PS3 vs. Xbox 360 ports - Microsoft's rebuttal

In response to GamePro's article, Microsoft's global marketing director, Albert Penello, offered the following response:

"We have to disagree with your conclusion that the trend of Xbox 360 versions of games being best is changing, especially when you look at the entire catalog of multiplatform titles available. We also feel there were some key features of Xbox 360 games that deserved a little more play in your reviews. For multiplatform console owners, Achievements and Gamerscore have to be listed as an influencing factor to purchase the Xbox 360 version; their success and popularity is undeniable. The fact that other consoles have not implemented anything like this across every game should not be a reason to leave these features out of consideration. Plus, with Xbox 360 the capability for controller rumble comes standard, not as a future option and you get all the benefits of Xbox LIVE and its community of more than 10 million members.

'The cold, hard truth' is that Xbox 360 has the best games - and industry reviewers and consumers agree. Xbox 360 has more games with an aggregate review score of 90 or higher than the competition combined and multiplatform titles regularly sell better on Xbox 360. The majority of games are still lead developed for Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE simply makes games better. The competition between platforms is great for gamers and in 2008 we are going to continue to work with developers to push the boundaries of our platform and the LIVE service to make sure the best game experiences continue to be on Xbox 360."

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Silellak3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

Wow, all that marketing bullsh*t and he left out the simple fact that Gamepro was flat-out wrong about PSN having dedicated servers for CoD4 and Burnout when it was shown that both games use peer-to-peer connections just like XBox Live.

You'd think saying "The 'facts' you used in your article were wrong" would sound better than "BUT BUT BUT ACHIEVEMENTS AND GAMERSCORE AND RUMBLE AND METACRITIC AND AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"

The peer-to-peer vs. dedicated server revelation alone shot down the entire premise of the Gamepro article, which was otherwise based entirely on opinions like "we like the PS3 controller more for DMC4", which apparently now counts as "proof" the PS3 version is better in Crazy Game Journalism Land.

Silellak3458d ago

You know, at some point, I should really stop being surprised when people constantly "disagree" with posts that contain mostly facts, without actually bothering to post what they disagree WITH.

But right now, it still seems stupid and annoying.

wAtdaFck3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

You should't let diagree's concern you. They're nothing but a mouse print of an unspoken, and more probably, ignorant person.

I have to agree with you and the Microsoft rep TO AND EXTENT, mainly because the reasons stated by the Microsoft rep do not apply to me.

1) In my opinion, achievements are evil. They cast over the game an aroma of, "OMG! I just HAVE to get that achievement!" which leads to, with my experience, endless hours of entertainment achieving something that, quite frankly, I do not find worth my time. I love to experience the game for what it is, an art of a developers own work, not so I can achieve 1000 points. Because ultimately, they can serve as a distraction of what the developers really wanted you to focus on.

2) Rumble is nothing but a secondary immersion device that only proves as an extra feature (a nesassary extra for other people....that includes me). I'm going to get the DualSchock 3 when it comes out :D

3) I don't like paying for mulitplayer

4) Reviews prove a general perception (or may I say, a "prefesional's" prediction of what the genral percetion maybe) of what the gaming public would get out of a game. To be honest, Bioshock bored the hell out of me, and Uncharted is not my cup of tea. But I found Warhawk to be the best online experience ever, and I absolutely loved Dead Rising.

Metacritic is only there to make you feel better about how big your d!ck is in gaming.

Proxy3458d ago

They did seem quite defensive towards an article that most everyone, on both sides, agreed was silly at best. I'm supprised they even bothered to write a response.

Maybe we'll see an official MS response to this comment in a few weeks? "MS responds to Proxy, from the N4G comment section." You just wait.

EZCheez3458d ago

Because you said it's annoying.

Anyway, the mere fact that Microsoft thinks that article deserves a rebuttal is almost embarassing.

kevoncox3458d ago


Lol, i wonder what's his response!
His article had no facts to it.

iamtehpwn3458d ago

Though it seems Microsoft took offense to it, so it must have pushed some button with them.

sonarus3458d ago

hahaha yes it is true that not all factors were taken into consideration but hey ps3 has free online play no one takes that into consideration. MSoft didnt own anyone if anything to me they sounded a little desperate and upset. They now feel they have to run around saying our version is better than sony's forever. How long will that last? They better come up with something better than that. In the end i am not a fool i have an xbox 360 and i cam quite aware 360 multiplat versions are almost always superior but not because of achievements and gamerscore. I dont give a damn about those. More important to me is frame rate graphics e.t.c. And on that front ps3 is slowly but surely catching up to the 360.

gEnKiE3458d ago

You get disagrees no matter what you post on this site....

jwatt3458d ago

Yes in 2007 alot of multiplatform games performed better on the 360 but you have to remember developers were getting use to the ps3 hardware. Thats why gamepro chose the ps3 performence wise because as of 2008 multiplatform games on the ps3 performed equal to or better than the 360 version.

Although M$ wants thier games to continue to perform better on the 360, they can't gurantee it, because alot of developers are now starting to put more resource into the ps3 version. Like the devs for Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 who said that the ps3 version won't be a port just shows you that things are going to be alot different then last year.

There will still be a few games that perform better on the 360 but not nearly as many as last year.

Milky3458d ago

This is BS. Multiplatforms sellbetter because xbox 360 has more user base and the average score thing is because xbox 360 rushed into the console war a whole yaer earlier, obviously having more games. HE IS A DUMBASS.

Nostradamus3457d ago

Usually, when a multiplatform game comes out, the 360 version gets a point higher than the PS3 version.

