PlayStation 4 Teaser was YouTube’s most watched video in February

In a month that’s usually dominated by Super Bowl ads, all eyes were on the PlayStation 4 announcement instead.

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Septic1411d ago

Yeah it is! Pretty impressive feat. It's quite astonishing how gaming always appears to be at the forefront of the YouTube main page. I thought it was just my browser tailoring suggestions to me but was surprised when a non gaming work colleague's YouTube main page was showing a lot of gaming related stuff.

solid_warlord1410d ago

What about Nintendo Direct when they announced NEW Zelda and Mario games.

DeadlyFire1410d ago

Surprised me to see 26+ Million on that one PS4 video. Sony is going to move alot faster with PS4 than they did with PS3.

PeaSFor1410d ago


are you insecure or something?

rainslacker1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )


The official ND you mention got almost 25K views. Pretty easy to look up on YouTube. So as to the ND conference you cite, it WAS NOT the most watched video on YouTube in February. Wouldn't expect it to be since it was in January.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1411d ago

Buh M$ said no body knows about ps4!! :(

subtenko1411d ago

Alright, the joke may be getting old,lol. Time to look and see what M$ is actually gonna do. Lets see what ya got to offer M$.

Funny thing is Sony isnt even done showing off what the PS4 has to offer! Its so crazzzzzy ^_^

maniacmayhem1410d ago

Kaz said you needed three jobs to afford the PS3.

And it wasn't MS, it was one exec in MS.

Stop trolling.

Reverent1410d ago

@Maniac, that exec working for Microsoft should have been more professional then. He should have realized that anything he said, would have been said as if he were an ambassador for Microsoft, because he is. If Sony had any employee talk about the next Xbox in such a way, the exact same reactions would have been taken from the Xbox community. So don't try to act all superior.

chaos-lockheart1410d ago

lol, some people watched it more then 3 times.

core_51411d ago

awesome trailer and sony like ...

khowat1411d ago

200 million units, calling it!

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The story is too old to be commented.