Nintendoes What Microsoft And Sony Do Not

Joseph DiGrado writes: "The Nintendo Wii U has not been getting much shine since it’s recent release and it has us wondering if consumers even know what it is capable of. Nintendo has yet to market their console this generation, thus far not letting the majority of consumers know how remarkable and convenient it’s features are."

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smashcrashbash2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

I think you should have just not written this article at all because I think you will start fights.Sony and Microsoft have yet to reveal their consoles physically or properly so I suggest saving the Nintendo does what Sony and Microsoft don't until everything is sorted out.In short you don't know what they can do and if it can easily over shadow the things you just mentioned.

classic2002023d ago


But seriously Its too early to start debating what who does from what who doesn't, wii u is doing bad now and wont get third party support but lets see how well they do with there exclusives.

PoSTedUP2023d ago

actually lets see how they do after nintendo actually markets their console with AAA games, it's too early to say if they will get a lot of third party support but as of not with no a lot of the consumers knawoing about the console they are getting a decent ammount from big developers.

jimbobwahey2023d ago

I'd say that in reality Nintendo actually does what Sony & Microsoft have already done, given how the Wii U is relying on bad ports of year-old PS3/360 games to get by.

rainslacker2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

I'm sure Wii U will do fine over the course of it's lifetime. The last few months have been dryer than the Sahara desert when it comes to games, but the future line up is looking more promising.


I can't read the article, because outside of the page header it doesn't seem to load up for me, but I will address the title, and short description, along with your post.

Comparing the Wii U to the other consoles is not really necessary, as I feel they will probably all have good 1st party games, and likely a solid 3rd party line up.

Also Nintendo has been marketing the Wii U. I've seen several commercials for it since it's release. My personal feelings on their marketing are they are trying too hard to make it look like a Wii to recapture that crowd, as opposed to showing the uniqueness of the system. It's not much different than they did for the Wii, so not sure why you would assume they will start showing AAA games. I never recalled a strong push like that during their Wii days.

I can also reasonably assume that everything the Wii U can do, Sony and MS will have an alternative for on their systems. One may do it better, or completely out of the box, but there's nothing on the Wii U that can't be replicated with their competitors counterparts using supplemental technology(Surface, Move, Kinect, Vita, etc. You only assume so because you don't look at things from a programming perspective, and trust marketing hype. Also for the time being some of how integrated those supplemental things will be with the next system is still speculation.

Edit: I'd also like to point out that I'm not trying to discredit whatever theory you may have, just trying to open up discussion. I might have been more critical if I could have read the article.:)

PoSTedUP2022d ago

the article talks about features that sony and Ms do not have like the features of the wii U pad and making it convenient amoung family oriented households with kids and such.

rainslacker2022d ago

Well I was able to load up the article today, so I can give a better comment now.

As an out of the box solution, Nintendo did pack quite a bit of convenient features into the system. The remote thing I really like, although I haven't used it yet, but I was looking hard at it as a possible xmas gift for my dad because I know he would have loved an integrated solution. The lack of a blu-ray player...which is what I wanted to get him...meant that I didn't pick this over a stand-alone player.

It's a nice feature though, and one that may be available on next gen systems through Vita integration(or DS4 touch-pad), or through smart-glass. How well these work depend on implementation, and I can agree that currently Nintendo's implementation seems solid.

The scanning thing can be done by any system, and I haven't read that there is no NFC in the next gen systems, however, a camera is almost guaranteed in the 720, and very possible in the PS4, so it just comes down to implementation. PS4 and MS are likely to go with BlueTooth though, but NFC chips are practically free on a manufacturer level.

I like your article, but only in such that it shows what Nintendo's system does out-of-the-box. The assertion that the other systems can't do these things though is off base. Each system will have it's strengths and weaknesses out of the box, and it's likely they'll all have alternatives to the competition using some added peripheral or device.

Also I might point out that the Vita isn't a $300 device unless you buy the 3G version. By the time the PS4 comes around it is highly likely to be a $200 device, but overall that's just splitting hairs, as it's still an additional purchase. however that purchase does give you more than just a secondary controller in this case.

PoSTedUP2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

i agree you're right, maybe the 720 and ps4 will do the whole scanning thing but from what i believe it takes more than just a camera, a NFC chip must be in both the console/controller and an object from what i understand and there is no sources that tell me that PS4 will have any NFC chips, although the AR reality cards are sort of similar imo.

and true, all three systems will have their strengths and weakness as well, ps4/720 will do a lot of things the wii u can't. i appreciate that imput brother you seem very knowledable and i took your comment as another source of learning for sure : ) +1

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Benjaminkno2023d ago

Say what you will, Sony and Microsoft don't have an empire of first party titles, because they're not video game companies.

