Gamers Are Getting Fatigued, These Franchises Really Need to Take a Break


We've all heard of the concept of milking a franchise. It's one thing to point fingers at a publisher and observe how they make their business decisions based on making a quick buck off a popular franchise. It's another thing to watch as that franchise withers away as all the creative juices get sucked out of it. Gamers get bored, the development team would rather tie nooses around their necks than work on yet another sequel, and the publishers who hoped to milk the franchise for all its worth only end up with a sinking ship.

It's not a pleasant sight for anyone to see. A franchise needs the proper care and attention to remain a force for many generations. It's nice to see how after many ups and downs, series such as Zelda, Final Fantasy, Castlevania, Street Fighter, and Metal Gear are still alive and kicking. They've been given enough time between releases and freshness to their gameplay to make them exciting with each new iteration. But, then there are video game series gone wrong. They start off successful but go down the drain as they're squeezed dry.

We take a look at some franchises that aren't being given the appropriate amounts of time in between sequels. They need to take a break before gamer fatigue sets in.

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Godmars2901954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Return RE to its roots, set people to exploring a mansion or something similar which is filled with zombie and the like - a long with limited resources - and bring back the series from the COD clone its become.

Though doing it more ala Uncharted or Tomb Raider, with no invisible walls, being able to climb over things which looks like it can be climbed over, and it would be better.

As for Uncharted itself, I suspect that The Last of Us is going to replace it for a while. That or ND will use TLoU's engine to put out an Uncharted.

ILive1954d ago

The last of us is using the same engine used to make uncharted.

adampls1953d ago

Since when? I'd assume it's using the engine that Naughty Dog itself created, not Capcom.

knowyourstuff1953d ago

lol wow really adampls? That comment is so out there I don't even know how to begin to respond to it, other than to leave you to do some research as to who is making The Last of Us, and who made Uncharted (cough... Naughty Dog... cough)

Anyway, in defense of Assassin's Creed, they have multiple teams creating each iteration. Each one takes 3 years to make, and AC3 sold better than any other one in the series, indicating the reboot was well needed, as Revelations was the first one that really didn't sell that well as the Ezio story and new gameplay elements were getting either stale or just didn't work.

AC4 will have a whole new character at the end of the year, as well it should since AC3's story was well wrapped up by the end, I didn't really need anymore. You know you need a new reboot when you see a sales slump, so don't judge a franchise until it stops selling. Call of Duty is still selling by the truckload, so if you were making the kind of money Activision was, you would be putting out yearly iterations as well.

joab7771954d ago

It isnt the franchises as much as how they are handled. Resident Evil and Dead Space are great but need to return to their roots as mentioned...survival horror, not action. Final Fantasy needs to also. I hate to say it but CoD still sells way too well. Black ops has helped a little. Maybe next gen will allow them to push the boandaries the way they did with cod4. Assassins creed simply needs to live up to the hype. They still do environments etc as well as anyone but i will keep my fingers crossed with black flag. Uncharted is fine. I replayed Uncharted 3 and played a little multi and i dont understand the all! For what it is, it is the very best. It just is. The story could use some work, but i want to play another one. Gears may be done. But, it doesnt mean epic cannot wow us with another 3rd person shooter using unreal engine 4.

MikeMyers1953d ago

The question is why are they changing their roots in the first place? Is it in response to lack of sales or do they thing gamers have changed over the years and that the hardcore crowd is shrinking so they want to appeal to a wider audience?

jhenri1953d ago


The reason they change is because everybody wants a piece of the COD pie but that's not going to happen, their just going to alienate the fan base they already have

showtimefolks1953d ago

look at the sales of AC3 if anyone thinks UBI isn't gonna do yearly releases than that's on you. also UC3 sold quite well so the 2nd team at ND is hard at working on UC4 or next UC

as long as the sales keep up publishers will keep making the games, issue is everyone complains than runs to the store to buy the next AAA sequel

speak with your wallets if you want publishers to take us seriously

UnholyLight1953d ago

Its sad because AC3 is giant pile of steaming SH*T

showtimefolks1953d ago


have not bought a AC game since the 1st not a fan, while the world and story are 2 elements which are good the combat for me brings it down all the way.

its not fluid,not fun and should be much much better

i would love to see UBI actually take 2-3 years between release but they have 2 separate teams doing AC games o as long as they sell we will see more

UnholyLight1951d ago

I get what you're saying @Showtimefolks

I think mainly the reason I was so attached to ACI with Altair and ACII with Ezio is that the settings and the characters were so interesting to me.

