds back PC gaming, not consoles
3. Most people have no interest in building and upgrading a gaming PC
4. Buying games cheaper makes you less attractive to devs
5. Having all that power is a waste if few devs use it

"How is COD going? are we waiting for the next rehash haaha."

There are no mindless shooters on PC? lol Riiight. Don't be mad just because our mindless shooter is better known than your mindless shooter.

Edit - Point 4 up there is like this - PC gamers are the people who wait for CDs/DVDs/Whatever to hit those big bargain bins at Walmart. The people who made them are glad someone bought them, but not as glad as if they were bought at full price. You'll never have full dev support with that bargain bin attitude.

solidt122021d ago

Not everybody who PC games has the latest high end video card. I game with a GTX 560ti but most of my friends that PC game way more than me has a video card older than mine.

NewMonday2021d ago

and supercomputers will always outpower PC's.

the point is what is the best deal for the average gamer who can't afford to spend 1000$ every 2 years to maintain that power gap.

SpinalRemains1382021d ago

someone didn't read the 'deal w/ it' article.

Go back to your uber Crysis settings. You know, the one justification for your thousands of dollars.

You play that game and we will play the hundreds of great games that PS4 will provide.

2021d ago
RememberThe3572021d ago

Anyone else read through half of this and realize how f*cking stupid everyone looks?

Guess what? When you buy your new super cool PC thats better than everything on earth, your going to be having just as much fun as the people who bought a super cool world beating PS4.

You guys are dick measuring and arguing over milimeters. Put your dicks away and play some videogames!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )


"Try buying a more powerful gaming pc for under $600 then let's talk. "


AMD FX-6300 6 core desktop cpu > 8 core tablet cpu.
8gb ddr3 ram
7850 Overclocked.

Price $535

Just saying you said to find one.

I would wait till next years when ddr4 ram & grrd6 gpus comes.

But still ps4 day1!!

RyuCloudStrife2021d ago

PS4PC?? WTF are you smoking. Never dare to compare the PS4 to a PC as stated in this article as documented irrefutable proof, the PS4 is much more than a PC.

Go fap at how good Crysis 3 looks, before the PS4 releases and obliterates it.

Amsterdamsters2021d ago

To the people responding to decrypt, why would the PC have to cost less than $600? I have a PC that is more powerful then the PS4 and it was less than $1,000 1 1/2 years ago. However, my PC runs literally millions of programs, how many programs run on the PS4? My PC even lets me run software that I've been buying for the last 20+ years, yet the PS4 wont even let me play any of the games I've bought for my PS3. Face it, the PS4 is a video game machine, nothing more. In 3 years time, you'll be able to purchase a low end gaming machine for less than $500 that will be more powerful than the PS4, yet a PC does far more, so it's worth more.

dale_denton2021d ago

haven't been here in awhile, mr. decrypt.. SERVED

MAJ0R2021d ago

Just saying that the PS4 will "out power" gaming PC's upon release is far fetched, but to say that it will do that for years to come is just hilarious. More so considering the fact that the PS4's CPU would be equivalent to what would be present in a laptop.

listenkids2021d ago

You also get COD.. What sort of retarded comment was that? Besides the point, even the ps3 outperforms every none gaming pc at this point, you couldn't even run warcraft on a sub £500 machine on max. Now, get your head out of your arse PC fan boy, and come back when you have a respectable line up of games.

fatstarr2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

ps4 will be the most powerful system untill 2020 when the ps5 comes out.
no pc from 2019 will dare match up to the power that is the ps4 in 2013.

^^ how sony fans think based on the disagrees on the comments with the most facts.

also almost any game can be run on a sub par pc, at some lame 800x 600 resolution.

cjflora2021d ago

This article is flame bait and you let them get to you.

husomc2021d ago

what he meant was PC gamers have to play the crappy non optimised ports that we make of the console versions.

Rainstorm812021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )


N4g_null2021d ago

At the same price as a ps4..... Like you know the price plus gt690 will be on sell by then. This is just for the video card...

Dude4202021d ago

Wow, I just came in to take a look, then witnessed an astronomical amount of BS in this thread. I find it hard to believe most of you have lives when so obsessed about hardware wars. Almost every post reminds me of this...

Seriously guys, take a walk outside, come back and enjoy playing a video game.

Sy_Wolf2021d ago

@Joab777, the architecture has existed for a long time on PC. It's an AMD APU, nothing special.

NewMonday2021d ago


but you forgot a few things:

* Windows OS
* GDDR5 is much more expensive than DDR3
* WiFi
* power supply
* case
* Motherboard
* mouse+keyboard

the cost is now about 900$

_-EDMIX-_2021d ago

the thing many of gamers seem to be disregarding, that in order for PC to have any of those high level enthusiast PC's even brought to there limits they need game publishers and developers to make that level of content to begin with.

