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Submitted by Nerdypie 995d ago | opinion piece

Gamers Are Getting Fatigued, These Franchises Really Need to Take a Break


We've all heard of the concept of milking a franchise. It's one thing to point fingers at a publisher and observe how they make their business decisions based on making a quick buck off a popular franchise. It's another thing to watch as that franchise withers away as all the creative juices get sucked out of it. Gamers get bored, the development team would rather tie nooses around their necks than work on yet another sequel, and the publishers who hoped to milk the franchise for all its worth only end up with a sinking ship.

It's not a pleasant sight for anyone to see. A franchise needs the proper care and attention to remain a force for many generations. It's nice to see how after many ups and downs, series such as Zelda, Final Fantasy, Castlevania, Street Fighter, and Metal Gear are still alive and kicking. They've been given enough time between releases and freshness to their gameplay to make them exciting with each new iteration. But, then there are video game series gone wrong. They start off successful but go down the drain as they're squeezed dry.

We take a look at some franchises that aren't being given the appropriate amounts of time in between sequels. They need to take a break before gamer fatigue sets in. (PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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Godmars290  +   995d ago
Return RE to its roots, set people to exploring a mansion or something similar which is filled with zombie and the like - a long with limited resources - and bring back the series from the COD clone its become.

Though doing it more ala Uncharted or Tomb Raider, with no invisible walls, being able to climb over things which looks like it can be climbed over, and it would be better.

As for Uncharted itself, I suspect that The Last of Us is going to replace it for a while. That or ND will use TLoU's engine to put out an Uncharted.
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ILive  +   995d ago
The last of us is using the same engine used to make uncharted.
adampls  +   994d ago
Since when? I'd assume it's using the engine that Naughty Dog itself created, not Capcom.
knowyourstuff  +   994d ago
lol wow really adampls? That comment is so out there I don't even know how to begin to respond to it, other than to leave you to do some research as to who is making The Last of Us, and who made Uncharted (cough... Naughty Dog... cough)

Anyway, in defense of Assassin's Creed, they have multiple teams creating each iteration. Each one takes 3 years to make, and AC3 sold better than any other one in the series, indicating the reboot was well needed, as Revelations was the first one that really didn't sell that well as the Ezio story and new gameplay elements were getting either stale or just didn't work.

AC4 will have a whole new character at the end of the year, as well it should since AC3's story was well wrapped up by the end, I didn't really need anymore. You know you need a new reboot when you see a sales slump, so don't judge a franchise until it stops selling. Call of Duty is still selling by the truckload, so if you were making the kind of money Activision was, you would be putting out yearly iterations as well.
joab777  +   995d ago
It isnt the franchises as much as how they are handled. Resident Evil and Dead Space are great but need to return to their roots as mentioned...survival horror, not action. Final Fantasy needs to also. I hate to say it but CoD still sells way too well. Black ops has helped a little. Maybe next gen will allow them to push the boandaries the way they did with cod4. Assassins creed simply needs to live up to the hype. They still do environments etc as well as anyone but i will keep my fingers crossed with black flag. Uncharted is fine. I replayed Uncharted 3 and played a little multi and i dont understand the all! For what it is, it is the very best. It just is. The story could use some work, but i want to play another one. Gears may be done. But, it doesnt mean epic cannot wow us with another 3rd person shooter using unreal engine 4.
Derekvinyard13  +   994d ago
Very true Joab
MikeMyers  +   994d ago
The question is why are they changing their roots in the first place? Is it in response to lack of sales or do they thing gamers have changed over the years and that the hardcore crowd is shrinking so they want to appeal to a wider audience?
jhenri  +   994d ago

