If Games Were Dreams, What Would They Mean?

Dreams have been pondered for hundreds of years. Their bizarre iconography and hidden meanings are the subject of many a thesis and internet discussion. Some people have even had a stab at creating dream dictionaries to categorise common dreams and symbols to give a clue as to how to interpret your own.

But what if games were dreams? Games Radar have put several famous games through the system to see whether any of it makes sense. And here are the deep, meaningful and sometimes painfully accurate results.

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Silellak3877d ago

So does "Sorry Mario, the Princess is in another castle" actually mean "No one will ever, ever love you, you fat, lonely, smelly man"?

damnwrx3877d ago


Tempist3877d ago

GamesRadar keeps providing some fine content. Quite interesting. Hope they do a follow up on this.

NO_PUDding3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

It's kind of fine content, it's getting better now the medias view of PS3 is changing.

It's like a social gaming site. It brings up very interesting and amusing articles about games, but they are hardly ever very informative.