It has nothing to do with who launched first, or what the install base is. He is talking about review scores.

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techie3458d ago

Microsoft try way too hard. You don't get eejits from Sony saying multi games are better on PS3 than 360. Boring. Noone cares.

Silellak3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

If Penello had least brought up the fact that Gamepro was *wrong* about the multiplayer support in the games Gamepro compared, then he'd have a point.

Instead, he ended up sounding like a whiny kid who lost his ball during recess.

sak5003458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

Simple fact that the eijiots at sony have 2-3 games against 30+ games. Sony hyped (lied) their ps2 and ps3 to no limits if they could find even a little proof of multiplatform games being better on ps3 then you would imagine what their B$ sorry marketing dept would come up with.

SmokeyMcBear3458d ago

i think the correct term is idjits deep.

DJ3458d ago

What a pitiful sight, hehe.

techie3458d ago

"idjits"? Meh. It's all Irish to me.

techie3458d ago

Simple fact is, they sound desperate. Gamepro is a bunch of nutters who know little about what they are writing about. Writing to them with that poor sucker PR response is just..."uh whatever" you're all a bunch of tools.

Including you sak boy.

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Mc1873458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

Ecxpect this to be the first in a long list of microsoft complaining about how even though they got a head start the inevitabley be trailing sony once its all over and done with. This guy sounds like the mart. lol

SlappyMcTaint3458d ago

from their legendary, infamous RROD problem. The cold hard truth is that EVERY 360 will RROD at some point, as there is an inherent flaw in the design.

mithril3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

(Plus, with Xbox 360 the capability for controller rumble comes standard, not as a future option )

PS3 have HDD standard
Blu-Ray player standard
hdmi port standard
remote play standard
free online standard

and in option controller rumble

xsteinbachx3458d ago

Ugh that optional rumble just killed the deal...


mithril3458d ago

i know, and my wife as a gadget doing rumble and i tape this to my controller

/sarcasm too. ;)

Boldy3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

You do realize that the Xbox 360 also comes standard with not only a HDMI port but also a HDMI chord with the system, right?

Why am I getting disagrees. Alright go to Best Buy and buy an Xbox 360 and prove to me that the Xbox 360 doesn't have an HDMI port and chord.

mithril3458d ago

only new model of Xbox360 have hdmi port the original model don't have hdmi port

SUP3R3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

The point is, those came standard with the launch of the PS3, while you make it sound as if HDMI support was there with the 360 from its' launch and it wasn't.

To compare the things I got included with the PS3 to everything that you have to purchase separately on the 360 is a losing argument. Microsoft is making the rumble feature look as if it was the most important feature bundled with their console when in fact it should be secondary.
Again I maintain that their lack of future visionary thinking will be their downfall in the long term life of the 360.

Honestly this PR rep really looks pathetic right now to come out and reply to an article like this. Aren't they suppose to be concentrating of other major issues like fixing their public scrutiny for releasing a bugged console?
It seems they just sit in their office and twiddle their thumbs all day.

ha ha ha...pathetic(Phil ken Sebben style)

Boldy3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

When I mean that they had it as standard I was talking about currently. You list on your list the rumble feature for the PS3, but that has come out a little over a year after the PS3 came out.

Edit: Huh, still getting disagrees. Maybe whoever the people are that are disagreeing with me should hop over here... Apparently I can't even state a simple fact on here any more.

SUP3R3458d ago

So if you're talking about HDMI being standard currently. It would be more than fair to say the PS3 will have rumble standard in June with the launch of the MGS4 Bundle, yes?
Or by your logic it wouldn't count for some odd unethical reason?

Boldy3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

The only reason that I brought up the rumble was because you and Mithril were b***hing at me for saying that HDMI was standard on the Xbox 360. So I just took that off of Mithril's list, I wound't have mentioned it, but being that you and Mithril gave me a reason to, I did.

moparful993458d ago

Boldy the point is that the ps3 came with alot of features standard that were not standard on the 360.. It took microsoft nearly two years to include an hdmi port on their consoles where as sony is a little over a year in and already bringing rumble back.. Sonys late entry with the rumble has nothing to do with sony's lack of foresight, they were sued my immersion as was microsoft.. Microsoft paid immersion alot of money to drop their suit which is why they had rumble.. Sony just came to an agreement with immersion in 07.

Boldy3458d ago

And my point was to point out an error in his list. You guys have taken this way further than I wanted. I'm done arguing this, END OF DISCUSSION!!!!!!!!

hfaze3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

" Why am I getting disagrees. Alright go to Best Buy and buy an Xbox 360 and prove to me that the Xbox 360 doesn't have an HDMI port and chord."

First, it's either cord, or preferably cable... And second off, only the Elite comes with an HDMI cable. I bought an HDMI 360 Premium when they first came out, and have a good few buddies that have picked up HDMI Premiums, none of them came with HDMI cables.

And the fact that it didn't come with the adapter to allow you to use the TOSLINK optical jack with HDMI really SUCKED. The composite/component cables block the HDMI port. So I'm stuck with component cables if I want surround sound... :-P

Sarick3458d ago

didn't have rumble or analog sticks originally as part of the playstation either.

Once Sony created them though they started appearing in every new console bundle. After that people forgot about the old designs in favor of the new controllers.

I assume the newer PS3's will come standard with a DS3 once they're released. I also believe once those newer controllers come standard people will forget or not care that PS3 launch models didn't have rumble. Simple reason is because theirs included one with it and there is no sense crying over what was.