Personally ACII was the height of the franchise, but again like I said, I think it's because Italy and whatnot during that era is just a perfect setting. The combat was at it i's best in ACII and ACIII is just plain retarded. It's collecting dust after only 10hrs put into the game.

PopRocks3591954d ago

I have a few problems with this list.

New Super Mario Bros. I will give them since they really don't change a whole lot with those games. But how does Mario Kart not keep its formula fresh? Mario Kart 7 is a largely more polished and engaging online experience when compared to Wii and especially DS. I don't remember seeing customizable Karts, hang gliders or underwater sections in any previous Mario Kart game. Granted they brought back the coin system, but that had not been used for almost four generations.

Also why list the Lego games when an original open world Lego game with voice acting and a full on original story is coming out THIS MONTH?

I'm not sure I'm comfortable with them listing Uncharted or Resident Evil either. Uncharted is fine and Resident Evil makes changes... I'm just not sure they're very good ones.

princejb1341954d ago

yea this list is very flawed
there were a lot of more franchises this gen which appeared to many times

where is halo in this list
they made 6 of them this gen
maybe god of war(idk if people would include the hd remake)
or forza

or maybe the capcom games where they kept rereleasing them with dlc

there were to many games this gen were they were been milked

hopefully next gen this chances

dtalon31954d ago

Halo 3
Halo Reach
Halo 4

is how many halo's exactly?

cemelc1954d ago

Halo wars
Halo 1 remake

1953d ago
princejb1341953d ago


dude all those halos came out on xb360 which is one console
those franchises that came out on psp or the vita is different because they didnt come out on the ps3(only the gow portable collection came out on ps3)
psp, vita, ps3 yup their actually different platforms with different games

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Knight_Crawler1954d ago

Rachet and Clank
God of War
Gears of War
Call of Duty
A$$ Creed
Dead Space

classic2001954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

1 more uncharted then that should be would be it, that game deserve next gen technology.

xnesbittx1954d ago

uncharted is the best i love that series rather see one every 2-3 years unlike assassins creed where they come out every year >.< this article is total crap the only reason why there is 4 uncharted's is because the ps vita its a spin off side story gold abyss is

ExCest1954d ago

I'd have to disagree with Uncharted and Killzone. There haven't really been that many sequels.

Ratchet is a maybe and perhaps God of War as well.

Halo is mixing it up so it's fine.

ILive1954d ago

"Halo is mixing it up so its fine." What does that even mean?

SJPFTW1954d ago

there have been 5 uncharted games this gen. one is a card game. nothing says milked than a card game

Fluke_Skywalker1954d ago

^^ That's not too bad, its once you get a Kart game you know your being milked.
Personally I think as long as the stories remain fresh there is still life in Uncharted.
GOW however, I feel like they are beating a dying horse now. I love Kratos and his lore, but enough is enough.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1954d ago

Gamer fatiuge on battlefield? I don't think so on that one tbh, there have been a few battlefield games yes but never a full sequel to bf2 till bf3 and it was a big leap from the second if you look at it from that view.

I agree with Call of duty and god of war.

omi25p1953d ago

Metal Gear. At one point this year there were 3 in development at the same time

Axecution1953d ago

lol theres not even that many RaC games. The last full game was All 4 One.

...though to be fair they stumbled down a pretty steep hill after Crack in Time

C0MPUT3R1953d ago

differnt games.
All 4 one is a 4 player Co-op game.
ACIT was a traditional 3d character platformer.

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jakmckratos1954d ago

I agree with all but Uncharted and Mario Kart. Uncharted was meant to be almost episodic. It's great just to turn off and play those games to marvel at the cinematic beauty and accessible gameplay.

Mario Kart needs 1 game per console release. Mario Kart 7 was probably the best. If I get a Wii U I would hope for an equally excellent title

Philoctetes1953d ago

I'd buy Uncharted 4 if it came out tomorrow, and that's probably my favorite franchise of this generation (only Demon's/Dark Souls is in the same tier for me). But I'm not sure that a fourth intsallment wouldn't be kind of stale.

UC1 -- Focuses on Drake and develops Elena and Sully as side characters.

UC2 -- Focuses on the relationship between Drake and Elena.

UC3 -- Focuses on the relationship between Drake and Sully.

I'm not sure what UC4 is supposed to do that adds anything to the franchise, besides just getting the gang back together for one more run. If ND never made another UC game, that would be okay with me. They absolutely nailed all three main installments.

slaton241953d ago

his kid gets kidnapped so they end up bonding...idk i just gave that one a shot

HeavenlySnipes1954d ago

I don't really count spinoff games on handhelds by different developers as main entries into the series

New Mario games will always come. Don't hold your breath

Only ones I agree with are Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed. Market is getting way to saturated with those games.