SimCity - How To Manage Power, Water and Sewage Systems

SegmentNext - "Tips on how to manage Power, Water, Sewage and Waste Disposal utilities in SimCity 2013".

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konnerbllb2021d ago

Start with something simple first. How to get a free spot on the server.

Scenarist2021d ago

your a little late with your sarcasm dont you think ? .... take that sh^t else where... good thing you only have 1 bubble

Cirran2021d ago

Any time is good time for sarcasm.

cyborg472021d ago

Senarist...EA employee? :P

Panthers2021d ago

Not as simple as it sounds I guess.

Derekvinyard132021d ago

Can you guys play yet? I still cant

Scenarist2021d ago

im playing fine .. .anybody want to join my region send me a pm im on NA east 1

RE_L_MAYER2021d ago

Scenarist comment-he is an ea spy

Scenarist2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

lol yup im an ea spy... who wants a free simcity key ?
agree to this 100 times and i swear i will post a key right here

edit : not serious about the spy.... but serious about the key

vork772021d ago

first get into a working server then get kick out then ask for a refund and and play another game

GiantFriendlyCrab2021d ago

just crack the game, and play offline