The reason they change is because everybody wants a piece of the COD pie but that's not going to happen, their just going to alienate the fan base they already have
showtimefolks  +   994d ago
look at the sales of AC3 if anyone thinks UBI isn't gonna do yearly releases than that's on you. also UC3 sold quite well so the 2nd team at ND is hard at working on UC4 or next UC

as long as the sales keep up publishers will keep making the games, issue is everyone complains than runs to the store to buy the next AAA sequel

speak with your wallets if you want publishers to take us seriously
UnholyLight  +   994d ago
Its sad because AC3 is giant pile of steaming SH*T
showtimefolks  +   994d ago

have not bought a AC game since the 1st not a fan, while the world and story are 2 elements which are good the combat for me brings it down all the way.

its not fluid,not fun and should be much much better

i would love to see UBI actually take 2-3 years between release but they have 2 separate teams doing AC games o as long as they sell we will see more
UnholyLight  +   992d ago
I get what you're saying @Showtimefolks

I think mainly the reason I was so attached to ACI with Altair and ACII with Ezio is that the settings and the characters were so interesting to me.

Personally ACII was the height of the franchise, but again like I said, I think it's because Italy and whatnot during that era is just a perfect setting. The combat was at it i's best in ACII and ACIII is just plain retarded. It's collecting dust after only 10hrs put into the game.
PopRocks359  +   995d ago
I have a few problems with this list.

New Super Mario Bros. I will give them since they really don't change a whole lot with those games. But how does Mario Kart not keep its formula fresh? Mario Kart 7 is a largely more polished and engaging online experience when compared to Wii and especially DS. I don't remember seeing customizable Karts, hang gliders or underwater sections in any previous Mario Kart game. Granted they brought back the coin system, but that had not been used for almost four generations.

Also why list the Lego games when an original open world Lego game with voice acting and a full on original story is coming out THIS MONTH?

I'm not sure I'm comfortable with them listing Uncharted or Resident Evil either. Uncharted is fine and Resident Evil makes changes... I'm just not sure they're very good ones.
princejb134  +   995d ago
yea this list is very flawed
there were a lot of more franchises this gen which appeared to many times

where is halo in this list
they made 6 of them this gen
maybe god of war(idk if people would include the hd remake)
or forza

or maybe the capcom games where they kept rereleasing them with dlc

there were to many games this gen were they were been milked

hopefully next gen this chances
dtalon3  +   994d ago
Halo 3
Halo Reach
Halo 4

is how many halo's exactly?
cemelc  +   994d ago
Halo wars
Halo 1 remake
edonus   994d ago | Spam
princejb134  +   994d ago

dude all those halos came out on xb360 which is one console
those franchises that came out on psp or the vita is different because they didnt come out on the ps3(only the gow portable collection came out on ps3)
psp, vita, ps3 yup their actually different platforms with different games
Knight_Crawler  +   995d ago
Rachet and Clank
God of War
Gears of War
Call of Duty
A$$ Creed
Dead Space
classic200  +   995d ago
1 more uncharted then that should be would be it, that game deserve next gen technology.
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xnesbittx  +   995d ago
uncharted is the best i love that series rather see one every 2-3 years unlike assassins creed where they come out every year >.< this article is total crap the only reason why there is 4 uncharted's is because the ps vita its a spin off side story gold abyss is
ExCest  +   995d ago
I'd have to disagree with Uncharted and Killzone. There haven't really been that many sequels.

Ratchet is a maybe and perhaps God of War as well.

Halo is mixing it up so it's fine.
ILive  +   995d ago
"Halo is mixing it up so its fine." What does that even mean?
SJPFTW  +   994d ago
there have been 5 uncharted games this gen. one is a card game. nothing says milked than a card game
Fluke_Skywalker  +   994d ago
^^ That's not too bad, its once you get a Kart game you know your being milked.
Personally I think as long as the stories remain fresh there is still life in Uncharted.
GOW however, I feel like they are beating a dying horse now. I love Kratos and his lore, but enough is enough.
edonus   994d ago | Spam
xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   995d ago
Gamer fatiuge on battlefield? I don't think so on that one tbh, there have been a few battlefield games yes but never a full sequel to bf2 till bf3 and it was a big leap from the second if you look at it from that view.

