Have SimCity and Diablo III Ruined Always-Online DRM?

EA and Blizzard have single-handedly lost the trust of most consumers with an always on DRM.

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Nitrowolf21928d ago

No, the idea of Always-Online DRM is terrible.

Derekvinyard131927d ago

You can't be more right, I can't see a positive in the idea of DRM

b163o11927d ago

Excuse me, what the hell is a DRM?

thorstein1927d ago

@b Digital Rights Management. It is supposed to prevent piracy when all it really does is prevent honest people from playing games they paid for.

kevnb1927d ago

There's DRM on nearly everything, but some is more restrictive than others.

PinkFunk1927d ago

I agree obviously. It's an absolutely terrible and petty idea.

However, if EA and Blizzard were in any way on the ball, they would have understood the risks of implementing always-online DRM, and made absolutely 100% sure that it would work right off the bat. In that case, though we would still believe always-online DRM to be a terrible thing, we wouldn't have so much ammunition against them.

...But, they royally f***ed up their launches beyond belief. And i'm glad for this, personally, because I hope this kills the shit out of always-online DRM.

kevnb1927d ago

Naw, Diablo III sold awesome and was never pirated. Mind you Diablo was fixed promptly, sim city is being handled too slowly.

Rupee1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

@kevnb actually diablo 3 took about three weeks to get fully up and running. I think it took even longer to get the auction house setup. And then even longer for PVP. All of which were implied as being in the game near launch.

1nsaint1927d ago

Daauum, u have more bubbles then a bottle of coke

TechnicianTed1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Shouldn't it be -

'Has Always-Online DRM Ruined SimCity and Diablo III?'

admiralvic1927d ago

Not in the least, since people were against it before either game released. Screwing it up only showed that companies not only ignore what we have to say (or just don't care) and are perfectly fine with allowing their products to fail due to lazyness.

Awesome-Xanto1927d ago

Always online DRM was never good to begin with, these games have just shown consumers why... unless your talking about an MMO.

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The story is too old to be commented.