Mass Effect 3 and the “illuminati” Symbol: Coincidence or Not?

On the tail end of our recent Podcast (Part 1 | Part 2) concerning Mass Effect 3′s ending and its Citadel DLC, both of which we enjoyed playing thoroughly, we bring you detailed analysis of the Synthesis Ending and now the other potential Dark Energy Ending which was scrapped and what extra, hidden meanings may have been implied in them. Apparently, we aren’t the only ones noticing interesting plot twists, symbolism, and suggestive dialogue in the trilogy series’ fascinating script of mankind during the intergalactic species period of our existence (presumably the future).

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Chidori2024d ago

Lol @ the 3rd video. The guy sounds so upset and appalled. But yea, coincidence? Probably not. Could be an easter egg Bioware left for us to go crazy about. Or it could be that the Illuminati really do exist and are now leaving their mark in our biggest games. I mean, this is EA we are talking about here. They would be the first on the list in the industry to be affiliated with the Illuminati.

SanMarco2024d ago

Actually Activision would be first on the list.

Chidori2024d ago

Activision milks their franchises. People know what to expect from them, but with EA you never know what's going to happen next. Sometimes they are just pure evil. Take the latest Sim City controversy for example. Threatening to ban a user for demanding a refund? And for very good reasons too? Even after EA publicly promised refunds to unsatisfied customers? That's just evil. Activision hasn't really done anything WRONG. They grind franchises to the ground, yeah. But the people buying the games are to blame for that. COD wouldn't be the same ole COD if it didn't sell 20+ million every year.

3-4-52024d ago

Only the 30th game to have something illuminati in it..

EliteDave932024d ago

We all know Illuminati exist. But the question is if we should fear them or not.

GiantFriendlyCrab2024d ago

they are a myth, do not exist anymore

rezzah2024d ago

when did they stop existing?

GiantFriendlyCrab2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

In 1785 the Illuminati were closed by the Bavarian government. Whatever reason it was, i really think there was no use for the it anymore, it served its purpose after the age of enlightenment.

RTheRebel2024d ago

they exist buddy
music industry, government, some sports figures are part of the illuminati.

princejb1342024d ago

they dont exist dude
all these celebrities mainly rappers claim their illuminati for entertainment purposes
sadly the public believes them

rezzah2024d ago

Truth is no one knows. Everything is left to speculation. Unless you believe everything the media tells you.

aLucidMind2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

Anyone thinking these are illuminati symbols are idiots. The first one is a hallway that leads to a room that you have to pivot the camera just right to give the impression that the hallway is triangular. Even then, it looks nothing like the symbol.

The second one is just a triangle with a dot in the center, it is not the symbol. The symbol has an eye above the pyramid; another case of finding clues that aren't there.

The third one is the same thing, seeing clues that aren't actually there. These three are just cases of wishful thinking; they actively want to perceive these as symbols despite them not even being similar to them.

GribbleGrunger2024d ago

This is freaky and actually frightening. It seems there is no space -- virtual or real -- that I can move into that is not controlled. I'm really hoping that both Sony and Microsoft don't start wearing pointy hats and watching us with their built in cameras! Who knows where it could end? They could turn your fridge off so that your milk goes sour or even make your lights flicker a bit ... It's a future I want no part in at all.

cerpintaxt442024d ago

this is so dumb how does something like this get on the front page those are not illuminati symbols

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