I agree with Call of duty and god of war.
omi25p  +   994d ago
Metal Gear. At one point this year there were 3 in development at the same time
Axecution  +   994d ago
lol theres not even that many RaC games. The last full game was All 4 One.

...though to be fair they stumbled down a pretty steep hill after Crack in Time
C0MPUT3R  +   994d ago
differnt games.
All 4 one is a 4 player Co-op game.
ACIT was a traditional 3d character platformer.
jakmckratos  +   995d ago
I agree with all but Uncharted and Mario Kart. Uncharted was meant to be almost episodic. It's great just to turn off and play those games to marvel at the cinematic beauty and accessible gameplay.

Mario Kart needs 1 game per console release. Mario Kart 7 was probably the best. If I get a Wii U I would hope for an equally excellent title
Philoctetes  +   994d ago
I'd buy Uncharted 4 if it came out tomorrow, and that's probably my favorite franchise of this generation (only Demon's/Dark Souls is in the same tier for me). But I'm not sure that a fourth intsallment wouldn't be kind of stale.

UC1 -- Focuses on Drake and develops Elena and Sully as side characters.

UC2 -- Focuses on the relationship between Drake and Elena.

UC3 -- Focuses on the relationship between Drake and Sully.

I'm not sure what UC4 is supposed to do that adds anything to the franchise, besides just getting the gang back together for one more run. If ND never made another UC game, that would be okay with me. They absolutely nailed all three main installments.
slaton24  +   994d ago
his kid gets kidnapped so they end up bonding...idk i just gave that one a shot
HeavenlySnipes  +   995d ago
I don't really count spinoff games on handhelds by different developers as main entries into the series

New Mario games will always come. Don't hold your breath

Only ones I agree with are Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed. Market is getting way to saturated with those games.
soniqstylz  +   995d ago
Uncharted has had 3 [proper console] games (one every 2 years). The last one came out 2 years ago with no announcement of another one for the PS3 as of yet. I wouldn't really call that milking the franchise.
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   994d ago
They also had an Uncharted card game. A freaking card game! I mean if that there isn't milking a franchise then I dunno what is.
Reverent  +   994d ago
You are so talented at stealth trolling it isn't even funny.
PS4isKing_82  +   995d ago
Call of duty, ass creed, gears of war, god of war are my picks for franchises that need a long extended break.
Seriously, how many more games do we need of kratos getting his "revenge"?
Or poorly written dialogue full of the f word in gears of war?
As for ass creed, how many have we had already in this gen? 6 or 7 at least. That's just ridiculous.
I understand these series still sell good numbers but damn it would be nice to see something new and fresh for a change too.
andrewer  +   995d ago
I just don't agree with the Nintendo Titles. Mario Kart - One per console, and now in handhelds, what is wrong with that? Mario Kart is still very fun to play even alone, whats wrong with a not-every-year game that is actually fun? And New Super Mario Bros. - I play and love Super Mario Bros. since the first one, never got tired because they are simply awesome. And the same thing as Mario Kart - fun is the goal, and they reach it easily...
But LEGO and AC games, I have to totally agree. ACI was awesome, ACII was the best game in the series IMO, but after Brotherhood, they just went downhill. LEGO was great with the LEGO Star Wars, and even the second, but after that I already got tired of this. Although I liked LEGO Batman, they should really stop doing this. I heard that they even talk now O.o
sdozzo  +   995d ago
I like it. Still play tons of cod, but just make it all seasonal stuff. No need for a full new game every year.
claud3  +   995d ago
Take TAKE-TWO's business model...
BanBrother  +   994d ago
Except their model for sports games where they shut the servers down after 1 f***ing year. Other than that I totally agree (Spec Ops, The Darkness 2, Rockstar games etc).
claud3  +   994d ago
I understand the server issue, but they know that some if not all will always be online or off...

