10 Unique Ways Sony Can Use Gaikai With The PS4

"It has been almost a full year since Sony acquired game streaming gurus Gaikai, and they’ve had almost nothing to show of this pricey acquisition. That is, until now. The announcement of the PS4 saw Sony hinting at the way Gaikai’s streaming services will be integrated into the new PlayStation gaming experience. We’ve been given minor glimpses of how Gaikai will be used already but, with such a unique asset tied to their next gen offering, I’m sure there are plenty of creative new ways that Sony will be using game streaming tech. We’ll be discussing them below in an eclectic mix of rumour and total pipe-dreams."

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Jaqen_Hghar2020d ago

A man is excited, but a man will keep his PS3 until he sees how well this works.

gameseveryday2020d ago

It's simple. Since the PS4 won't run physical PS3 games, don't sell your PS3.

smashcrashbash2020d ago

And I am sure Sony isn't stupid.When the PS4 is released I am certain they will lower the price of the PS3. People just don't understand. Sony is still selling the PS3 and are not finished with it.If they put BC on the PS4 they jeopardize PS3 sales and are left with millions of units of hardware on their hands.I know that gamers will say 'Who cares?' but as a company that isn't a smart decision at all.

OlgerO2020d ago

A man would be wise to

Cam9772020d ago

Turn it onto a PornStation 4?

Conzul2020d ago

Depends entirely on the integrity of the web browser.

DiRtY2020d ago

Gaikai will be for backwards compatibility and it won't be free. MS charges for multiplayer gaming, Sony charges for backward compatibility. You heard it here first.

smashcrashbash2020d ago

Did they Sony say that Gakai wouldn't be free? We don't pay to downloading PSN and PS3 game so what makes you think we will have to pay for it now? Why make that assumption?

Conzul2020d ago

I like how they think it can be used to stream PC games. If that happened, WUT NOW??!?

2020d ago
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