SimCity Gets Twice As Many People In The Game, “Improves Server Response Time By 40x”

Kotaku: "Maxis continues to make huge progress in addressing the lag and server-capacity issues we experienced at launch", she wrote. "We've improved our server response time by 40x, we've doubled the number of players in the game at the same time and reduced server down times."

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xPhearR3dx1958d ago

"we've doubled the number of players in the game"

Everyone that bought it should be able to get in the game. Period.

Septic1958d ago

Indeed. Any steps EA take now rectifying this problem that shouldn't have existed in the first place is just damage limitation.

-Alpha1958d ago

Well hopefully people can now enjoy the game. I hear it's pretty good, shame that they did what they did.

MikeMyers1958d ago

Of course and their response time will be criticized accordingly. Apparently they are giving away a free game but that's not much of a consolation when the game you bought isn't working.

This is just another huge wake-up call on how once we rely on our games being connected online you are open to more issues like these. People will also feel less empathetic when the game is a single player game. Diable III did this as well and had huge issues in the beginning too. I think in that case they wanted it online because of the store market where you can sell, buy, and trade items. It was to counter the huge underground market. Diablo III sold quite a bit so perhaps it did help curb piracy.

I don't know the full details why this game has to require an online connection.

fermcr1958d ago

SimCity Gets Twice As Many People In The Game, “Improves Server Response Time By 40x”

Let me see my math... 40 x nothing... is still nothing. So nobody is entering the servers ?

grailly1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

that's completely wrong lol.

you should be dividing the time if it's "faster"

and a "nothing" response time is actually pretty damn good.

should have been: "forever divided by 40 is still forever"

ApolloTheBoss1958d ago

I never thought I'd say this but people please pirate this game if possible.

Tsuru1958d ago

YEA! pirate an online only game! DO IT!...seriously...some people...

ApolloTheBoss1958d ago

And that's why I said if possible. Anything is possible, friend. :)

parkerpeters1958d ago

Obviously SOMEONE doesn't understand the piracy community or DRM very well.

This will be cracked within one month's time.

Even if it takes longer, D3 was recently cracked.

SignifiedSix911958d ago

I know i will once a crack comes out for it. But it might be a while for that one, if not never come out, unless the game gets patched with an offline mode.

Gothdom1958d ago

Wow! Twice the number of people! This means there are now 4 players. I'm amazed /s

kevnb1958d ago

well thats good, its supposed to be a good game. Im not getting it anytime soon, and they should have fixed it day 1. I dont even mind the online only thing, but it has to work.

Fatty1958d ago

It didn't feel like it last night. Ironically I was able to get in quickly on Thursday night and Friday night, but not at all last night (Saturday). Free games are nice, but I'd much rather have an offline-only patch.

The game is pretty fun other than these difficulties, though I prefer SimCity 4 and SimCity 3000 to it (so far).

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