SXSW: Analyst Says PS4 and Next Xbox Games Will Cost $70

PS4 and next Xbox games will retail at $70, ten dollars more than current gen games, said Wedbush Securities Research Analyst Michael Pachter.

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cayleee2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

Gahaha, it doesnt matter. Ill need to go out and buy those games anyways, since all my PS3 games wont be working on the PS4.

3 Jobs should easily do the trick, parents pension funds are an option too.

a_bro2020d ago

Everything that's wrong in the gaming industry is summed up right here.

decrypt2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )


Didnt you know..

Console gamers.. Don't care about BC.

Most of them will happily sell of their current games at throw away prices to pay for the new games at the new price. In the end they will end up buying HD remakes for what they currently own or they will end up paying for Streaming services.

The ones that choose to keep their old boxes will eventually get tired of having to re buy old boxes once they fail and will eventually join the rest of the herd.

Muerte24942019d ago

that much about BC then just keep your ps3. Guess what? You won't even require an internet connection to play them.

ThanatosDMC2019d ago

$70 but they're charging us ridiculous prices for DLC maps, levels, campaign stories, etc. that should all ready be in the disk.

Gotta love Far Cry 3's content... it's a step up from the crap they pulled in Ass Creed 2 with that lady on the boat segment DNA.

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princejb1342019d ago

i hope not
but if it does is goodbye gaming for me

sdozzo2019d ago

Liar. If ten bucks a game turns you away you shouldn't be blowing money on gaming to begin with. Rat.

princejb1342019d ago


dude really
ps2 days i used to pay $50 a game and as a poor high school student in those days $50 was a lot
now I'm a poor college student paying $60
imagine paying $70 as a poor student
no way dude it all adds up

our food, rent and daily expense are already going up. why would gaming go up also if its only for entertainment

BitbyDeath2019d ago

$70 isn't that bad, some 3rd party games cost $120 in Australia.

$70 would be awesome in comparison.

Blackhawk32019d ago

$70? Not that I can't afford it, but I don't want to afford it. I'll be waiting on price drops for most titles then. Best of luck to them if they think sales will improve.

Only my must play titles will I be buying brand new out of the gate.

ApolloTheBoss2019d ago

Certainly Not. Jack Trenton already said PS4 games would be $60 or less. Why are people still posting this crap?

ShaunCameron2019d ago

That's just him. He doesn't speak for the 3rd-party publishers who might charge $70 for the games they decide to put on the PS4.

Merrill2019d ago

So all used games will potentially be blocked and we have to pay more for new games, more DLC and micro-transactions...

Jesus, they really hate gamer's and want every cent from you. The industry really needs to crash and be born again.

OlgerO2019d ago

Good god pachter at it again, I want to punch this guy

DeadlyFire2018d ago

Sony president already stated PS4 games will range from .99 up to $60.

Sure publishers could try $70 if they want to do so, but I won't buy their game for a year until it hits a sweet price point.

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2020d ago
JBSleek2019d ago

Some likely will others will not.

Megaton2019d ago

Jack Tretton already said $60.

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