Nintendo will always have their niche. I think Sony and Microsoft can't make the same mistakes that they did with their previous consoles.

I'm going to wait at least a year after the "big launch" before I even pick one of them up for several reasons. Which is why I'm going to get a WiiU this Summer...

I can't wait to see what they come up with!
Gimme the damn virtual shades already!!

Viper72023d ago

Umm.. Actually Sony has plenty of first party studios working for them. Far more than Nintendo does.

If you have been paying any attention in the last few years, sony has been producing far more exclusive titles for their systems than Nintendo has.

THEMIGHTYDOOVDE2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Sony produce more exclusives but with their biggest hit being GT5 selling 8.7m (compared to Mario Kart U's 33m) it seem the gaming community as a whole couldn't really give a damn about Sony's efforts!

N4g_null2022d ago

All of those studios have failed where it counts, making games for the gamers rather than movie centric gamers.

They failed at karting,
They failed at 2d platforming,
They had hardly any RPGs,
They failed at shooters, space, fps.

HarryMasonHerpderp2023d ago

I hate articles like this, all it ever amounts to is a load of trash talk from all sides.

showtimefolks2023d ago

let's wait till after e3 before we say what nintendo does and what sony or ms doesn't do.

after E3 we will have a much more clear picture of what's going on. I don't think either sony or ms are worried about nintendo, one thing nintendo can't get is 3rd party support that both ps4 and next xbox will get.

no matter what nintendo shows at E3 the coverage will belong tyo new showing of console no game or game announcements will over shadow that

Derekvinyard132022d ago

Nintendo's core audience is kids


and grown men and women! Nintendo actually has a proper gaming history!

N4g_null2022d ago

Sonys core audience is a bunch of DVD watchers that like bad stories and can't afford pcs.

deafdani2022d ago

As a 30 year old big Nintendo fan here: I agree. While Nintendo's games are definitely appealing and enjoyable for all ages, it's also undeniably true that kids are their biggest audience.


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arbitor3652023d ago

so this guy lists as some of the wii u's most crazy and innovative features.

- using the wii u gamepad as a tv remote
- scanning action figures (skylanders stuff. NFC tech)

and nintendo fans wonder why we dont take the wii u seriously? really?

look at all the engines and tools that are already running on PS4 and being utilized by developers as we speak. this is what actual console innovation looks like.

and nintendo is just twiddling their thumbs, with skylanders and disney infinity games as their top priority

nintendo is a joke at this point. im sorry people, but it's true.

PoSTedUP2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

i guess you didnt see the part in the article about family oriented gaming and convenience amoung a family household moreover what sony or microsoft won't be doing bc of the lack of devices.

WeAreLegion2023d ago

Family oriented gaming?

Usually, families need games to order to experience "gaming".

THEMIGHTYDOOVDE2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Of course he didn't! The Sony fanboys are made from the Patcher mold, a selective memory and deluded to boot!

stragomccloud2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

It is also fully backwards compatible.
Also, the second screen adds a lot to the experience, though unfortunately you really have to sit down with it in a relaxed environment like a home to really learn to appreciate the benefit.

Oh, and for the record, you really won't see a huge difference between Wii U and PS4 graphics, as a PC gamer who is actually familiar with the technological happenings of GPUs and CPUs over the past several years I can attest to that. There is nothing too particularly special hardware wise from either Wii U or PS4 save for PS4s massive amount of RAM)a little overkill by the way), and the Wii Us massive eDRAM in its' CPU. That said, I'm sorry you can't find anything to like about the system, it's your loss. You see, gamers care about diversity of content, and that can only be achieved through multi platform gaming. Some day you'll understand that.

Felonycarclub82023d ago

LMFAO you have to be kidding right, you can't be serious? You are actually comparing the wii u to the ps4 ha ha ha ha lmfao you said you won't see a huge difference between wii u and ps4 graphics oh men this is too funny lmfao

Felonycarclub82023d ago

Sorry but you barely see any difference in graphics between ps3 and wii u so how can you compare the wii u to ps4?

DA_SHREDDER2023d ago

No, what's funny is that people don't realize that the WiiU is gonna be competing with the ps3 and xbox 360, cause they are all gonna be relevant for a long time, and guess what? The WiiU version will be gorgeous, and the big N has their own identity, unlike some third party machines. N 4 life!

stragomccloud2023d ago

I swear, Sony fanboys are like religious fanatics. You'd think that the PS4 was their messiah! You realize how dogmatic all of you sound?

