Why I Want More Zombie Games

Here is where Telltale Games and their TWD game come into play. Mindlessly gunning downs waves of the undead can be amusing, but a standalone game revolving around zombies should be more than that. In my opinion, more developers should follow in Telltale's footsteps and use the zombies as a narrative device, rather than just arbitrary obstacles or enemy. The zombie apocalypse is about people who would normally never interact with each other being forced into situations where they must depend on one another. There's also the emotional impact of seeing people the characters', and even the player, once knew being turned into an undead horror and the need to put them down. This leaves so many possibilities for character development that I'm surprised Telltale has been the only developer, to my knowledge, that actually utilized that.

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1957d ago

The walking dead was in my top 3 of games this gen it was that good.

Zuperman1956d ago

Why I want a Zombie Open WORLD game, enough said.

pretty much GTA style.

Steelmanner1955d ago

Yeah dayZ would suit you well, or if you have an Xbox360 State of Decay is coming soon and should satisfy your need as well.

CapsLocke1956d ago

"Why I Want More Zombie Games"

Because you are the part of zombified crowd.

ThichQuangDuck1956d ago

I want more character driven stories in situations. Showing character development and allowing the player to make choices. If that is done through a zombie game than so be it.

d0nT wOrrY1956d ago

I want Dead Nation 2 on PS4 so badly.

OhReginald1956d ago

video games are synonymous with zombies. Whats peoples deal with disagreeing?

brettyd1956d ago

i still don't think anyone has done the zombie thing right, Day Z is the closest. Looking forward to state of decay, looks promising.

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