Does the Wii U update really improve loading times?

NE: "...I’ve seen a few outlets claim that it “seems” like the update has sped things up on their consoles. Unfortunately, “seeming” isn’t good enough for me, and since I hadn’t taken it upon myself to update my console yet, I decided to test some load times both before and after the update to see how they compared."

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WilliamH1988d ago

One thing caught my eye that really surprised me, does it really take that long to go into settings, 16 seconds seems like a ridiculous time.

lashes2ashes1988d ago

Every thing loads that slow. Or longer. It drives me nuts lol.

meganick1987d ago

You're exaggerating. It takes roughly 6 to 10 seconds to load apps or settings, not 16 seconds or longer. Though I'm not sure what it's like with the update because I haven't downloaded it yet. Hopefully it improves things.

Mounce1987d ago


Yea, you're right. The site is clearly lying. They're just totally Anti-Nintendo.

Solves all problems when you can just call them Haters.

PopRocks3591988d ago

It seems to differentiate with each individual system. Mine takes between ten to fifteen seconds and my friend's Wii U is able to load most thing within eight to twelve.

Hopefully the April update will provide a more significant improvement.

kB01987d ago

This has always been the problem with Nintendo products. They always have beautiful and eye catching GUI but their function when it didn't work was FRUSTRATING...remember Shutting down your DS after go into settings??? That was annoying...

Even on the 3Ds things slow down and Street passes to get puzzle peaces crawls WITH LAG sometimes....

Amazing presentation flawed execution always with Nintendo's GUI and OS.

It will all be fixed hopefully (it usually is) and we can put it behind us.

Even PS Store (the newly released App) was buggy, slow and just awkward and just now it's getting better.

Hopefully by the time I grab a Wii U it will be fixed...I hope they don't do what they did with the PSP and double the RAM on the revisions of the Wii.U (or increase speed) and screw old users.

meganick1987d ago

It doesn't take 16 seconds, but it does take longer than it should. I'll have to see if the update improves that issue.

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Cam9771988d ago

Just wait until games requiring a larger degree of the system's memory come along.

BullyMangler1987d ago

so am i going to feel affected by the load times, or be greatfull for those games requiring a larger degree of the systems memory?? . mm hM

PopRocks3591987d ago

You mean after the April update which is meant to lower the load times even further? Sure! Bring on those games. I'd be cool with that type of schedule.

ozzywazzy1987d ago

Oh poor pop rocks. Do you ever tire of trying so incredibly hard? The wii u has you working overtime.

PopRocks3591987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

I don't know what's more sad; that I received four+ disagrees or that a troll received three+ agrees in the same context.

You never fail me community!

TongkatAli1987d ago

I got a shitload of disagrees for saying if you like indie games a Vita is good for that. The same people who disagreed me bubble you up.

tweet751987d ago

this isnt the update that was supposed to speed things up i thought nintendo said two major ones are coming soon. This was just a minor one thats not supposed to change much

BullyMangler1987d ago

yep yap . the wiiU is only going through puberty .. .

LOL_WUT1987d ago

LOL, what the hell does that supposed to mean?

4 months in and it's still not fixed? There shouldn't be any excuse for this hopefully they can fixed this issue ASAP. ;)

Dubaman1987d ago

Do you forget that the X360 needed a patch to actually output in HD? Updates and improvements are common occurrences now. It's not like the WiiU is broken and yet it's being made better.

MontyQ1987d ago

zomg the update is like having a SSD inside the WiiU lol

danitanzo1987d ago

The update is not supposed to speed any thing up... Its just for "stability" or whatever...

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