You guys need to calm down. In a year, and towards the end of the life cycle, you'll see that there really isn't that big of a difference. To think the difference is really that dramatic proves you have no understanding of computer architecture whatsoever, and I really am wasting my time by replying.

If Sony removed the ability to record gameplay, the PS4 might actually easily edge out the Wii U, but I don't think you guys know just how CPU/RAM intensive something like that is. Real time recording eats up a lot of resources, and since the system is designed to record without affecting system performance, a significant portion of the CPU/RAM have been allocated for just that purpose. There is still plenty of RAM left over, however the decision to use high latency GDDR5 ram for everything introduces bottlenecking problems in regards to the CPU which works better with low latency RAM. PCs use GDDR5 for GPUs because latency doesn't matter, though bandwidth does.

That said, we still haven't really seen what the Wii U can do because we have yet to see a true ground up big budget title on the system.

In the end though, I have laugh at these petty squabbles you fanboys have, and how you put other consoles/console gamers down. Because compared to any PC it's not even close. Seriously, PC gamers aren't looking down on you guys or hating on PS4 or anything, we just think it's funny how you talk about the PS4 like it's the coming of the messiah, and the most powerful thing ever that will destroy everything in it's path. It's really pathetic considering how weak all consoles are compared to PCs. So stop. Stop talking about specs and putting other consoles down. You've lost sight of what it means to be a gamer.

Gaming is actually about software, not hardware.
That said though, I can tell you guys must be very young because you seem to have pigeon holed Nintendo as a company that goes for underpowered tech. And while yes, the Wii was underpowered console tech at the time, the Wii marks the only time that Nintendo didn't go for great hardware.

But again, none of that even compares to a mid range gaming rig. So what's the point? I'll get exclusives for consoles, but anything available for PC, I'll get the PC version or the Wii U version since until I see what Microsoft offers, Nintendo is the only company that has really brought something different to the table, yet again.

I am getting a PS4 however, because it will have games not available anywhere else. I find it disheartening though to come to the realization that you will probably never get a Wii U for its' amazing exclusives, of which there will be many. Unfortunately, too many people who think themselves gamers have decided its' "uncool" to like anything Nintendo, and will therefore be ignorant of what hey offer for some time.

Game on.

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PopRocks3592023d ago

"nintendo is a joke at this point. im sorry people, but it's true."

Only an ignorant drone will take a subjective topic and speak of their viewpoint on it as if it were factual. You sir, are being nothing but hateful and condescending.

Whymii2023d ago

Although I am at this moment not too impressed with how Nintendo is creating leverage with the wii u's hardware and software, that doesn't mean it hasn't the potential to innovate. The tools that you are referring to are incredibly powerful, as no doubt the PS4 will be, but I fail to see how they are going to innovate gameplay. Time wil tell.

delboy2023d ago

Mario kart on wii sold almost 40 milions. Take a deep breath sony boys, let this number go through your head.
If you still can't comprehend this, well it's more than all sony exclusive games combined.
So wait for Mario kart on WiiU, it will push hardware sales, or shoul I say make.believe LoL

Sony is the one that's in trouble, believe it or not.

CBaoth2023d ago

Mario kart is closer to 33 million sales, not 40. In January of last year, Nintendo announced the IP surpassed sales of 31.5mil. Not sure where you're getting your numbers from.

The game was bundled with the console for over 3 years. In fact, 7 of Nintendo's top ten selling games of all time were over inflated by this method. While it's great for us consumers, try to keep a little perspective. And yes I'm aware all the manufacturers do this.

Will Mario kart push WiiU sales? Most assuredly, but it's naive to assume 30-40mil with its higher than Wii pricepoint.

IAmTheBest352022d ago

nintendo is a joke even though they spent this past generation kicking everybody's ass? im sure ms and sony really believed nintendo was a joke when they were releasing move and kinect.

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PopRocks3592023d ago

A large part of Nintendo's success is that they have been opting to do things differently. I think everyone here acknowledges how Sony and Microsoft are larger corporations with a much broader focus when it comes to technology; Microsoft also does computers while Sony does things like video players, TVs and computers as well.

Nintendo is considerably smaller and focuses all of their energy in the games industry and they are the only company in history to have started that way (after of course taking a hand with the playing cards market) and have healthily gone on doing so since then.

If you don't like what Nintendo does, that's fine. And they certainly don't do everything they do right. But don't ask them to change and be more like your favorite publisher; that's what your favorite exists for. They do their thing while Nintendo does their own.

I think the industry is better overall because of it.

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Knushwood Butt2023d ago

Competition is a good thing. In that context, I, 'Agreed'.

thaimasker2023d ago

And here we go again....

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