What if EA Indoctrinated All Their Fans? (Mass Effect 3 Conspiracy Theory)

Mass Effect 3's storyline, changed at the last minute, may have originally had more in mind than it was allowed to say. Check out this article which discusses the cut content and what gamers should know about its meanings, as they may have been the original message the work delivered to the player's psyche.

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PhiMattic2022d ago

Yeah I have wondered if this conspiracy has been true since I first saw the original ending.

Derekvinyard132022d ago

EA is making a lot of headlines lately, I do believe that some games cut content on purpose to make people buy dlc

1nsaint2022d ago

Sadly they do. Day 1 DLC is a good example

Even worse, some games even already have the content on the disc. But you need to pay to unlock it.

Next time you download DLC and you see the download is only a few kb's (108kb or 10.8kb or something) it means the content is already on the disc and you're just downloading a license.

Derekvinyard132022d ago

Why I miss the good old days :-( ps2 N64

Sovereign592022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Unfortunately, no, Indoctrination Theory is not true. Bioware had the chance to claim this idea as their own and release it as DLC, and as "evil" as post-ending DLC usually is, this would be one case where myself and I'm sure many others wouldn't have minded paying extra because it would have meant that those original terrible endings would not have been canon.
Supposedly, in mid-late 2011 Casey Hudson was praising Deus Ex: Human Revolution on Twitter. When he and Mac Walters decided to lock themselves in a room to write the ending without peer review, Casey tried desperately and unsuccessfully to take what Deus Ex did with its endings, and make them fit to Mass Effect. What was forged? 10-15 minutes that completely negate everything awesome about everything that transpired in the entire trilogy beforehand. 1 year later and I am still bitter.

And is that Born of Osiris album artwork as the photo for this article? Pretty sure it is... but why?

MacDonagh2022d ago

I'm glad that the IT isn't true. It was probably the biggest rationalisation in gaming history. Don't get me wrong. I think that the IT was more coherent than the original endings but that's because the original endings were so badly written; even an extended cut couldn't salvage it because the premise of the entire situation is so weak.

I just found it sadder that a lot of the ME fanbase would've preferred if what took place was just a prolonged hallucination than what actually happened. It sucks that it ended that way but we have to live with it now. I'm done with the franchise and EA at this point anyway and that's what really kills me. I loved the Mass Effect universe but there is nothing that will bring me back to it.

MacDonagh2021d ago

I chose the synthesis ending because it was the only option to save everybody and stop the cycle. I was aware of the trans-humanist theme running through it but I chose it anyway because the other options were just as terrible. You choose the blue ending and you take on the role of the benevolent dictator. You choose the red ending and you destroy the Geth if you haven't already destroyed them.

Ultimately, all the endings are evil.

JRivera922022d ago

EA was all like "Come to the Dark side, we have cookies!" I wouldn't be surprised if they deadass tried to do it though. It IS EA...

Godmars2902022d ago


The Dark Energy ending was that Dark Energy was destroying the galaxy, making sun become unstable as in the mission you had to stay in the shade, and that Reapers forestalled the build-up via the Harvest. That's why Humans became important in ME3: a Human Reaper would have stopped the Harvest cycle and saved the galaxy.

But in regard to this article's title, yes, EA/Bioware did indoctrinate/brainwash fans of the series. By focusing on it as a media vehicle rather than a simple game they created a situation where they could peddle any amount of crap and people would buy it. Square's done the same thing with FF.

Hitman07692022d ago

Wish I could disagree with this. Final Fantasy's stories haven't made much sense at all for a long time. It's a real stretch to attach their metaphors to reality, which is sad because FF7 and FF6 were very direct and meaningful pieces that influenced the world perhaps as much as a DaVinci painting or moreso.

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