So why waste money when it is not making money
danny818  +   995d ago | Well said
I honestly think people instead of complaining here they should complain with their pockets. No body is forcing people to buy these games
fsfsxii  +   994d ago
Top comment.
Philoctetes  +   994d ago
Agreed. I don't like what COD has done to the shooter/action genre, but there's no arguing with the fact that yes, apparently millions of people are quite happy to buy essentially the same game every year. Kind of hard to blame Activision for that.
CapsLocke  +   994d ago
I haven't bought ANY cod game, that's at least how I give a break to it, lol.
WeAreLegion  +   995d ago
The thing is...even with Uncharted continuing, we see Naughty Dog making original games, like The Last of Us. They aren't just rehashing old crap. We get sequels to loved franchises AND new IP's for the PS3/PS4. :)
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   995d ago
only games i truly define as milked is
call of duty
a$$a$$in$ creed
ratchet & clank
maybe god/gears of war
but the big 2 AC and CoD are definatly milked and really need to take a 3 year break, heck i used to love ac but i hater it now, in all honesty i really cant see how any fan since the original is excited for black flags.
schlanz  +   995d ago
Uncharted, MarioKart, NSMB and GeoW do not belong on this list.

Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed are the worst offenders.
telekineticmantis  +   995d ago
Franchise Fatigue
Design Fatigue, Genre Fatigue. I keep hearing these sentiments in one form or another. It is becoming more and more evident that we have to take gaming to some unexplored places. People listen to people like David Cage and think he's just nonsense withiut taking what he's saying into consideration. There's a reason the movie industry doesn't get Genre Ftigue, snd thst' because they have more varied genres to explore when creating a movie. Comedy Romance, action, adventure, documentary, horror, thriler. etc.

The industry should atleast explore other genres, besides the norm.
kevnb  +   994d ago
Movie industry has the same issues.
telekineticmantis  +   994d ago
I never hear people say
OMG another Romantic Comedy? Do you know why? because they just went with their mate to see batman, or I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry, or the Notebook, or supersize me, Farenheit 911, or Lord of the rings or the notebook, or Castaway, or Paranormal Activity, or Lincoln, or Dreamgirls, or Les Miserables, or Brave or The Blindside, the last Exorcism or The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, unless the person just hates ROMCOM's or is totally doinated by a person who can't get enough of them.

It's not to say that all these types of movies CAN be made into games but we can atleast try and show some creativity, and think outside of the box. Do we have to count on Indie Devs for EVERYTHING?!?!?!?!?!!!!
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Max-Zorin  +   994d ago
Call of Duty need to take the longest break.
#16 (Edited 994d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
GamerElite  +   994d ago
COD needs to take a permanent break.
Ritsujun  +   994d ago
Break Activision.
BosSSyndrome  +   994d ago
I agree with the AC especially but Mario Kart? That changes all the time. They brought back coins for 7 which hasn't been used since SNES. They've had two drivers, customizable karts, hang gliders, underwater parts, tricks, new power ups/characters, etc.
EffectO  +   994d ago

Call of Duty--Games constantly change their settings,characters and timelines.Heavily multiplayer oriented,competitive,play with friends game.Target audience=young competitive males

Assassin’s Creed--Again,games change characters,timelines,settings. Next game can be in WW2 Germany or on Mars.

Mario Kart--Great fun for young kids,play with friends game,always sells like crazy,new audience constantly coming.

New Super Mario Bros--Nobody makes platformers as good as Nintendo,platformers are pretty rare these days,fun to play with others.

Just Dance--Sold like 25 million on Wii,I guess people like to dance,unlikely to change in the future.

Resident Evil--Constant change of characters,settings.Results are so so but nobody can say that RE games are all the same.

Lego video games--target audience=children/parents,no fatigue for that audience,sells millions

Imo,the last two are the biggest offenders because they have in game fatigue,most of the above games have name fatigue

Uncharted--No character change,settings kinda change,game designed around big setpieces,very cinematic.
Gears of War--Some character changes,setting remains.Third game has an actual closure to the story.

