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Submitted by gulevski 1068d ago | opinion piece

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII: 5 Ways To Make It Memorable

"Final Fantasy XIII is a very polarising series within the Final Fantasy series. Critical reviews haven’t been awful, and compared to earlier games in the FF series, it’s hard to proclaim that FFXIII and its sequel are the worst games of the series." | (Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, PS3, Xbox 360)

ritsuka666  +   1068d ago
People should stop arguing about games that they don't like, lots of persons, traditional and non traditional FF fans love the FF13 saga, which is why Square made another game of it. Anyway, Square is working so hard for the fans who actually loves the 13 Lightning ark and I'm more than pleased.
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ShugaCane  +   1068d ago
FF 13 is the most criticized game of the entire franchise and yet SE decides to make TWO other games in the same universe. Not to mention that people have been asking for more info on Vs13 for years now, and still nothing. I'm sorry but I don't see how they are working "so hard" for the fans. Actually, it's quite the opposite and it feels as if they're doing it on purpose. Look at the PS4 event. All they came up with was a recycled demo and a very exciting "Wait for E3". Come on...
MaideninBlack  +   1068d ago
If FFXIII-2 had sold as much or more than the first game then I'd be more inclined to agree w/your assumption that fans love the FF13 saga, but it didn't.

FFXIII-2 sold worse, despite its improvements. And now, for some reason, the game's producer thinks that if Lightning is the only playable character in a series best known for having parties, it'll magically sell better.

I'm pretty sure Lightning has her far share of fans out there but I'm not one of them and the FFXIII saga does not appeal to this Final Fantasy fan.
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N4GDgAPc  +   1068d ago
It still sold around 3 million copies. It sold little under half of ff13 but 3 million copies is still good. Not much games sale that much. They still made a lot of profit because it cost a lot less to make ff13-2.

@edit @Godmars290

Well for me they better make a 3rd game. It ended with a cliff hanger. It was expected for them to make it.

Hows selling 3 million bad for a company? Most developers wish they could reach that sells. I can actually see LRFF13 selling really well in Japan just because Lightning is in it.
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Godmars290  +   1068d ago
That it sold well enough for the company does not mean that such should be considered generally good. Not when reaction to it will effect how fans react to the next.

If FF13 sold 5 million and FF13-2 sold 3 million, then FF13-3 will be lucky to do 2 million.

Really don't understand the fan logic of "what's good for a company is good for me."

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Temporary  +   1068d ago
I hope Lightning Dies in the end.
Godmars290  +   1068d ago
Brainiac, its not about the company. Its about the - FANS!

In such instances as this when as a fan you put the interest of a company before your own, when it becomes impossible for you to see the flaw in such thinking - which is actually an insult to thinking - you may as well just give them all of your money. Do expect anything in return, just give them your money.

I mean - FFS - DQX by reports is one of the poorest selling in the series in recent history, will likely never leave Japan, but because its subscription based Square is seeing a profit.

It generally bad for fans, especially those worldwide, but its great for Square because they made money off of it. They can basically tell fans to go eff themselves, but its still great for them.

Godmars290  +   1068d ago
No. Like a long car train-wreck, Square had the sequels both planned and in production before the 13 was released. They intended to make yearly releases of the series, and we've seen yearly releases. No development of story, familiar character thrown into situations different than they were in before, because no time was given to create a solitary plot.
StinKyNuGz  +   1068d ago
three11_mtl  +   1068d ago
It's kind of weird indeed!! While everyone seems to be crying for a next gen (current gen) FF7 remake, at least some kind of news on FF versus XIII, we're getting an HD version of FFX and another sequel to the XIII saga which like mentioned here was very polarized in terms of critics and fan reaction.

And while Square Enix probably thinks that it's a vocal minority that are requesting these, I think that they are being completely fools!! An FF7 remake would sell like crazy, I don't care what anyone says, I'd be first in line to get it and I'm not the most hardcore FF fan. FF Versus XIII has everyone buzzing even though we haven't had much info at all about anything even though this has been announced at least 4-5 years ago.

No wonder Square Enix has completely lost its hardcore RPG fan base, and have lost money in recent years!!
Summons75  +   1068d ago
Why is this list basically everything thy've already mentioned? There is custom weapons and costumes which add to your abilities. A huge world with plenty of content like 13-2 and 13. It's ending the story of lightning and probably leading into vs13 (just my thought though). There has always been funny moments in any FF game and they are changing the battle system almost completely.

This sounds like one of those haters who once again pay no attention to a game they will never play but still cry and complain about it despite not even playing it. The haters are in the minority but are in such denial because they want to hate it they can't open their eyes to see how many similarities 13 has to other FF games, especially FF10 which these haters praise.

I being a FF fan from the Snes days will pick this up like I did with 13 and 13-2 and thoroughly enjoy it like real FF fans will. I would like VS13 but until then I'll take what is given.
Temporary  +   1068d ago
Im sorry but "real" final fantasy fans are the ones that complain. The people that enjoy FFXIII are the ones that never played the ones from earlier generations, so they have no frame of reference with which to criticize their new games with.

Squaresoft was the king of RPGs, Square-enix is a poor excuse for a developer. They have none of the talent and 'magic' they had past gens.
-Gespenst-  +   1068d ago
Em, well I've played like every Final Fantasy games thus far and consider myself a huge fan. In fact I've played tons of rpgs, and I still think the XIII games are decent. They're not the best FFs but they're still amazing in the visual and audio departments. They lack the meat of the previous games, but for what they are, they're certainly not bad.
WildArmed  +   1068d ago
"real" final fantasy fans - I lol'd.

