Halo 4 Castle Map Pack Inbound

The Castle Map Pack for Halo 4 is inbound and should hit Xbox Live on the 1st of April. Hopefully you enjoy forging, as it will contain 3 new maps which are ready for shock and awe on the battlefield whilst ready for specific forge creations.
And for all you Halo Reach fans, there is a possibility of Forgeworld arriving for an epic return!

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aviator1891808d ago

sounds awesome, but does anyone know where I can find some art images of castle maps that were showed off during that panel?

Muffins12231808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

they where but dont expect the maps to look like them


KingKelloggTheWH1808d ago

I just want a classic map pack,all the maps of halo 4 disappointed me.

clintagious6501808d ago

343 studios surprised me with how good halo 4 turned out. Out of all the halo's i really was drawn in by halo 4 & had a blast playing it co op wit my lil brother whose a halo freak. Havent tried it online since i havent renewed my account but im tempted because i really thought halo 4 was a really solid game not made by bungie.

nigelp5201808d ago

Can they bring back firefight?

Kalowest1808d ago

I think they're going to in H5.

spicelicka1808d ago

I think they should just make the spartan ops maps available as firefight map now that the season is done.

GearSkiN1808d ago

april 1st? hmmm.... something tells me that day is special...