2. someone mentioned having a PC on here that was over 1000 dollars and beat a Playstation 4. so what you're telling me is that 160,000,000 people will own that very same PC or equivalent in the next 5 to 6 years? if it's estimated that 60,000,000 people own a gaming PC's, how many will truly only own enthusiast PCs like the fancy 1K one mentioned? it doesn't take much in order to max out most games one doesn't indeed need that famous 1000 dollar PC.

that reason alone is why most publishers won't support development of a game for a enthusiast PC. which brings me to my third reason.

3. It has nothing to do with the level of power it has everything to do with how many people even own that much power. The only reason the number of PC's being developed specifically for gaming has risen, is because the prices of these PC parts are lowering and developers are scaling games better on PC to capitalize on newer GPU features ie DX11 and low budget indie titles have open source platform to make money on etc. I doubt the sales of AMD and Nvida GPU's for the last 8 years reach 160 million.

PS4 will probably do a couple million over any GPU to release in the same amount of time. its sales will decreased the cost of most of this hardware better than any company could ever do. developers have a better incentive to develop for a system with actual REAL sales. so its a couple million with enthusiast PC's VS a potential 200 plus million install base on consoles.

It's not that the hardcore enthusiast PC's are not as powerful, its that not enough people own them to even care about developing for them. The idiocy that comes from someone complaining about the power of a PC that barely any one even exclusively develops for, even less developing specifically for extremely high end. it's almost like me stating " your 1000 dollar PC is complete utter garbage, my workstation PC has a 4 terabyte SSD and a 16 gig vram GPU and 64 gigs of ram" if you could find whats strange and odd about that sentence you can now find why majority of this bickering is quite useless and silly. PC gaming needs consoles to get to developers to start developing with better hardware, consoles need the PC to keep pushing this technology and the industry. If there was no PC gaming it would be no target for Sony or Microsoft to make there systems on, nothing would really stop them from continuing to make underpowered systems if you couldn't get more power elsewhere on PC's.

PC's keep companies like Sony and MS on there toes. ie, Sony and MS MUST release a PS5 (next MS system) etc because come 7 years, PC's will have that 8gigs needed for gaming as the norm, mainly because of the nextgen push that will happen with 3rd party developers. Once they start porting to PC fomr PS4 and 720, expect the new norm to be 6 or more gigs. Now that 8 gigs isn't just a "high end" thing, it will actually start being used in PC gaming development.

thus it all comes around full circle. Consoles get the numbers up in terms of tech, publishers port to PC, PC now upgrades tech to match it and so on. Of course in the next 3 years or so you will see some BEAST PC games, but look at it this way, someone has to let MS and Sony know its time to upgrade. LOL.

SonyAddict2021d ago

Well I most definitely will get a ps4 and am saving up for a $1.400 gaming rig which will probably wipe the floor with your outdated PC

ps3_pwns2020d ago

hows sim city and diablo 3 going for you buddy? drm all over your games bro.

AntBoogy902020d ago

I actually agree with you decrypt.

By the time the PS4 comes out, it will be using a mid-end video card from last gen, whereas today it would be using a high-end video card from today's gen. And PC gamers will keep updating their rigs.

Not knocking the PS4, the performance it will bring will be quite a wallop for console owners. I only hope they experience 1080p 60fps games just as much as us PC gamers.

Denethor_II2020d ago

"Enjoying Sim City there?"

I am very addictive.

Seafort2020d ago

@Muerte2494 "Outside of Battlefield 3 and Witcher 2, there weren't many PS3/360/PC games where PC was the lead platform."

PC is the lead platform for Ubisofts new game , Watch Dogs.
The PC is always the lead platform or have you forgotten all console games are developed on PCs? They are just dumbed down for consoles with lower res textures to fit into their memory then the devs work backwards to upgrade the graphics again for PC. It's very counter productive.

@MysticStrummer "How is COD going? are we waiting for the next rehash haaha."

There are no mindless shooters on PC? lol Riiight. Don't be mad just because our mindless shooter is better known than your mindless shooter."

That mindless shooter you talk of was a PC exclusive game. It came out first on PC many years ago but Activision has been milking the same shit to console gamers for years now. It actually had a long single player campaign and not this 4-5 hrs crap we have now.

Btw the closer consoles get to becoming PCs the easier it will be to pirate. I guess you didn't think of that, right? :P
I'd stop blaming PC for piracy as that's just gonna come back and bite you on your ass for this next generation.

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Lior2021d ago

Wow sorry but the ps4 is already out powered, intel i7 extreme series is the fastest CPU out there beating amd and the ps4 has a mid end gpu like a gtx 670 when we have the gtx 690 which is more than 2.5 times more powerful.

zebramocha2021d ago

What's the price for the CPU?and how likely do you believe there more people with a gtx 690 in comparison to a gtx 670?most people know that PC's will out perform consoles but what holds pc back are API overhead,drives,no standards hardware so a developer could maximize the hardware.

imdaboss12021d ago

I dont know why fanboys bring up how this chips out outperform the ps4 and etc crap but how much are you guys spending on it? its sad when pc owners dont now what they are talking about ..when their pc dont even come close to the PS4 specs..