By enjoying FFXIII, even if it was just for it's post-game, makes me a "fake" final fantasty fan i guess.

Never mind the fact that I own and played thoroughly each and every FF.

Is it the best FF? No, easily not.
Is it the worst RPG out there? No, easily not.

The story was pretty bad, but it had other strong points.
AdmiralSnake  +   1068d ago
Oh god...please go somewhere with this elitist crap, I'm sick and tired of seeing the same rebuked comments on every FF article.

You guys bashed this game to the ground on ALL LEVELS, I really can't take most of you seriously. Hell, I've seen people even say the music is terrible, when FF13-13-2 Music was/is amazing.
rainslacker  +   1068d ago
I understand the criticisms the "real" fans have of the game, and I even thought some of them myself. The only major issue I had was with the story, because while deep it wasn't delivered very well. The mostly boring VA didn't help either.

But please stop assuming that a real fan has to hate FF13. I liked it well enough, and I like 13-2 quite a bit. There are fans out there that like Lightning. There were 2 million people that liked FF13 enough to buy 13-2. Those same 2 million will likely buy 13-3. That's a large number of fans to ignore, and if you don't want this game then fine, don't buy it. But don't judge others love of the series based on your own insular thinking.

Now, if you want to discuss FF13 as how your disappointed with the changes to FF as a whole then that's fine too. But do so in an intelligent and respectful manner.
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N4GDgAPc  +   1068d ago
Well there is alot of people that hate the game but its not close to what they think. I read alot of comments saying that everyone almost hates ff13 which is not even close to being true.

One thing you get with a big huge fan base is they are more out spoken. You will hear on how someone hates the game more than they like it on a well established series.

When it comes down to it its great for me. I get to play LRff13 and play ffvs13 when it finally comes out. And I agree I do believe LRFF13 will lead to vs13. And I pretty sure ffvs13 will be a ps4 game(hopefully).

@edit @Temporary

Thats a stupid comment. So your saying that Summons75 has never played past games(which he already commented he did)?

Guess what I played them all to. And guess what top 4 ff games I played?


But I must of dreamed I played a FF game because there is no way I played past games because I loved ff13.
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WildArmed  +   1068d ago
Lack of FF6 makes my heart ache ;)
Just loved the cast and the story. You can't top a villain that literally achieves what he wanted from the beginning of the game.

It's my fav. FF, followed by FFX/FF8.
N4GDgAPc  +   1068d ago
You know FF6 would probly be a better remake than ff7. Imagine ff6 updated with the graphics today and cinematic cutscenes and voice acting. The game would be amazing.

I think for me why FFVII is my favorite game is the nostalgic feal. There was nothing like it. With awsome cutscenes great 3d graphics(at the time) and great story on top of it.

Imagine if you never played ff7 and just now started playing it. The game wouldn't be the same at all. I bet ff7 wouldn't be even close to one of my favorite games I ever played.
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wishingW3L  +   1068d ago
don't even try to grasp at straws. If most people didn't hate FF13 then FF13-2 would have sold much more than 2 millions compared to FF13's 7 millions. ;)
MrAnderson   1068d ago | Immature | show
-Gespenst-  +   1068d ago
Hmmm, his comment about the battle system only requiring the same strategy every time is false. Of course you always build up the stagger meter, but it's very important how and at what rate you do it. He obviously didn't fight Gilgamesh or any of the Coliseum fights (bloody hell they're hard.) or Raspatil for that matter.

The battle system is quite complex, I suppose the only reason it mightn't seem that way is because the actual main stories of the games don't really make very challenging use of it.

But yeah, there should definitely be optional dungeons and secret places. I was certain the Ark above Academia (in XIII-2) would be a secret dungeon or something.
WildArmed  +   1068d ago

Firstly, i gotta say I loved FFXIII more than FXIII-2.
Mainly because the monster hunting limited you soooo much in your paradigms.

FF13, I had a varied paradigms. Taking down Long Gui is very challenging. Even if you forget the super bosses, some side missions and story missions bosses have unique weaknesses that will make you rethink your tactics.
wishingW3L  +   1068d ago
if by complex you mean "brain-dead" and "shallow" then you're correct. The battle system might seem confusing at first but complex is not.
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-Gespenst-  +   1068d ago
You don't know what you're talking about unless you've fought the Coliseum fights or any of the optional / super bosses in either of the games. All of those require a lot of concentration, micro-managing and precise timing. To be honest, if all the fights were that hard, the game probably wouldn't be enjoyable at all, but they should make the main story fights maybe a little bit harder (which it is possible to do)
rainslacker  +   1068d ago
The problem was, for me at least, is that for the most part, the intricacies of the battle system weren't necessary, and you could pretty much get through the game without knowing anything about it. It wasn't until I started doing missions where I really got into it, and after that I used it in regular battles as well, it really changed how I thought of the game overall.

The Paradigm system was good, but the lack of being able to usefully choose your spells or attacks in a speedy fashion kind of brought it down a peg. You had to be really quick, and know exactly what to do with the control pad in order to make efficient use of your normal abilities, and since I always turned "wait" on for the ATB of the past, it was kind of jarring for me to just mash X most of the time.
trenso1  +   1068d ago
If the game includes a demo or trailer for versus 13 will make it memorable
tiffac008  +   1068d ago
I agree with ending the story suggestion. Not having a proper ending made FFXIII-2 very disappointing.

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