I think these two should branch itself into some other genre(s),
Gears of War--ideal for RTS game
Uncharted--kinda though nut to crack,maybe Tomb Raider like reboot
minimur12  +   994d ago
I dont think Uncharted could be added to that list, it has only had 3 games for ps3, and 1 for vita.
They are being made by the at a steady pace.
anyway ND have most likely put UC in the stores now, by tradition its 4 games on each console.

so itll be a new IP on ps4
Williamson  +   994d ago
There's only been 2 console made gow games this gen, but I think they should try a new IP and perhaps come back to gow in 3-4 years on the ps4. Either continue from the 3rd game or maybe even try a new mythology.
RGB  +   994d ago
Gears with 4 games in 8 years and Uncharted with 4 games in 7 years get mentioned but Halo with 6 games in 7 years doesn't?!

CoD needs to die. Haven't purchased a Creed game since the 2nd one because milking Ezio's story with DLC and then 2 games is bull.

Nintendo need to re-imagine Mario in all of his genres because nothing is new any more and putting "new" won't fool most of us. Doing Galaxy again won't cut it, we need to see massive changes.

Just Dance will become the next Guitar Hero, once you've bought 3 versions, you've had them all, pretty much. DLC for tracks; 20-50p per song is probably the future, not disc releases.

Resident Evil needs to be cooled. Either 3-4 years out of the industry so people can forget the crap games (unlikely with Capcom) or reboot series completely starting with Raccoon City and proper zombie survival horror. No gimmicks or cheap tricks!

Lego, don't care about Lego. They changed the franchises enough now since Star Wars and Harry Potter.

God of War has had 7 games in 8 years which is pretty ridiculous.

Forza is probably the worse though due to its genre, 4 games in 6 years. To put it into perspective, GT has had 5 main games in 16 years. Forza has 4 main entries in 8 years with a rumoured 5th being announced this year... smh.
InTheLab  +   994d ago
As long as fans want more, I have know problem with certain franchises.

Uncharted has 3 games for the PS3. 4 would be too much but that is why the Last of Us is here.

God of War has only 2 games this gen, 2 last gen, and 2 for the PSP. 2 are side stories and not proper console releases, but are treated as such.

Gears of War has 4 games in six or seven years. It's only natural for MS to continue a franchise that has been around since the beginning of this long console cycle.

Mario Kart might be up there in the numbers but how many were released on the Wii? It's a game that lasts an entire gen as is one of the few Mario tittles that are not milked to hell. The problem is, there's Mario in the title so..yeah.

Now, for the franchises that need a break.

Call of Duty- we're up to 9 CoDs in a single generation of games. There's also an CoD classic and the 4 PS2 spin offs. It needs a break and we all know it.

Assassin's Creed- is as bad as CoD. We're up to AC2 update 4.0 at this point. They're even building an entire game around a gimmick for a stupidly mediocre buggy and boring AC3. The problem with AC is the fact that Ubi has all of history to play with and too many studios working on this title. It needs to either come to the present, or go to the future. That's the only wiggle room Ubi has. So there's AC,2,brotherhood,revelations, AC3, and now AC4...but people are tired of God of WAR? Hypocrites..

Forza Motorsports- 4 games in a gen is no big deal but this is a racing title. FM2 to FM3 was a huge leap forward, but FM3 to FM4 was pointless and sales show it. MS can't expect Forza to reach GT status if they continue to pump out this franchise and piss of their loyal fans with spinoffs and annual releases.

Need for Speed- yeah...too many of them to even mention. This franchise needs a long long long hiatus, if not death.