SilentNegotiator2021d ago

What part of "most PCs" didn't you understand?

The average PC gamer doesn't have a i7 and gtx 670 or anything near it.

You're insane if you think GTX 670 is "mid end"

BrianC62342021d ago

We? Good grief. I think you're in denial though. The PC industry is dying. It used to be about making things bigger and faster but that ended a few years ago. Nothing much has changed lately. Not enough to get most people to upgrade. I built my computer about three years ago and it's good enough for everything I need. I refuse to waste a lot of money upgrading it every year or two. Better to spend a little on a console and not worry about upgrades.

valanceer2021d ago

Sony hasn't release what gpu they're using so keep your mouth shut on that topic. place is crawling with pc gamers since ps4 was annouced.. guess they're scared... hahaha

EeJLP-2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

A 670 costs ~$360 (for 1 single component)
A 690 costs ~$1000 (for 1 single component)

Yea, you probably could have a PC that is more powerful than a PS4, but currently that PC would be thousands of dollars and you'd be .00001% of the PC gaming community vs. 100% of PS4 owners having the same hardware.

These 'but PC could possibly potentially if you're a millionaire be faster' arguments are dumb. decrypt, Lior, etc.

MysticStrummer2021d ago

I see. You think listing one computer somehow disproves the guy's statement. You're very wrong. Your logic is like the person who says "There is no Global Warming because it snowed at my house today."

Amsterdamsters2021d ago

I'm finding the replies to Lior here very amusing. Do you people take everything that Sony tells you as gospel. Do you really think that Sony has some magic that allows it to have a system built (by others, as Sony doesn't build them) cheaper than what any other company out there can have them built for? I have a high end PC, 360, PS3 & Wii U. I guarantee that my PC is more powerful than the PS4. Not only that, but my PC lets me runs literally millions of different programs. How many will you be able to run on the PS4? The PS4, like the 360, PS3 Wii U etc is a video game machine. People who think that the PS4 is the most powerful thing on Earth are extremely ignorant. Also, don't forget that Sony hires bloggers that also go into groups like these to talk up their systems. Don't buy the hype.

listenkids2021d ago

Gtx690 vs Gtx670 which games would you notice differ heavily? None. Games aren't optimized for a high end pc, never will be.

Rainstorm812021d ago


Put down the bowl and listen carefully...........the only reason anyone here is talking about the PS4 IS because its a GAMING CONSOLE!!!!!

Isn't that why we are here? GAMING?! Why would anyone HERE care that a PC can run other applications? NO ONE wants a PS4 to run MS Office.....We want it to run HIGH END GAMES!

Buddy I think you are here arguing for the wrong cause, we know its only a gaming machine AND that's why we want it because when it releases it will have the POTENTIAL to be the best at what it was built to do..........PLAY GAMES......**jeez** o_O

N4g_null2021d ago

The i5 keeps up with the specs of the ps4, i7s are in laptops now with slightly better video cards. What will be funny is when the ps4 is included in pc chip benchmark web sites then we can see what these apples produce.

Unfortunate Sony can't buy off pc reviews for hype.

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Mr-SellJack2021d ago Show
3-4-52021d ago

Most yes...only because most aren't top of the line.

Day 1 it will be underpowered compared to most PC's......but every gaming console ever made is like that so it's nothing new.

That being said.....I'm, for the first time ever in my life, actually excited for a PlayStation Console.

I'm still leaning towards Xbox just because that is what I've had..that or a Wii U maybe, but the PS4 impressed the heck out of me and I can't wait to see what it can accomplish.

The PS4 is really good for the gaming industry and I support that 100%

MysticStrummer2021d ago

"Most yes...only because most aren't top of the line.

Day 1 it will be underpowered compared to most PC's......but every gaming console ever made is like that so it's nothing new."

Those two statements seem very contradictory.

I didn't press agree or disagree, but I agree with the top statement. That's the point PC gamers here don't seem to get. Just because they upgraded their rig doesn't mean everyone did. With a PC you can keep your rig ahead of a new game's system requirements, but that's usually going to mean you have substantially more power than you need. Devs aren't going to put in extra work to squeeze more out of a game than most people will ever see.

imdaboss12021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

its funny how pc owner comes out all the sudden and say PS4 is outdated when your pc is..Face it the PS4 is a powerful high end with it..I bet you none of you suppose pc owners have the same specs as the know why ? because its not even out yet.. if you are truly a pc gamers good luck spending thousand of dollars knowing most developers wont take advantage of it.

bumnut2021d ago

My PC is outdated? I play my games at 2560 x 1440p, Consoles can't match that. Before you mention 4K, no games will run at 4K except something crap like tetris.

It you think you are going to get something that matches a $2000 gaming PC for whatever PS4 costs you need help.

Im getting a PS4 because I like playing games and I refuse to pay MS's 'internet tax'

Do I think it will beat my gaming PC? no, but I don't expect it to.

Will I still have fun playing games on it? Yes

Muffins12232021d ago

Maybe in ram for a year or 2 but not in the gpu or cpu...