Halo- Now, 4 was fantastic for the first few hours, but quickly set back dull same weapons and enemies shooting galleries. Despite launching 5 Halos this gen, critics seemingly forgot about sequel fatigue while reviewing this game. It is the same game we've been playing since Halo CE. The new studio did nothing to improve the franchise and many people still choose Reach (a better game imo) over H4.
MaverickStar7  +   994d ago
I'm really of two minds with this situation. I'm of the mind that if the games are still selling its hard to argue that people are in general are really tired . Some are, some aren't. Games like Uncharted, and God of war that come out every 2-3 problem. I'm ready for a new one when they come out. Forza was fine for me until Horizon, It wasn't necessary and I would have rather just had more F4 cars and tracks. Halo, no problem there with the campaigns but for me the mutliplayer hasn't been as fun same since Halo 3. The real culprits are AC and COD. The problem is the formula remains the same. I buy every COD and put 100+ hours in it easy. But I find myself getting tired of it faster. I know they are much more than just new maps and weapons. But the formula remains the same everytime. They never really get outside the box and add something truly different. Its all just variants of the same thing. Thats what gets old.
kevnb  +   994d ago
i think its more interesting how starved people are for a good final fantasy game. If square enix is smart they will release something akin to an actual final fantasy game before the current consoles are obsolete.
jaymart2k  +   994d ago
Too late
momthemeatloaf  +   994d ago
Only sports games can release every year because they naturally change as players get older and fresh players come in every year. Therefore every game is 100 percent different than the last.

In other games they don't naturally change, so devs are forced to make changes to keep it fresh, like call of duty a game that makes changes just so it feels new even though the changes or additions make the game worse. Or in other cases run out of ideas. This is how gamers get sick and tired. They're scared away or get bored.
#24 (Edited 994d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
InTheLab  +   994d ago
It's called roster updates...and they can be done through patching. Support for last years model dies at the start of a new season. Some of these publishers charge for online play only to ditch support once the next season start and that is a ripoff.
MonopolyRSV   994d ago | Trolling | show
HorrorGod  +   994d ago
I don't know why these games need to take a break. They can release them all they want.
As a gamer/consumer, you should be the one to take a break if you want. It's not like they are forcing people to buy their games.

I passed on this year's installment of CoD. I will be passing on GoW:A for now. And I probably won't buy ACIV when it comes out in October, but wait to get it at a later date on the PS4. I'll play/get to those games when I damn well feel like it.
MaverickStar7  +   994d ago
Everyone always points to the game companies putting out more games. They do that because they sell. If they were not making money the wouldnt do it. Gamers must still be buying plenty of copies. If the fatigue is so bad, why don't more people stop buying the games? I know some do, but obviously not enough to stop companies from putting out more games. So where is the problem? Either the fatigue and uproar over more games is not as widespread outside the vocal blogger/commenter types. Or, more gamers are fatigued but they just can't stop themselves from buying the games whenever they come out. Either they are addicted to getting them or think they have to get them because they are the hot new game even though they are supposedly sick of them.
Sketchy_Galore  +   994d ago
I think all this generation's franchises should die with this generation. I don't necessarily think Uncharted has been milked as a franchise but I really don't want to see any more of the series. I want new, fresh ideas, characters and scenarios for the new fresh hardware.
PrimordialSoupBase  +   994d ago
Then don't buy every single one and come back to it later.
ATi_Elite  +   994d ago
Lets just stop making video games PERIOD
My title was sarc. The Franchises are FINE!

It's just that the stupid Publishers are making the Devs turn every game into some sorta Call of Duty clone!

The Games become 10 hour linear quest with some MP stapled on and that is the cause of the FATIGUE! Every dam game has a MP mode which takes away from the SP experience.

Horror games are not scary, adventure games have no adventure, shooters have ammo crates at the beginning of every new corridor, it's just a mess now a days.

Bring back creativity and let Devs make the games that Gamers want.

Look at Skyrim, sold like hotcakes because it gave gamers a HUGE world to explore and nothing was linear or scripted about it.

Look at Arma 2, like almost 4 years old and still selling like hotcakes cause of Mods, and so much variation in gameplay, and continued support.

this is the stuff gamers want but if Publishers keep dishing out crap then your gonna see RedBox and Gamefly do great business as sales go down and Rentals go up!
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